Kim Kardashian Breaks Completely Down, Wonders: Am I Safe?!?

Kim Kardashian Breaks Completely Down, Wonders: Am I Safe?!?

It’s been several months since Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint in Paris.

But these sorts of scary incidents can leave more than just a mark. They can leave a scar.

And that much is obvious in the following clip from this Sunday’s brand new episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

On vacation with sister Kourtney and friends such as Larsa Pippen, Kim suddenly has a break down when she wonders whether or not she and her loved ones are in danger.

Staying at a villa owned by Joe Francis, Kardashian calls the Girls Gone Wild founder in a full-blown panic attack and asks for his reassurance.

“I just have anxiety. Are you sure it’s safe here?” she cries on the phone, to which Francis replies:

“Yeah, Kim it’s safe there, I promise. I promise you it’s safe. I have my kids there. It’s safe.”

Kardashian later addresses the camera and explains herself further.

It does all go back to the aforementioned incident in France.

“Ever since Paris I just like go through this worst case scenario mode in my head,” she says in a confessional, adding:

“I was so excited to come on this trip and I had no idea that I was gonna end up feeling this way.

“But it hit me right as we were getting off the plane that all of these people at the airport are gonna see 17 or 18 girls all with our Chanel bags, you know Louis Vuitton this and it just like hit me.

“We’re the biggest target ever.”

That’s sort of true.

It would be easy for Kim to just NOT carry expensive handbags, but then where would be the TV drama in that, right?

In another sneak peek (above) at the upcoming installment, Kim freaks out for a different reason:

Paparazzi members have snapped photos of her on this same vacation and they aren’t exactly flattering.

“I’m just like, ‘Why did I come?!'” Kim tells Francis in the clip below.

Our guess? Because the Keeping Up with the Kardashians script called for it.


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