Kris Jenner to Kylie Jenner: No DIETING While You’re Pregnant!

Kris Jenner to Kylie Jenner: No DIETING While You’re Pregnant!

Unless you’ve spent the past few weeks living under a rock on Pluto (even peeps on Neptune have gotten the news at this point), then you’re aware that Kylie Jenner is pregnant with her first child.

Sure, Kylie is much, much, much better off financially than most young women in her situation, but that doesn’t mean the transition from selfie queen to mom-to-be has been an easy one.

One of the things the 20-year-old is reportedly struggling to come to terms with is the change in her appearance.

In fact, it’s been rumored that the reason Kylie hasn’t officially announced her pregnancy yet is that she’s afraid of how fans will react to her new physique.

Of course, like her sisters, Kylie sticks to a strict diet and exercise regimen to maintain her famous figure.

And apparently, she’s having a hard time letting go of her low-everything diet and daily workouts.

According to Radar Online, Kris Jenner has been forced to step in to ensure that Kylie doesn’t forget that she’s eating for two these days.

The momager has reportedly gone to great lengths to keep Kylie from going too hard in her efforts to stay trim.

Kylie Jenner, All Sweet and Innocent

“Kris has hired a chef, nutritionist and pregnancy coach for Kylie,” a source close to the family tells Radar.

“She wants her daughter’s meals prepared and to make sure that Kylie gets the proper nutrition, as well as ample sleep and exercise as permitted.”

Apparently, a big part of the problem is that Kylie’s so focused on what will happen after the delivery that she’s not always cognizant of the fact that her baby’s health needs to be her top priority:

“Kylie was just so obsessed with making sure she snaps back to her old figure as soon as she delivers the baby,” says the insider.

“She is emotionally raw right now and has been crying about getting pudgy,”

Kylie Jenner with Long Nails

We’re sure this report will result in a lot of mom-shaming being directed at Kylie, but it’s important to keep a few things in mind:

1. Kylie is barely out of her teens, 2. She’s been raised in a family and culture that values physical appearance almost above all else, and 3. The knowledge that she’ll be working to get her pre-pregnancy body back in the public eye must be extremely daunting.

Fortunately, it sounds like she’s got a solid support network around her.

Kris’ overbearing, type-A personality is good for more than just marketing sex tapes.

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