Lindsay Lohan Is “Canceled Forever” After Bashing #MeToo Movement

Lindsay Lohan Is “Canceled Forever” After Bashing #MeToo Movement

In a perplexing interview, Lindsay Lohan slammed the #MeToo movement … and said that coming forward with allegations of sexual abuse makes the accusers “look weak.”

“I think by women speaking against all these things, it makes them look weak,” Lindsay said. “When they are very strong women.”

As if that weren’t bad enough, she then went on to imply that maybe some of the young women shared harrowing stories of sexual harassment, abuse, and even rape were just in it for, you guessed it, “attention.”

While that has been debunked time and time again, a lot of people were outraged and horrified.

We can only guess that they had forgotten that Lindsay had supported Harvey Weinstein, of all people, and encouraged his wife to stand by him.

Aisha Tyler, like so many others, took to social media to slam Lindsay.

When Aisha announced that Lindsay is canceled, it prompted a lot of discussion. Take a look:

Aisha Tyler said what many were thinking

Aisha received a lot of thoughtful responses. And also a lot of less thoughtful replies.

A classic internet burn

A classic internet burn

This is obviously a joke, poking fun at the fact that Lindsay hasn’t really been culturally relevant for about a decade.

Survivors spoke up

Survivors spoke up

This tweet is absolutely right — speaking up takes a tremendous amount of strength.

Others chimed in with support

Others chimed in with support

Speaking truth to power is a brave act.

As the young people say: we been knew

As the young people say: we been knew

In other words, Lindsay Lohan was canceled a long time ago, in this person’s eyes.

Others were more sympathetic

Others were more sympathetic

A lot of people believe that Lindsay Lohan was just saying in the interview what she tells herself about her own life.

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