Mara Wilson wishes she hadn’t come out after Orlando massacre

Mara Wilson wishes she hadn’t come out after Orlando massacre

The former child star of “Matilda” wishes she hadn’t come out as bisexual hours after the tragic Pulse nightclub massacre in Orlando last year.

Mara Wilson — who played the titular character in the 1996 fantasy film — admits some people accused her of having the wrong intentions when she came out shortly after a gunman opened fire inside the gay nightclub on June 12, 2016, killing 49 people and injuring dozens more.

“I often wish that I hadn’t done it then because I got accused of taking advantage of a tragedy for personal attention,” Wilson told the website Lambda Legal. “Now clearly I like attention, but I am not so callous as to make a tragedy about myself, my life and my story. That isn’t what I was going for.”

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On the same day as that attack, Wilson, 30, shared a series of tweets explaining that she was bisexual. In one of those tweets, she shared a picture of herself at a gay club when she was 18.

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“I haven’t been to one since college, except once when a friend brought me along,” she began in subsequent posts. “I didn’t feel like I belonged there. But the LGBTQ community has always felt like home, especially a few years later when I, uh, learned something about myself. So thank you.”

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Wilson starred as “Matilda” in 1996.

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She then confirmed to another Twitter user that she is “bi.”

Wilson explained to Lambda Legal why she thought it was important for her to come out.

Orlando Police officers direct family members away from a multiple shooting at a nightclub in Orlando, Fla., Sunday, June 12, 2016. A gunman opened fire at a nightclub in central Florida, and multiple people have been wounded, police said Sunday. (AP Photo

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“I think that if you’re in a place of security and privilege —which I can admit that I am— it’s important for you to (come out),” she told the outlet. “I don’t see myself as anybody’s savior, but I’d rather it were me — who can afford therapy and afford this platform — getting harassed for being who I am than a young LGBTQ kid. I think it’s important.”

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Wilson added that she prefers the term but does not have an issue with being called bisexual.

The actress starred in a series of classic movies as a child, including “Mrs. Doubtfire” in 1993 and “Miracle on 34th Street” in 1994.

She has not appeared in a movie since 2000, but made a TV appearance on “Broad City” and contributed her voice to several episodes of “BoJack Horseman” last year.

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