Marshawn Lynch ESPN E:60

Marshawn Lynch ESPN E:60

I promised my good friend Delisa Lynch that I would post this video for her. My relationships with the Lynch family goes back a few years and they’ve always …

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NWNightsvlogTV says:

so beautiful

BSimp4242 says:

I have been a 49ers fan since I was a kid in 1982. I ride hard with the
Niners but there is something about Marshawn Lynch that makes it impossible
to root against him (except for when he plays the 49ers of course). He had
the odds stacked against him and he has managed to come out on top and as a
Black man in America who has had odds stacked against him as well, I
applaud him. Keep on keepin’ on Beast Mode…just not tomorrow when the
Niners play y’all tomorrow in the NFC Championship game! LOL!!!

RedRockerFan1982 says:

Hell Yeah Tear Up The Broncos And Get That Ring Brother!!!!

Ray Lewis says:

12:39 – 13:23 gave me chills..

Harris barton Lover says:

I love u marshawn lynch 

Kendrick Allen says:

Man I from The Bay, lived in Oakland I have been through the struggle I can
relate just what he is saying and it is hard to out the Town and become
anyone let along a top NFL running back. So lets go win the Bowl Town
Business!!!!!!! You feel me BOSS!!!!

NySuperFly989 says:

triple like!!

michael wilcox says:

thought you might like to see this…

l4kerfan says:

Great story, great player

Z cav says:

What a great man. 

kingkongerie mardark says:

Everybody makes mistakes! What matters is what you do with the 1s you make.
Let he who is without sin cast the first stone…justsayin. My family loves
you Marshawn! You are an inspiration to us all!

sjadeten fortysix says:

The answer to any nfl team would be a crackhead. i mean u can tackle them
but they will get back up and run ..

Tom Ennis says:

Greatest run in Seahawks history, don’t ever leave Seattle the 12s always
got ur back

Lael Ajay says:

Marshawn, I remember when we tried to make you into a swimmer! Back in the
old days….

Frosty420Bud says:

Great response at 8:40

MrMhj26 says:

Real Oakland nigga!!!! 

Jake2503 says:

How can Lynch be a thug. Look how shy he is on camera. He’s probably just a
big teddy bear, but a beast on the field. 

dvl327 says:

Much respect from Dirty Bird Nation.

Richard Pitts says:

I love this guy

William Storey says:

Darren Sharper Hol ma diiiiiiiiiii

Garrett fitzsimmons says:

My favorite running back of all time. Every time he runs the ball, you know
something amazing is about to happen.

BigBlueManiacNY says:

…Marshawn Lynch has banana hands…

c1981 says:

“So much determination, do’ !”

Rishi Mohan says:

pause at 5:28. I wonder what happened to the dude in the back?!! I
played H.S. ball and that is the most jacked 18 year old I’ve EVER SEEN!!

Go Hawks.

Frosty420Bud says:

5:30 “oh my god, if my lineman wasn’t so good i dont know what id do.”
Always given credit to the others involved. #boss #respected #honorable

illeskobar says:

Marshawn, MILLIONS of black men feel what you went through, you’re an
inspiration, keep doing you. you are a fighter man, like many of us, we
overcome the odds, ITS WHAT WE DO!!!!

Kodie Jones says:

Beast yo

jook jil says:

he thought he was going to hang out with jay z LOL

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