Matthew McConaughey (Full Interview) on The Queen Latifah



jay poma says:

dude is straight killing it in True Detective. i hope he and woody stay
with the show.´╗┐

Cookie Monsta says:

Wow, leonardo has been trying for SOO many years to get the award and
matthew mcConaughey starred in the same show as him for 5 minutes and he
gets the award ­čś« The wolf of wallstreet. ´╗┐

Dementia Boy says:

I apologize to Mr. McConaughey for all the snarks I spewed his way five
years ago. Despite the great reviews, I nearly passed up “Lincoln Lawyer”
based on his previous roles.

This man has evolved from a star to an actor. He could easily have turned
Ron Woodruff into a sappy, sentimental character, but he didn’t. No
spoiler, but when he says, “Where’s the idiot?” near the end of “Dallas
Buyer’s Club,” I nearly cried. ´╗┐

Chachi Shapiro says:

Did McConaughey get a new agent in the past year or so? True Detective,
especially, is just incredibly good.´╗┐

Hitmanfan91 says:

I saw him in Reign of Fire, alongside Christian Bale, in 2002, and back
then is when I knew this guy had talent. Might not have been received as a
great movie (although I loved it), but he and Bale were brilliant. Glad to
see that after all the years of rom coms, that I wasn’t wrong after all.
Hes more then made up for it over the last 2-3 years. Amazing actor.´╗┐

baseballrunner76 says:

Queen Latifah seems really sincere; lets the guest talk and responds like
she’s genuinely interested in what they have to say.´╗┐

MadameMarge says:

WHY, why did he hide his talent? I just, still, can’t believe what he is
doing now. True Detective blew my mind, I can’t recover. And it even makes
him more attractive.´╗┐

toshina141082 says:

Queen latifah what hair products do you use on your hair for smoothing it

Dirk Reurslag says:

alright alright alright´╗┐

Moby Dick says:

The crowd is very docile…they are barely excited it seems…wtf.´╗┐

tonebenderx says:

That gold “Q” floating in the middle of the screen is …. distracting.´╗┐

Seb C. says:

incredible actor´╗┐

tangled55 says:

Queen Latifah is beautiful. Whoever her makeup artist is world-class. She
looks better here than she did 20 years ago. ´╗┐

Chris Scheben says:

All I see is Rust Cohle. ´╗┐

Valkyrist says:

Wow, Queen Latifa is a surprisingly great interviewer.´╗┐

Tom Latent says:

Okay how does she get such natural long hair love you latifah.´╗┐

rustlin cohle says:

Allright allright allriiiight!´╗┐

Aleksander .B says:

Is dis teh new Oprah?´╗┐

sarah perry says:

Love, love, love True Detective!´╗┐

Mandip Kaur says:

This shows so relaxed, I love it!´╗┐

onemorebrando says:

She is an amazing interviewer. Very fluid, engaging, and sincere. What a
pro. ´╗┐

ppania13 says:

He’s a good story teller :D´╗┐

obol ochola Patricia says:

This was a really good interview, great questions Queen Latifah!´╗┐

feline Kelly says:

Did no one see amistad and a time to kill? I loved him in a time to kill.
Havent seen Dallas buyers club yet but he has always been talented. ´╗┐

Veronikah K. says:

Matthew has always been a good actor,he was awesome in the Time To Kill but
he just done the job of his life in this movie.´╗┐

Dandy Lengyel says:

i like him and i love Queen ÔÖą (Y)´╗┐

Sean Mc Laughlin says:

You can hear all the ovaries bursting at the start if you listen hard
enough. ´╗┐

merocket says:

Not only is Latifah a gracious interviewer, she’s got a fantastic set! I’m
really impressed! Not a lot of new talk-shows get a setup that nice.´╗┐

alyshaw101 says:

Yay a full interview!!´╗┐

paul fid says:

where is a beer can?´╗┐

jhogrute says:

really sincere interviewer… very rare these days´╗┐

21KJH says:


Anderson Neo says:

I only see Rust in this interview..´╗┐

Chad Steele says:

Just proves how utterly ignorant and stupid the bosses are at all the big
Big studio’s just make drivel and crap.´╗┐

Cheryl says:

If you get to see just one movie that was up for an award make it “Dallas
Buyer Club” . Matthew’s performance was truly amazing and well deserving of
the Academy award for best actor. I hope he will continue to choose more
roles that show off his acting chops and stay away from the Rocom’s
(romantic-comedies) for awhile.
PS: Am loving True Detectives!!´╗┐

Tomas Carroll says:

This guy truly stepped up from “How to Lose a guy in ten days” and “Fool’s
Gold” to “Killer Joe” and “Dallas Buyers Club.” It really shocks you when a
actor gets serious instead of just playing “Handsome romantic comedy
stereotype” so I can’t wait to see what he does next.´╗┐

Adam T says:

i love the way he says dry lol,its gonna get dryyyyy haha´╗┐

Gussie Holden says:

wonderful show Queen´╗┐

NoliMeCalcare86 says:

Great interview! Thanks for bring up his foundation; so great hearing about
their passions off screen.´╗┐

Steve Jo says:

He seems like such a nice guy, I totally misunderstood him all these years,
I hope he continues making great stuff in the future´╗┐

Ceresa Lee says:

Yo This was a GREAT INTERVIEW!´╗┐

kangwa samundengu says:

does anyone know what the name of the song is playing in the background ?´╗┐

acat543 says:

To Matthew McConaughey, there is no creator god! ´╗┐

Magdalena Cimpean says:

what e personality, what a men, mind and spirit superb your wife is a very
happy woman´╗┐

John Hren says:

He is an inspiration to other actors´╗┐

bravotwozero007 says:

class guy and watching him in true detective a cracking actor´╗┐

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