Matthew McConaughey (Full Interview) on The Queen Latifah

Matthew McConaughey (Full Interview) on The Queen Latifah

Matthew McConaughey chats about “Dallas Buyers Clubs, “True Detective,” his Oscar nomination, and more on The Queen Latifah Show SUBSCRIBE:…

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jay poma says:

dude is straight killing it in True Detective. i hope he and woody stay
with the show.´╗┐

Cookie Monsta says:

Wow, leonardo has been trying for SOO many years to get the award and
matthew mcConaughey starred in the same show as him for 5 minutes and he
gets the award ­čś« The wolf of wallstreet. ´╗┐

Dementia Boy says:

I apologize to Mr. McConaughey for all the snarks I spewed his way five
years ago. Despite the great reviews, I nearly passed up “Lincoln Lawyer”
based on his previous roles.

This man has evolved from a star to an actor. He could easily have turned
Ron Woodruff into a sappy, sentimental character, but he didn’t. No
spoiler, but when he says, “Where’s the idiot?” near the end of “Dallas
Buyer’s Club,” I nearly cried. ´╗┐

Chachi Shapiro says:

Did McConaughey get a new agent in the past year or so? True Detective,
especially, is just incredibly good.´╗┐

Hitmanfan91 says:

I saw him in Reign of Fire, alongside Christian Bale, in 2002, and back
then is when I knew this guy had talent. Might not have been received as a
great movie (although I loved it), but he and Bale were brilliant. Glad to
see that after all the years of rom coms, that I wasn’t wrong after all.
Hes more then made up for it over the last 2-3 years. Amazing actor.´╗┐

baseballrunner76 says:

Queen Latifah seems really sincere; lets the guest talk and responds like
she’s genuinely interested in what they have to say.´╗┐

MadameMarge says:

WHY, why did he hide his talent? I just, still, can’t believe what he is
doing now. True Detective blew my mind, I can’t recover. And it even makes
him more attractive.´╗┐

toshina141082 says:

Queen latifah what hair products do you use on your hair for smoothing it

Dirk Reurslag says:

alright alright alright´╗┐

Moby Dick says:

The crowd is very docile…they are barely excited it seems…wtf.´╗┐

tonebenderx says:

That gold “Q” floating in the middle of the screen is …. distracting.´╗┐

Seb C. says:

incredible actor´╗┐

tangled55 says:

Queen Latifah is beautiful. Whoever her makeup artist is world-class. She
looks better here than she did 20 years ago. ´╗┐

Chris Scheben says:

All I see is Rust Cohle. ´╗┐

Valkyrist says:

Wow, Queen Latifa is a surprisingly great interviewer.´╗┐

Tom Latent says:

Okay how does she get such natural long hair love you latifah.´╗┐

rustlin cohle says:

Allright allright allriiiight!´╗┐

Aleksander .B says:

Is dis teh new Oprah?´╗┐

sarah perry says:

Love, love, love True Detective!´╗┐

Mandip Kaur says:

This shows so relaxed, I love it!´╗┐

onemorebrando says:

She is an amazing interviewer. Very fluid, engaging, and sincere. What a
pro. ´╗┐

ppania13 says:

He’s a good story teller :D´╗┐

obol ochola Patricia says:

This was a really good interview, great questions Queen Latifah!´╗┐

feline Kelly says:

Did no one see amistad and a time to kill? I loved him in a time to kill.
Havent seen Dallas buyers club yet but he has always been talented. ´╗┐

Veronikah K. says:

Matthew has always been a good actor,he was awesome in the Time To Kill but
he just done the job of his life in this movie.´╗┐

Dandy Lengyel says:

i like him and i love Queen ÔÖą (Y)´╗┐

Sean Mc Laughlin says:

You can hear all the ovaries bursting at the start if you listen hard
enough. ´╗┐

merocket says:

Not only is Latifah a gracious interviewer, she’s got a fantastic set! I’m
really impressed! Not a lot of new talk-shows get a setup that nice.´╗┐

alyshaw101 says:

Yay a full interview!!´╗┐

paul fid says:

where is a beer can?´╗┐

jhogrute says:

really sincere interviewer… very rare these days´╗┐

21KJH says:


Anderson Neo says:

I only see Rust in this interview..´╗┐

Chad Steele says:

Just proves how utterly ignorant and stupid the bosses are at all the big
Big studio’s just make drivel and crap.´╗┐

Cheryl says:

If you get to see just one movie that was up for an award make it “Dallas
Buyer Club” . Matthew’s performance was truly amazing and well deserving of
the Academy award for best actor. I hope he will continue to choose more
roles that show off his acting chops and stay away from the Rocom’s
(romantic-comedies) for awhile.
PS: Am loving True Detectives!!´╗┐

Tomas Carroll says:

This guy truly stepped up from “How to Lose a guy in ten days” and “Fool’s
Gold” to “Killer Joe” and “Dallas Buyers Club.” It really shocks you when a
actor gets serious instead of just playing “Handsome romantic comedy
stereotype” so I can’t wait to see what he does next.´╗┐

Adam T says:

i love the way he says dry lol,its gonna get dryyyyy haha´╗┐

Gussie Holden says:

wonderful show Queen´╗┐

NoliMeCalcare86 says:

Great interview! Thanks for bring up his foundation; so great hearing about
their passions off screen.´╗┐

Steve Jo says:

He seems like such a nice guy, I totally misunderstood him all these years,
I hope he continues making great stuff in the future´╗┐

Ceresa Lee says:

Yo This was a GREAT INTERVIEW!´╗┐

kangwa samundengu says:

does anyone know what the name of the song is playing in the background ?´╗┐

acat543 says:

To Matthew McConaughey, there is no creator god! ´╗┐

Magdalena Cimpean says:

what e personality, what a men, mind and spirit superb your wife is a very
happy woman´╗┐

John Hren says:

He is an inspiration to other actors´╗┐

bravotwozero007 says:

class guy and watching him in true detective a cracking actor´╗┐

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