Meet Delachaise | Puppy Bowl X

Meet Delachaise | Puppy Bowl X

With a nickname like “Chase”, this QB from New Orleans may be one to watch this Puppy Bowl. | For more Puppy Bowl X, visit…

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Tiffany Henry says:

I’d rather watch this than the Super Bowl.

#fidofriday #puppybowl 

EletrictxCreeper says:


dariel brisbane says:

there’s a dog humping in the background…lol

ThoseAmericanGirls says:


fobudomh says:

I wonder that dog was a mix between pitbull and who else.

Soleman973 says:

Just described Cam Newton

Mrs.Moore4me says:

Too cute.

Daniel Moreno says:

4 people have no souls

Karen McCall says:

No dislikes yet congrats!

licksnkicks says:

She so cute! Puppies just have amazing energy!

Media & Entertainment News says:

*Meet Delachaise | Puppy Bowl X*

rmsolympic1 says:

Was teased at kennel for her big ears

hans wurst says:

Cool video

Joe Martinez says:

I’d rather watch this than the Super Bowl.


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