Movie Star Bios – Kurt Russell

Movie Star Bios – Kurt Russell

Find out what makes our biggest stars tick – join James Tobin as he follows the career of action star Kurt Russell, and discovers just how Elvis has been a r…



lovelyregardsConny says:

he could be the brother of Jeff Bridges….I love both! :)

Memo Vp says:

one of my favorite actors of all time

benjamin upton says:

One of the most easily likable actors I ever saw

Jeffrey Wilkinson says:

kurt is very down to earth he is just COOL period !

mikeyt tay says:

the greatest actor of all time..wot a legend

IrishChris1979 says:

Kurt’s the man!!

HereIsRick says:

The Greatest actor of all time

GameFanaTICK386 says:

Make a Metal Gear Solid movie around the story of the 4th installment and
get Kurt to play Aging Solid Snake!!!

BigALProductions says:

Kurt Russell in my top 10 fav actors of all time! Living Legend!

Hartsock2009 says:

OI! Snake get your butt into gear for another movie!

Helen O'Sullivan says:

I have loved him since I was a child when he was in Disney movies and I
still think he is wonderful! Thanks for posting this.

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