Nicole Murphy Reveals the Michael Strahan Top Ten — “LIVE with Kelly and Michael”

Nicole Murphy Reveals the Michael Strahan Top Ten — “LIVE with Kelly and Michael”

On the Wednesday, July 3, 2013, “LIVE with Kelly and Michael,” Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan welcomed his fiancée, Nicole Murphy from the hit reality series…

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LIVE with Kelly and Michael says:

Watch Nicole Murphy’s segment from
this morning! 

Mikey yy says:

I could never marry another mans wife I just couldn’t 

Stephanie Finch says:

Kelly NEEDS SOME FOOOOOODDDD! Someone feed that woman! GD at least escort
her to the bathroom! :-/

Stephanie Finch says:

Wait he is engaged to her?!! Wow?! Thumbs up! 😀

Marcus Murphy says:

Nicole Murphy, is nervous she’s underweight she cries constantly to her
personal friends about Stratus verbal abuse. he compares her to his ex wife
and complains that the reason why shes still on Hollywood exes, is because
she still in love with Eddie Murphy. nicole is about to find out that Jay Z
Carter Beyonce’s husband is the father of Andrea Son . Andrea was caught in
the bed with Jay Z truth be told.

queenhiphop1002 says:

her cheeks are nasty

kingbacon says:

Terrific choice for host. A gay wife beater.

Nicole Murphy says:

Nicole Murphy you are so intresting

Marcus Murphy says:

behind the scenes Nicole Murphy is going through hell with Michael. I told
you all money wasn’t good money, you like gossip in dirt that’s fun to you.
you don’t seem to care that, Andrea has mentally traumatized her children,
this is your daddy R Kelly, then no we took a DNA test he’s not your daddy.
we need to keep r Kelly’s name children to make money to help moms career.
r Kelly’s,SHAWTY

Marcus Murphy says:

Andrea is keeping everyone focus on R Kelly, usually when one is obsessed
and constantly tear down their exes character, the problem lies within that
person, and that’s a serious problem, I’m speaking from courses of
childhood development (chd). this is the case of (msp) . when a person is
crazy usually they’re smart and they mean to get away with what they’re
doing. before you be amused by someone hating in hurting someone else, see
what state of mind they are in mentally . Shawty

gospmusluver says:

Can’t help

Marcus Murphy says:

Nicole, now that I have your attention, don’t just be beautiful be
intelligent. if you dog someone it comes back it’s just a matter of time.
you know what jealousy and hate and not being able to comfortably be
yourself simply because you’re beautiful in how capricorns give it they’re
all and when we touch it it turns to gold, well you can’t deny him .
R.kelly. you Nicole sweep your own porch, protect your professional image
all money aint good money. what example are you setting . Shawty

gospmusluver says:

From the first time I saw Michael, my gaydar went off. I don’t know what it
is. He’s not feminine or anything, be I kept help but think that and then I
read his ex wife accused him as well, hmm.

wbooker10 says:

Wow, she is hot.



msptstatus says:

No personality…

mcwarhol17 says:

She looks scary..

Debi Beebe says:

Hi Nicole!!!! Girl you look FANTASTIC!!!!! XOXO

Zerek boom says:

My God….. I never heard of this chick till today…. she is the
definition of fire…

Khaleem Anderson says:

That must of been awkward for Michael

Bes Bloke says:

That heavenly figure on full display at 2:17…gawdd dayumnn!!


I wonder if she will keep the last name Murphy if she decides to marry
Strahan in the future…..hmmn

lovelyliz22 says:

I love them two. She’s so beautiful too! Eddie a fool for letting her get
away. :))

SharisVoice says:


levar1979 says:

Because of her looks?

Marcus Murphy says:

Thats love nikki , watch drea around ypur man though and dont you undress
in front of her. and keep her out of your bussiness cause shes trash and
getto. Pepple she needs that money, but she forgot i got a truck load to
drop about her ass, im just waitting for the right moment, ask her about me
and what i know , get ready drea fans I promise to deliver. Shawty

rodentcafeteria says:

Is she Eddie Murphy’s ex? She’s rather bony, almost anorexic-looking.

Karma Kris says:

kelly and nicole should be BFF’S …you can tell kelly really likes her.

Marcus Murphy says:

Andrea , you better move fast, the reason why I haven’t said anything else,
I’m giving you a chance to apologize stop what you doing and move on with
your life. the damage is done it’s just not too late for apology, public
apology to R Kelly . or I’m going to make you wish you would have made that
move, everywhere you turn you going to see his face happily married with
his family . Shawty

Antoine Allard says:


Marie Sophie says:

Nicole is beyond gorgeous but should always understand that a funny story
will cease to be funny if it goes too long. A minute is just about perfect.

Donna Brown says:

I love Michael Strahan he is AWESOME!

Alan Hudson says:

Look at Kelly response at Michael’s no. 1 thing Kelly’s head and hair was
out of place and her legs and feet were all over the chair..she looks soo
silly but funny..she was laughing her fool head off..funny Kelly

Queenie De Jesus says:

Michael’s a good guy and Nicole is mighty fine.

T Will says:

@ zerek boom she’s eddie murhry’s ex wife

Jan Brunton says:

bhorrrrrirrrrrnggggg! that’s why i don’t watch this show anymore…. i miss

Cranberry333 says:

Nicole is the definition of drop dead gorgeous. She is a knockout –

Donna Ginsburg says:

I used sticky paper and had to throw the poor mouse in the woods.

casey jackson says:

She’s beautiful.

corinthian7575 says:

you are dilusional. Seek help asap. Michael strahan 6’5″ 265 lbs is puny
cornel west the political commentator?? Please seek help.

Janel Vee says:

God. Shes horrible at story telling.

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