Not Wes Welker!!!

Not Wes Welker!!!

Fitzy from airs out his feelings abaout Wes Welker’s devastating knee injury and colorfully lets everyone know how much it sucks.

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captainsensation says:

I’m trying to grasp the white Wes welker label. Dude is white last I saw.
Is this one of those there aren’t enough good white player concepts?
Anyways it’s funny seeing this video today knowing Edelman had a pretty
good year if not better than Wes. Go pats!

Rinny1976 says:

that is some fucking fun shit dude right on with on your rant your right on.

nzotte says:

we were the best and will be again, all those fucking haters are just
jelous of us, suck our rings

Wriggles says:


Dillon Powers says:

julian edelmen will do fine i think

blakepwn99 says:

3 banners by cheating, you East Coast piece of shit. Your username shows
your jealousy of the Colts you vagina.

dlee2123 says:

go ravens!!!


Upset? LOL yeah whatever. I’m not happy with what my team did this year but
the whole Panthers thing? Get a clue. Pats will go nowhere this season,
Giants will win another ring before the Cheatriots do. Bank on it.

Stan Jamrog says:

He is a receiver, not a Tight End. I agree that he was a pretty important
factor this year. I don’t worry that much about it though, because Brady
made his name with no name receivers, and Edelman is pretty good.

Dillon Powers says:

1 year they didnt have brady and cassel really stepped up to the challenge
and did really well for someone that hadent stated since high school

Alex Hyun says:

its funny cuz when the cardinals did get boldin back they lost

dakeller79 says:

Colts fan here. Wes Welker = BADASS. Sucks that he went down. But if there
is anybody that can win without him, it’s Brady. The man won 3 Super Bowls
with no name recievers.

schoooooottt says:

keeps the pipe, he is a fuckin wide receiver not TE Fuck Benard Pollard, he
is a fucking witch doctor. and fuck you uscphenom, you couldn’t cary
Welker’s jockstrap in a fuckin wheel barrel

pats4lifebb says:

@yesanded what the hell? welker played in our 1st presoson game

Xxpatsfan83xX says:


binarystar300 says:

its funny how upset you are that the new york midgets ate a massive dick
against the panthers (who we beat) last week and are missing the playoffs.
yeah, you guys beat us in the superbowl, and i’ll admit that the dynasty
may be on hold for a few years, but we’re living in a “what have you done
for me lately” world. and you’re team’s playing golf while we’re hosting a
playoff game

patriotsmvp2013 says:

Fuck my life.

Jesse Garza says:

Texans fucked up Patriots.


Yeah that’s what I said. Fucking done. A thing of the past, time for you
chowda heads to go back to being GIANTS FANS like you all where up there
before 2001.

westsideloco4lyfe says:


Voss2298 says:

Meriweather and Bodden do typically start, but meriweather is a safety and
Bodden is a different cornerback. Chung Mcgowan and sanders are also
safetys, and sanders has started this year.

airmaxx82 says:

he is not a wigger thats how we talk in boston


@patswin190 Troll? I made one comment which all these massholes responeded
to. I’ve been making youtube videos for two years and have made over 200 of
’em. Some were top 10 sports vids on this site. Get a clue dipshit. One
comment doesn’t make someone a troll.

wetnoodle666 says:

you sound like a drunk toddler

Fitzy01821 says:

OK great, thanks!

binarystar300 says:

hey if the 08 cardinals made it to the superbowl without anquan bolden
healthy then I’m not ruling out our chances yet.

jets8029 says:

haha some fan you are he has 3 rings 2002, 04, 05…jets won Super Bowl 3
thats one ring… so he has 2 more than the jets franchise. yea it doesnt
really matter but it just goes to show you the lack of faithful fans the
Pats have… you fucking bandwagoner faggot

StabelyUnstable says:

I gotta say, in that Ravens game last year, Julian Edelman had the best
game of any Patriot

Scampbell32 says:

@SnobrdrTG hm i guess u have a point, but i mean….i think if anybody can
pull off a miracle its the pats!…and blow it in the big one!

JawsJaws says:

What a difference Welker makes.

SnobrdrTG says:

i know their positions, my point is seven players to fill 4 spots even 3
extras depending on the play and whilhite still plays a lot though he
sucks, god i mean try terrance wheatley

15millen4 says:

dude you think your mad Wes is my cousin so i was freakin out when he got
injured im just hoping he will be able to play the pats will never be able
to replace him!!!!!!! GO PATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MrJLP94 says:

Fuckin pats band wagon that’s y we kicked ur ass n the superbowl a few
years ago

J.C. Hennessey says:

this dude is freaking crazy.

ai1080 says:

stop complaining your team is out. maybe next year.

cdizzzzle says:

hahahahahahaahhaahahah your Pats went down.

NEPatriots128154 says:

Welker is back! Only white Wes Welker could recover that quickly.

Mike Barnaby says:

@SWeggemann you mad

Pookiepie123 says:

lmao fuck you grass!

phatmattcowboys says:

ya europe’s football = over rated bullshit of a sport.


It sill hurts… Awesome!

btuc401 says:

@slipknotT19 I’m sorry, but we made the playoffs. I wouldn’t call that
going to shit. You’re just a spoiled fan, nothing more. A fairweather fan.

yo2002 says:

you gay

reggers20 says:

@slipknotT19 are you kidding me going to shit really… not even close
compared to before tom brady… yea we arnt 07 good but we are still top 5

CJ Purgeson says:

dude hes white lightning bro hes too good

Cody Storing says:

Pats got do somethingan no Wes sucks

misledlestat says:

Looks like the pats are out!! They need 3 touchdowns. And we all know they
can only win by kicking thank god.

KeepsThePipe says:

I completely agree on all of this. Wes Welker is one of the Top respected a
dangerous TE’s in the NFL and for him to go down before the playoffs is
some pretty bad Karma. God i feel your pain so much. Sometimes i wish
Barbie Carpenter would just Tear a ACL so he could retire but nooo it’s D
Ware who gets hurt. Fuck the football Gods xD Also i guess Wes is just
another Achilles 🙂

SmarkleyAndrews says:

hes real cum guzzling when he rails one of the hottest bitches in the world
everyday. he also has 3 times more superbowl rings then the entire jets

layzie8171 says:

fuck the pats

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