NY Giants QB Eli Manning in Decline?

NY Giants QB Eli Manning in Decline?

Chris Broussard, Michael Holley and ESPN Numbers Never Lie’s Michael Smith discuss the performance of New York Giants QB Eli Manning.

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buster60341 says:

Sheli Manning is a good solid QB in the NFL but he not that great of a QB
in my opinion.

saul arroyo says:

I cant ever say I was a big Eli fan, because of his inconsistent
performance. There has been more bad then good with Eli, but his good
includes 2 SB wins, so its very hard to know if for 2014 he will be good or
bad. He can be so aweful, u wish they never traded for him, but the year he
was clutch, u thought from here on out this will be the Manning we’ve been
waiting for. Unfourtunetly that has not been the case, because after 10
years Eli can still play like the Giants just drafted him. U can blame the
OL, WR, but they dont throw the ball, the QB does, so after this year I
think we’ll know if he’s gone, just like Tuck. Cause if Joe Montana was
traded, so can Eli.

44cspence says:

Tell me this then, who had the better talent around them. Brady or Eli?

SoZKillA says:

lololol espn is a joke

Rasheed Shabazz says:

Eli needs to get his shit together, if he keeps playing like this he’ll be
out by the end of this season

Jake Veinotte says:

Chris’s sources must have let him know what the numbers were.

yungworldz says:

I agree wit Michael decline from what he has always been overrated to me..

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