Oh Freedom = Renée Fleming & Joan Baez & Suzanne Vega & Lou Reed

Oh Freedom = Renée Fleming & Joan Baez & Suzanne Vega & Lou Reed

Celebrating 20th years of the Velvet Revolution in Prague on 17. November 2009.

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Alan Miranda says:

‘Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.’ – George
Santayana, Spanish-born American author

Oh Freedom = Renée Fleming & Joan Baez & Suzanne Vega & Lou Reed
Oh Freedom = Renée Fleming & Joan Baez & Suzanne Vega & Lou Reed

Gospel; Black History Month

zralokvemigraci says:

If after, then you can’t be angry, because he wrote this comment before the
release and therefore he obviously didn’t have the chance to hear it. Think!

Jordan Durell says:


Saskia Cornell says:


otinecek says:

Nádhera (celé ten koncert se moc, moc povedl). Je úžasný, jak tenhle song
každé zpívá po svým (když pominu operní výkon, tak se mi nejvíc líbí, jak
do toho Freedom řeže Lou Reed).

hedgechair says:

The artists mean it, Vaclav Havel means it; Our God MAKE IT HAPPEN!

vikisisa says:

niks aan.

MrFrais says:

Je mi líto. Bude to někde na serveru ČT k vidění.

Markusbas says:

Nádherný koncert, který vháněl slzy do očí. Václav Havel je opravdová
osobnost a já jen dofám, že se dožiju toho, že konečně dostane tu Nobelovku

tychaton08 says:


MrFrais says:

Joan is best !

Saskia Cornell says:

That’s for sure.:-) Saskia

MrFrais says:

Je mi líto. Bude to někde na serveru ČT k vidění.

MyAlberto59 says:

joan’s always the best

Renato Flief says:

such a moving performance for such a joyful event. bless all the people who
fight for their freedom, and the freedom of those to come.

karetyogi . says:

all the best

kokpit says:

No, asi to chtělo ustříhnout ty politiky, kteří následovali, protože to
celé úplně zdegradovali.

kultx2 says:

Díky za video!

Ivor Fairclue says:

With all the pomp and grandiose ceremony of this rendition, it lacks the
sweetness and poignancy of the original which is just Joan and her acoustic
guitar. I love the song but this is a bit too overblown for my taste.

MrFrais says:

…každý den to stoupá a snad i nadále bude…děkuji

MrFrais says:

Misschien wel misschien niet

MrFrais says:

Je mi líto.

treeners016 says:

Wooooooow no one can sing accept Renee!!! AAhhhh how akward for her!!

Jan Novotný says:

Děkujeme pane Havle

Saskia Cornell says:

Absolutely stunning………………….

streethassled says:

Lou Reed rocks the house down. The velvet revolunary man!

massimo schiavolini says:

great performance,great artists, magic Joan.

MrFrais says:

Taky si myslím, že se to jenom stěží bude v téhle sestavě ještě někdy

heula1 says:

Renée Fleming is a legend in her own right.

MrFrais says:

Je mi líto.

Babyblue177 says:

Wonderful! Thanks so much for posting this.

MrFrais says:

Yes. Thanks !

Mar Thivierge says:

In any of these types of multi-performer settings, Joan Baez usually has
the most commanding voice (in terms of range and power, you can usually
pick her voice out, even if there are eight or ten others singing), even
now that she is nearly 70, but here, Renee Flemming gave her a run from her

MrFrais says:

Děkuji za pochvalu. Jsem rád, že ten prchlivý okamžik zůstal zachycen pro
další a jiné.

MrFrais says:

Souhlasím. Dobrá věc se podařila…

Amy LuAnne says:

Very moving, especially after the passing of Vaclav Havel.

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