ONE DIRECTION Interview: Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne & Louis Tomlinson

ONE DIRECTION Interview: Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne & Louis Tomlinson

Emmy winner Jake Hamilton sits down to talk with ONE DIRECTION about their new documentary, ONE DIRECTION: THIS IS US — Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Zayn Mali…

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Kieran says:

Apparently I have hair like Harry, check it out 

Sam Patterson says:

Check out my covers :)

dejnane boyle says:

IF I was famous to get my attention would be any thing but acting phsyco
and ripping my hair out and ect lol

dejnane boyle says:

lol you can see me Im not going to be all crazy I will probly be little
nervous or endup droping in fornt of your face lol but any where else Im to
talktive lol I dont get me : )

spielberg23796dvd says:

4:28 Girl on the left puts hand on the girls back…. what she means to say
is “Shut up your embarrassing” 

shana rosseel says:

3:10, Niall, that they were Denim Socks don’t directly mean that they play
golf, I’m an equestrian and here we mostly wear Denim socks also so that
proves nothing. But ofcourse you can’t see them from us because they’re
covered by our half-chaps or tall boots 

Justine Daniel says:

Liam ” i am the wizard” ahahaha omg liam

kcmartenslol says:

i tell them good morning and stuff all the time

Lovebeauty2001 says:

Niall is so hot!!! And they should come to Wisconsin in the states 

evermore5433 says:

lmfao throw up westside as much as possible

Carrie Gonzalez says:

1d come to my house before next Saturday on 27th at 23 nothland drive

Danielle Matoso says:

“Barbara!” Such a sweetheart :’)

melanie earl says:

U ARE AWESOME HARRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Laura Tomlinson says:

I know they love me,even tho they dont know me….hahah…

Abigail Evans says:

*DRAMATIC MUSIC* *Then there’s a 1D interview, you know how that usually

Fatou Miknas says:

I love you one direction and will always love you

estefypages28 says:

Louis throws westside as often as he can. And now the boys do the same too

Celine Shaw says:

Everytime I watch the scene with Zayn and his mum I start tearing up and my
brain is like “No, stop it, don’t cry!”

Lilly Kidd says:

181 people have no heart whatsoever 

Adriana Sofea says:

3:10 Fucking Harry biting his lip im screaming in turdy seven languages 

Shawna Lyx says:

“throw a westside as often as you can” i 

Teigan Parker says:

Niall could have said he’s the Irish one xx haha lol xxx

Nina Dong says:

You could get their attentions by
1)Niall- Irish dance and get a sign that says I KNOW HOW TO IRISH DANCE
2)Harry- scream how are you to Harry and make a sign that says how are you
3)zayn- make a sign that says Vas Happenin?
4)Louis- yell and make a sign that says I EAT CARROTS LOUIS
5)Liam- Make a sign that says DO THE FLIP LIAM

frostrose221 says:

I hope I can go to their concert in 2014 at Houston :3

miguel munoz says:

What’s with that stupid hair style? Looks like he slept with the hair dryer

Cheyenne Louw says:

I live in houston

nllzh says:

Niall in 5:32 :)

Joanne B. says:

Harry is going to be receiving a lot of “how is your day” mentions.

alexandra mejia says:

nial: “well i guess it’s just me” so CUTE 

Sylvia Hemilec says:

this is soo cute! <3

Raigan Doehne says:

Louis: nothing to see here sir. Makes me laugh every time

Jennifer O'Brien says:

Turdy seven 

Emily Shearn says:

Turty seven:) niall

Dionna Daniel says:

I wish this was longer :(

Isabella Osorio says:

Liams mom is so cute :)

Ella Aquino says:

Niall: I got in trouble for singing traditional Irish songs and I’m like my
teacher hates me coz I sing 1D songs all day 🙂 xx

rachel burgess says:

I’m from the Houston Area!

Milena_Tutiven says:

Westside <3

Kaitlyn Crespo says:


selena msp says:

I ♥1D

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