One Direction: This is Us: Harry Styles & Niall Horan Press Conference 1 of 2

One Direction: This is Us: Harry Styles & Niall Horan Press Conference 1 of 2

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Funny1DOfficial says:

0:31 Harry sounded exactly how he said his name in the coca cola
commercial.. scary!

Ashlee Winters says:

Oh Niall “I love you” “I love you more” “seriously” but just imagine him
saying that to you omg!! 

mkoul100 says:

3:00 – 3:05 nialls adorable

Karla Marquez says:

Harry:do we ever prank beyonce?
Lmfao haha

Leonardo Flores says:

3:20 “a gaaas stap” Idk why but thats just really funny =)

Caitlin Styles says:

Oh Harry it was funny xD

Kristina Reed says:

Ah!!!! Dey bofe sowe adowabul!

Fran Pino says:

6:27 jajajajj Niall :3 

Emily Horan says:

omfg Niall isso cute awwwwwwwww

Jon Baczewski says:

I Luv Niall

Camila Beltrán says:

I love Niall’s laugh omfg

Fartuun Elmi says:

LOL “I’m Niall” and “I’m Harry”
Harry:”Gas stop”
Harry:ask me again,it was wicked!
These guys are too funny!

Ana Santos says:

niall was so hyper omg

Anna Kate Fahey says:

Niall: “I sound like Dez!” XD

salka loka says:

Ooh Narry <3

Jocy Moreno says:

Omg niall♥

jenna tomlinson says:


Amaria Brooks says:

Niall omg I can’t 

Mireya De Hoyos says:

I’ve watched this interview ten times an Niall,omfg, I can’t

Serenity Eilers says:

you right

Brooklyn Jay says:

He still remembers the gas station girl, she must be very luck :)

Jessica Sutton says:

Nialls faces to harry at 2:58 and 3:59 omg I cracked up

oxAnnaaxo says:

Aw Niall is so cute I cant even

Isa Van Onsenoord says:

Omg niall all the time cute ass fuck

Nastja Geohelli says:

i love it how she seriously asks about one of them going solo and Niall is
just like “ridin soloo” in his high voice hah.

Ranie Elizabeth says:

Niall is just too adorable I dont understand.. hes way too perfect.

yi hang chan says:

Niall is so so so cuteeee

kayla lewis says:

niall looks like a little irish boy

Lyric mc says:

”Hi, I love you guys”-random lady
Harry: Thank you
Niall: I love you
I love you more

Cami V says:

Harry and niall you gus are sooo sexyyyy oMgG I JUST CANT EVEN HOTTIEWEE

Danica Corpus says:

“I stopped at a petrol station… a gas stop (with a wierd accent)” xD

1D - Directioners :) says:

tehe… Nialler just makes the most adorable faces….
*Liz :D*

Alexis Topping says:

I love Niall

Anastasia Brown says:

Niall is so hottttttt so is Harry 

Roy Wibisono says:

Niall say that when he is ealking with his friends she just hop at niall’s
back she is getting her attention

Anika H says:

OMG the Niall and Harry videos are always the funniest I can’t even :D

jalissa rodriguez says:

Omg harrys accent makes me melt

patrick smith says:

I luv u Niall

kennedy unodirection says:

I like the way harry says christian 

Elsie Sexton says:

this is probably the only documentary I’ll ever enjoy 

macyoualr says:

Voss water haha

youngsturr23 says:

I am in love with Niall’s laugh LOL

One Direction Fan Page says:

One Direction: This is Us: Harry Styles & Niall Horan Press Conference 1 of


Mireya De Hoyos says:

Niall, Can u not? UFF SO CUTE

jalissa rodriguez says:

Harry babyyyy ily

Jessica Thompson says:

Hahahaha why is niall so cute

Indira Gabriela says:

Niall’s faces! *_*

Niall Gurl says:

Nialls laugh at 3:38 ahhhhh

musicisgreatful says:

These boys just give me more and more reasons to love them!

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