One Direction This Is Us unseen footage: Harry Styles gets nervous chatting up girls

One Direction This Is Us unseen footage: Harry Styles gets nervous chatting up girls

Subscribe to TheShowbiz411! In unseen exclusive footage from One Direction’s film This Is Us, Harry Styles reveals he still gets nervous…

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The Showbiz 411 says:

Check out this never before seen footage from This Is Us! How did this not
make the film? Love it!

The Showbiz 411 says:

We’ve secured some never before seen footage from This Is Us!

Taylor Roberts says:

Liam ladder harry laugh omg

Kieran says:

Apparently I have hair like Harry, check it out 

One Direction Fan Page says:

EXCLUSIVE: One Direction’s Harry Styles reveals he gets nervous chatting up
girls in unseen clip


CC T says:

Lol! The Liam and the ladder part. I actually wanna try walking on that one
day. ..

Shakila Azimi says:

I cant help but notice that harry is wearing a waist band. WHAT

Valerie Eglen says:

You throw things at them what a gentealmen lol… i love u harry

DesireToInspire says:

OMG I CANT STOP LAUGHING!!! Liam falling while on the ladder just cracks me
up every time

mitey cheese says:

Awww that’s really sweet:3!

nazrin styles says:

Liam is just tooooo funny

Jade Matthews says:

Lol Liam fell twice

Sarah Keeping says:

That was totally rehearsed, guys.. xD

Ines Styles says:

awwwwwwww!! harry!liam! stop being so cute! omg harry’s laugh! i can’t !
DDD: too much for me.. i love them so much! <3

Liz munguia says:

Lol Liam trying to clim the ladder and then falls

Janeth Hdz says:

i love them <3

Erin Greenfield says:

I’ve replayed the bit with liam on the ladder about 100 times :-P

Cece Destiny says:

Lol Harry and Liam

Nicole Saavedra says:

this should have been included in the film! Liam so funny and my Harry so
lovely!!! ♥_♥

Mariska Kramer says:

Liam on the lader hahahahahaahahahah♥♥♥♥♥

Ola Leszek says:

He can throw things at me alright

Teresa Gorsline says:

Can anyone hear what H says right after “I still get so nervous talking to
girls”? It’s while Liam is talking. Not the shoe thing. Liam on the ladder
– hilarious! H’s laugh & how he says “nervous” – too much for me to handle!

Estephania Garcia says:

Harrys laugh thoe

Isabel Zhu says:

Those brown boots

Holly Waddell says:

aww that’s so cute that he still gets nervous when trying to chat up
girls!! it just proves that he’s so grounded and fame really hasn’t changed
him all that much

Beatrize Widlund says:


Olivia Peterson says:

Lol harrys laugh

Dora Dundovic says:


Kawaii Kumas says:

Harry styles is MINE! He is soooooooo fit!!!!!!!

Lani M. says:

Omg when Liam said tht is cold and Harrys LAUGH OMG ICANT EVEN

Ashley Espinoza says:

Cute liam and harry ,niall,louis,and zayn 

Bianca Marticorena says:


Rizalhayati Hayati says:


songs405 says:

Haha is that an actual house on water!?!? 

Jennifer Rodriguez says:

Lol I saw that in this is us

rushell herrera says:

Liam: what happen to ladder!

jenny li says:

Harry Styles could throw anything at me. But I am not one of Harry Styles
or One Direction fans :(

Mel Ifi says:

Harry’s laugh when Liam falls back in the water after getting on the ladder
! Omg I wouldn’t mind getting anything thrown at me haha 

Mckayla Hinty says:

Harry Has the cutest laugh

Vanessa Vergara says:


House of farts says:


Janedlice Mangual says:


123TheGrape says:

The Lirry date scene always makes me cry

fashionbysel says:

the part with liam and the ladder haha i can`t even..!

Tori Toren says:


BestieBabyxoxo says:

“i throw things at her” LOL WTF HARRY 

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