Oprah interviews J.K. Rowling Full Video

Oprah interviews J.K. Rowling Full Video

Video with J.K. Rowling. http://pixelallies.com/rowling.

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Yanco Alonso says:

Amazing women!

Jamie Schou says:

All their talk about money… God 

pinkskies21 says:

shes amazing and inspirational. she deserves every bit of her success and
credit and more.

Charlotte Thomas says:

That was so liberating and touching, this woman is an inspiration and she
IS my childhood aswell; so true. Also i never realized how much i like and
respect Oprah.

Abdallah Anas says:


Meagan Biedinger says:

Hearing jk Rowling say that she does not believe in magic was probably the
saddest thing I have ever heard.

Justin Chartier says:

ummm one of the best interviews i have sseen

fred church says:

she loves showing her breasts. when does she pose for playboy?

nene sue says:

those people who say j k Rowling promoted witchcraft did not read and
understand the books as much as i did..the wizardry stuff was just a cover
up the story line is about love conquering evil thats all

Ruska Arbolishvili says:

She is my childhooh <3 I love her so much <3

Diary of a Phat Black Chickity says:

Both extremely Blessed and hardworking women who faced the adversities of
life with struggles. J.K. story really touches me as I identify with her.
Martin Luther King Jr. vision, “I have a dream…”

Nithin Prakash Gukhool says:

inspirational doesn’t get better! real damn… every time I listen to her
interview (first one was the Harvard one), it’s like I’ve gotten a new
lease of life! Thank you Jo, and boy Oprah is good… Thanks to JK Rowling
for…well…words fall short…sniff

Lucy Hayton says:

She said I won’t say no! That made my day 

RoseBel58 says:

What good does it do you to gain the whole world and lose your soul! She
has done more to promote witchcraft than any person in the world. 

Greg Simcock says:

The Harry Potter stories were created by an Australian creator named
Gregory Ronald Simcock. That is my real name. My author name is J. K.
Rawling. I created many stories in the picture-book form. My stories titles
included the following titles that have been produced and/or novelized:
Finding NEMO, The Lion King, A Fish Called Wanda, The Full Monty,
TERMINATOR, TITANIC, AVATAR. The theft of my work on many stories and
inventions has resulted in many benefits to the worlds people but I endure
the lack of recognition after the theft of my art and written work of my
genius. People, including: Joanne Rowling, James Cameron, Sterve Jobs
(deceased), Bill Gates, James Dyson. They have accepted credits for things
I originally designed and set-out in graphic form with written details on
their construction and purpose. The giro assisted two-wheeled Human
Transporter was one of my inventions but I am not credited with its design
of origin but it is of my design. My mind generated many ideas that I
formed into designs that I consider are my inventions but because the
people didn’t hear from me as my inventions and stories were marketed
around the world I get no recognition. I am a Leo and one of my
characteristics is that I want to be heard. I have written and posted about
1600 articles that I deliberately have included only snippets of the
details I could have about my works of art and designs and the outright
misrepresentation of it but I cannot make you believe in what is really the
truth. When I say Joanne Rowling is a plagiarist I mean exactly that. Merry
Christmas to all for 2013. I am Gregory RONald Simcock. Author J. K.
Rawling (Joe King Rawling) Happy days (universalfacts. net)

GreenEyez2oO7 says:

Incredible woman, she has touched so many lives in ways that she might
never know. Harry Potter books may have ended, but the story will stay in
our hearts forever

Yannick Bernaerts says:

Rowling made me a ‘reader’. If it wasn’t for Harry Potter I would never
read as I do now. Millions of children grew op with Harry, as I did.
Millions of people got to love Harry and al the other characters. Millions
of people could read Harry Potter and get obsessed with it. And millions of
people did. Reading the Harry Potter stories helped a lot of people out in
an emotional kind of way. That is what life is about, that is magic.
Thanks Joana

JIMTHEPROable says:

THAT accent.

Gayle W says:

Oprah is too full on. It’s get’s a bit much, she thinks she is a counselor,
psychiatrist and Jesus. 

Tracey-anne McCartney says:

Very touching, and inspiring ;o)

Sam Amar says:

read all the books, watched all the movies as they came out when i was a
kid, recently started re-watching moviesand can’t get enough, god i wish
she would write more! even though it probably wouldn’t work given that the
main storyline that everyone loved is over.. doubt that same spark can be
rekindled with their kids :/

Berg97 says:

Would love to be inside J.K. Rowling’s head, as she’s said herself that the
Harry Potter stories continues but she won’t write it

Tristan Durose says:

I’m at that weird part of the internet again, just past the Japanese
tentacle stuff.

Sarahisaherz says:

She said no to a musical, but the Starkid Potter musicals have become so
famous, as well!

Leo Dawson says:

Two strong, intelligent women.

Charles Carron Brown says:

That woman “JK Rowling” is inspiring, she is the epitome of what being
human is, and how powerful ones imagination and perseverance can be.
I started reading Harry Potter at the age of 10 and have read all of the
books, her ideas have literally changed the world, I cant even begin to
thank you Joe, thank you 

nickeeta tunnicliff says:

She just seems so wise.

Ina Niel says:

Great! Thanks to Oprah now I know the last words are “All is well”.
Perfect. Thanks. Damn.

amandoid97 says:

Wow what a great interview two of the most powerful women in the same room
I absolutely adore jk Rowling she is my childhood as well as an inspiration
for me

9050405 says:

Harry Potter IS my childhood.

Livvy828 says:

Love her, such a lovely lady!

Kasia Skyler says:

It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.

DingdongDimsum says:

One of the best interviews I’ve ever watched

Felipe Lopez says:

LOL I’m a boy and I would’ve written a book by anyone even a dog.

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