Phil Robertson talks football and Terry Bradshaw

Phil Robertson talks football and Terry Bradshaw

The Duck Commander, Phil Robertson, star of A&E’s Duck Dynasty, talks about playing football in college, his NFL potential, and former teammate Terry Bradsha…

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TBird4490 says:

I wish I could say I’m surprised a redneck would say something radical and
filled with hate about gays, but I’m not. I hope his condition improves.

PchanStitch says:

+TBird4490 Exactly what was filled with hate about what he said?

David Bennett says:

why does everyone talk only about his beliefs we all have them its our god
given right.why don’t people talk about the good family values and how well
phil and kay raised well manored educated sons.our society lacks morals and
family values and because of the lack of morals and family values almost
50% of marriages end in divorce and children growing up in broken
homes.whats the difference that he doesn’t believe in homosexuality
his right to do so. and the gays believe in homosexuality and we hear it
more and more someone comes out and says they are gay and everyone praises
them for doing so well if someone came out and said they were heterosexual
would anybody really give a shit no why should we praise being gay its no
different than phil believing its wrong.and if you really think about it
the only way to create another life is with a man and a woman no matter how
you look at it 2 gay guys cant get pregnant and have a child without a
woman and 2 lesbians couldn’t have a child without a man. I know your going
to use the artificial insemination but you still need a mans sperm.if
everyone believed in homosexuality it would end man kind. 

Rob Margolin says:


clmco36 says:

The homos really weren’t upset at his comments, Liberals needed to find a
way to get Phil and his family off TV. The left can’t come up with a TV
show that anyone would watch so they lured him into an interview, asked him
a loaded question and then they knew they had him!! The huge number of
people that tune in to watch Duck Dynasty could seriously affect the up
coming elections so the Libs had to find a way to get this show that
promotes Christian and Conservative values off the air.. 

John C says:

I would be easy to treat your wife as a queen if she wasn’t trying to
manipulate you and make you change into something “she” wants !! Women want
to have the role of the man, these days. Its like using a tire as a
steering wheel,, its the same shape, , round and looks like a steering,
just not a good idea.. Look at those old couples and how they lasted so
long. Women had their say and the men respected it but the husbands word
was final…. 


the more the illiterate over educated liberals suppress ,the more powerful
he becomes GOD BLESS him ,it’s amazing to watch .

dmoser1952 says:

Doesn’t Phil know you are not allowed to say what you think in this
country. The government and politically correct groups will tell you what
to think. He may have fit in the USA years ago when speech was free. No

jeebusswasarepublican says:

Red Necks are all repressed QUEER – O – SEXUALS ! 

James Cole says:

All I can say is way to go Phil and miss k 

craig young says:

Phil Robertson and Terry Bradshaw are gay for each other! My respect for
Terry Bradshaw has plummeted!

Daylon Rushing says:

+Third4490 you’re so dumb? That ain’t hate. He lives his life by the bible.
So him saying how he feels is hate? Is it hate that I don’t like Hot dogs?
But love brots?

greg haring says:

Good people!!!

inbredagogo says:

I have never watched Duck Dynasty or even heard Phil Robertson speak, but I
like the guy already.

purpletree209 says:

4:20.. abraham had many wives.

Charles Marshall says:

I really like this guy and his show a lot more than those who speak ill of
him. The trouble with progressives is that they want to talk about
tolerance while being intolerant of anybody who disagrees with them. 

stink stinky says:

He can lead a conversation, but so what? I can do that, and mumble less.
Where’s my TV show?

heresjohnny2010 says:

What? :l Did I offend you? Well, damn. Sorry ’bout that.

APCPscorp says:

Says a good man. Signed, good man

Latissimus Dorsi says:

Lombardi was there for only 1 year and he didnt quit he died from cancer..
cant even get his facts straight.. and theres nothing special about him and
“Miss Kay” there are millions of old married couples..

spenKat60 says:

Oh Johny!

shawn mayfield says:

what a gentle giant. And the way he speaks of his wife is how all us men
should treat our wives and girlfriends

TrollConfusion says:

What kind of idiot are you?

Winston Tucker says:

Guess what? Science, not just the Bible, says it happened exactly like
that. They don’t know where it all came from but science knows for a fact
that one moment in time, there was nothing, the next moment, everything
element, every atom that is here appeared. They don’t know how, but they do
know that it did. You figure it out.

Larry Kammerzelt says:

the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom – Proverbs 1:7

TheEndCredits Aviation Channel says:

Tom, for just one minute let’s pretend you have someone in your life that
has changed you for the better. Whether it be a friend, family member,
co-worker, or even your own child. What constructive reason would you have
to metaphorically and linguistically knock another grown man for having had
success in this area. Whether it be from Jesus or anyone else? Just a
thought. Cheers and happy motorcycle riding to you.

heresjohnny2010 says:

I take offense to that. I’m actually a very well-educated redneck, I’m
actually smart enough to know that Jesus is a myth. The Bible has a lot of
wisdom, but it doesn’t add up. How the hell is someone supposed to snap his
finger and say: “Surprise, motherfuckers. There’s your planet.”

MrPalval says:

Well he’s definitely not ignorant. He’s a college graduate and taught
school for a number of years. He talks about Jesus because it was the best
thing that ever happened to him. It’s why he is where he is today. I don’t
have millions of dollars but accepting Christ is still the best thing that
ever happened to me. Praying one day you can experience the overwhelming
peace joy that only comes with following Christ. God Bless You.

Tom Michaels says:

He seems cool — but then he starts spouting all that Jesus bullshit and
then he just looks like another ignorant Southern redneck

bentastick says:

Tom, you don’t have a problem with the Robertsons, or rednecks. You have a
problem with Jesus and change.

Beverly Zuvers says:

My granddaughter of 19 yrs. of age introduced me to Duck Dynasty early this
year. I thought there is no way I am going to like this show, are you
kidding me I am a small town MI girl and hunting and fishing is not one of
passions. Wow, I am today so thankful that she did this for me. It is so
refreshing to view each and every episode of Duck Dynasty, to view this
show and hear the faith that Phil brings at the close of each one,
encourages me. Thank you Robertson’s!

MegaCoolman14 says:

I wanna hear about Faith

carrymybagsbuddy says:

a true man of the earth. very rare.

Laranja BJJ says:

ya rip she will be missed

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