Philip Seymour Hoffman Talks About P.T. Anderson’s New Film, ‘The Master’

Philip Seymour Hoffman Talks About P.T. Anderson’s New Film, ‘The Master’

Oscar-winning actor on film about a man much like Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard. For more:…

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Chris Coppola says:

Personally I don’t think he had a needle in his Arm. Doesn’t make sense.

stok3d99 says:

Well, this is a shock…Fuck heroin.

Cordelia Brown says:

Wow. He was so talented. Why??? I loved him in Capote.

certificate18flix says:

A sad day. RIP to one of the acting greats 

Coady Entertainment says:

You are one of my favourite actors and I will always remember you that way.
R.I.P. my friend.

MrHonoredtobe says:

JFK: The Never-Ending Wait for Answers

Julie Zielke Winkel says:

RIP <3

Mark Glover says:

RIP Mr Hoffman

Michael Christos says:

In boogie nights he really acted like a fag. Pretty good actor since he
had kids and what not.

lovagoodmovie says:

Damn great actor . I will miss him

Michael Christos says:

He died doing what he loved, shooting dope. He also had cankles which
probably drove him to the depths of depression.

Nick Prado says:

Definately anderson’s most challenging film

almostparadise44 says:

rip…love him

gimee50k says:

rest in peace big guy

Tomas Carroll says:

Screw it I’m going to watch this movie everyone said it was bad but from
every clip or trailer looks too good

MrDLiam says:

This is the best-acted, terrible movie ever. Hoffman is amazing, Phoenix
transforms the screen, but Anderson screwed the pooch. Anderson let the
craft of the film get in the way of art or even story-telling. I’ve read
alot of reviews saying The Master is a “cinefile’s’ film, but that’s a cop

Pug1311 says:

Asinine response …Great film

Suzyqutie1 says:

My view completely. Joaquim Phoenix was amazing as was Philip Hoffman..but
the movie stinks.

youssef chouham says:

What a great actor he is !

dford12081 says:

Hoffman is the man

seamac206 says:

but it was predictable and cheesy so everyone loves it the master is
mysterious and you have to work to understand it so no one likes it

CastleRockFan says:

The Master is PTA’s best film so far. I’ve watched it numerous times and
each time I find something new. This, for me, is the mark of a great film.
It is not a conventional story, and it doesn’t satisfy the conventional
cravings of most filmgoers (myself included), but it’s not supposed to.
Film is an art form the same as any other art form, and thus should be
exempt from the expectation of giving audiences what they want all the
time. If The Master were a novel, there would be no rancor.

cacaw111 says:

Why even interview him? If you already know the answers to his questions
why even ask them. Pig Fuck!! (My favorite scene of any movie this year)

shrimpfarmersunion says:

This interview was a little disappointing to be honest. Not a lot of
interesting questions or insights.

Ryan Brooks says:


malows1234 says:


N012CHERE says:

When he welcomed Hoffman on the show I literally clapped. He is one of my
favorite actors, along with Daniel Day Lewis, and Paul Thomas Anderson my
favorite Director.

GiantSandles says:

You’ve gone to a bunch of different videos with him for the sole purpose of
saying that, without ever pointing to any performance of his that is
actually bad. You’re basically a troll, so nobody fucking cares what you

Hannex433 says:

please stop and think before you speak

casino3261 says:

is there a movie that hes bad in? think about it even if the movie is
bad… he is not.

cunneto2912 says:

have another line of smack druggy

Lee Kyle says:

I love watching phillip seymore hoffman work he is brilliant!

zorbatheok says:

hahaha they just dont want to get sued

Tom Jemarm says:

Well said.

sam7748 says:

Love Hoffman, but Joaquin was amazing in the movie.

majorkeybaree says:

a spade.

laodicea d says:

Of course you did look at your name you must like those bad acting stallone
movies… Kids smh kids

MickyG4444 says:

man, I’ve been out of country and can’t download this movie. I got Lincoln
and Skyfall and all that jazz, but this is the one I wanted to see.

itsmebraddershaha says:

Hoffman is amazing, he is such an under-rated actor.

Ari Zizzo says:

Hoffman will probably win the oscar for this film, (best supporting actor).
Phoenix might win for lead, if he can beat out day lewis.

seamac206 says:

shut the fuck up and go watch your silver linings playbook

Reptilian .Snake says:

good to see joaquin phoenix back in business

Choobee Scootts says:

The story-line was a little dry but I would never call it a piece of shit.
Good script, good acting, and good cinematography makes up for a slow

Joey Burt says:

Hoffman seems a little tipsy haha

PietraBourneuf says:

His best performance…stunning.

sebastian diaz says:

he is always great

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