Police release chaotic body camera footage of Las Vegas attack

Police release chaotic body camera footage of Las Vegas attack

Wide-eyed cops clung to a brick wall for cover, desperately trying to find the source of a deadly hail of bullets.

They yelled “get back, get down,” to confused concertgoers as distant sirens approached.

“Get out of here, there’s gunshots from over there,” the officer bellowed, pointing at a man. “Go that way.”

Another round of rapid gunfire interrupted his warning.

Police body cam footage released Tuesday night shows the first minutes of the Las Vegas massacre that left 58 people dead and scores more wounded.

Police officers react during the mass shooting at the Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino on Sunday. 

(Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department)

The disorienting video repeatedly bobbed up and down, moving with the officer as he peaked over the wall at the towering Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino — where shooter Stephen Paddock was unleashing hell onto thousands of concertgoers below.

Paddock continued fired rounds for nine to 11 minutes, Clark County Undersheriff Kevin McMahill said Tuesday night.

McMahill narrated several clips of the chaotic footage during a press conference.

The four officers in the first video traveled together next to the sheltering wall, passing frightened bystanders along the way.

Cops keep low during a round of gunfire.

Cops keep low during a round of gunfire.

( Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department)

The cop urged them to “stay down.”

Another clip McMahill shared shows the moment an officer was shot. He and other members of law enforcement were hunkered down next to a cruiser on Las Vegas Boulevard.

The body camera footage then shows a cop telling a man to get back, a dire command he emphasizes by gripping his black shirt from country singer Jason Aldean’s “They Don’t Know” tour.

McMahill did not identify the officer that was shot in the video and the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department did not respond to a request for comment.

Another video was obscured by a yellow vest worn by an officer, but McMahill said he was standing over a woman on the ground. 

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