Puppy Bowl Classic: Star Spangled Banner

Puppy Bowl Classic: Star Spangled Banner

More Classic Puppy Bowl Moments: http://animal.discovery.com/videos/puppy-bowl-hall-of-fame/ Pepper the Parrot offers a rendition of the Star Spangled Banner…

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sXeXryanX says:

This is so adorable=~)

KPizzle1000 says:

Yeah! I want to see the pup-offs! What qualifies these puppies for the
puppy bowl? How bad do they really want it?

Coconutmycat says:

i watch this instead of super bowl

Debbie Harper says:

The video response if of the parrot that was actually singing the national
anthem, not Pepper the parrot! Hate to blow the “whistle” on
Pepper….she’s a good actor that’s for sure but not a singer!

Huesenheimer says:

Better than Christina Aguilera

ScarlettKnights says:

This is as cute as it gets!

Sparkeh00 says:

<3 Chihuahua

Katie Kintner says:

It brings tears to my eyes…

dgwosdz says:

They get a lifetime supply of treats

AshburnStadium says:

@hoLocronKiller – The parrot sings the Star Spangled Banner a lot better
than some of the “professional singers” that appear at sporting events!
There’s a reason it’s been called the “Star-Mangled Banner” quite a lot

Chick6517 says:

I am still a little confused on this video. It makes me laugh though. haha!
Youtube= freedom of the videos… haha, gotta love it.

peach55 says:

HAHAHAHAH I’M DYING!!! this is hilarious

idiotjello says:

Um this is fucking boozle.

CourageWhite23 says:

You guys probably dont believe me but im Eli’s owner.

cherubicnerd says:

my goodness! i have been looking for this for so long! still cracks me up!

Alyssa Torres says:

It’s a husky-beagle cross.

Debbie Harper says:

Thanks gramatoonces, for standing up for my Boozle!

Denise Mc says:

Absolutely impressive, Pepper!! We salute your patriotic fervor.

TwisterX5 says:

That is awesome! I watched it yesterday and now its on youtube! HORAY!

Nrocks678 says:



@lovepuppies74 huskie pup mixed with a little beagle

philbiker3 says:

More like make Whitney Houston cringe. Funny!

ErisFae says:

Very cute! Probably a better rendition than I could give -_-

MrTaylorTexas says:

This brings a tear to my eye.

DConS81 says:

That bird could hit notes that I would never dream of….i love the puppy
bowl….unfortuanately, I missed it this year

leegtwb says:

funny parrot lovely show

hoLocronKiller says:

The parrot sings better than my mother

peacexlovexstardust says:

that is so cute! the puppies in the video are adorable as well =)

adpny says:

there needs to be more quality entertainment like the puppy bowl.

meelind says:

Love it!!!! He’s got his little microphone and flag.

chickenfu76 says:

oh yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

atomshell says:

Why couldn’t they just have Boozle “the real artist” lip syncing to his own
voice? Hollywood! I swear…

Nrocks678 says:


ogiiniio says:

i understood nothing xD still cute

lovepuppies74 says:

At 1:30 what breed was that dog?

Ari ST says:

well done Boozle!! (the real parrot that sang this)

Dynastar231 says:

He sings better than I do! (Jk. I’m a little bit better, but maybe a hair,
I cannot sing too good!)

IAmANewYearsEveBaby says:


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