Puppy Bowl IX: A Year of Excessive Cuteness | Puppy Bowl IX

Puppy Bowl IX: A Year of Excessive Cuteness | Puppy Bowl IX

Subscribe to Animal Planet! | http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=animalplanettv Keeping the fans a top priority, Puppy Bowl IX saw the addit…

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starlite319 says:



InfamousWolf89 says:

I totally want to jump in there and play with them.

Danielle Trout says:

weirdly this my first time hearing this 

Christian Whitmire says:

Love this show every year from the day its over I just camt wait to see it
love and lets go Seahawks

laststop3h says:

I’m switching to this when Bruno Mars goes on at the Super Bowl

dys soc says:

“Let’s put puppies in a stadium with tons of toys and let them go at it!” 

Heather Lambert says:

I would lay in the middle of that “field” with them and die a happy lady

Chloe Gabensky says:

Puppy bowl o most over #puppybowl #play Rudy

Cooldude1304 says:

If you missed it, I will be posting the whole game without commercials on
my other account Tazmangamers1304.

Jo Davidson says:

so cute… watch number 9

Erika Williams says:

That is so too cute I love puppies and cats and hedgehogs

Lisa Warner says:

This is adorable!!! :)

Sarah Thomas says:


Jesus Luna says:

I’m so mad that I’m just now finding out about this. Thank you conan for
informing me! Watching it this sunday! Puppies :D

Florence Han says:

Awwww so much cuteness !!! 

Blake Harshbarger says:

This is so cute

ashlee steagall says:

the white one is my dog

GamerGeekCentral says:


senorkaboom says:

Believe me, I will watch this if the big game becomes a one-sided mess. Has
to be one of the best ideas ever for a network to get some viewership on
Super Bowl Sunday. 

Kelly Lechner says:

Omg bahahah this is the best thing Ive ever seen. Adorable & hilarious,
perfect entertainment. Cant wait for the kitten bowl!

goodguygametime says:

Number 10 will be my first

smorriskc says:

Whomever wrote the script for this is genius! 

Chloe Gabensky says:

Watching puppy bowl #play Rudy

Trinity Helton says:

so cute cant wait till next week NUMBER TEN!!!!!!!

Kayla Derres says:

2:20 looks like husky is showing off <3

Cheryl G says:

I hope there’s Japanese Chin again this year. They were so precious last
year. : ) 

robotpanda77 says:


Ree B says:

I love THE PUPPY BOWL! Its soooooo cuuuute!

Marek Arawn says:

Beware the evilness of cute…..

Xannie LP says:

2:20 which breed is the lil cute puppy? :3

Jenae Pierce says:

OMG SO CUTE ❗❗❗❗❗❗❤❤❤

shewascalledtrinity says:

Beyond adorable. ❤

Umair Siddiqui says:

Hwww cuteeee

03samywamy says:

ADORABLE how can somewhone unlike this

deejayMEBBYromeo says:

Hedgehog cheerleaders:D

Sophia O. says:

But who won?

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