Renée Fleming: Casta Diva (Bellini)

Renée Fleming: Casta Diva (Bellini)

Renée Fleming – America’s Queen of Opera performs in the Palaces of the Czars with internationally acclaimed Russian baritone Dmitri Hvorostovsky.

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TruthSurge says:

the timbre sounds like Bert on Sesame Street. Fake and nasally.

Randy Patton says:

It all comes down to taste, and choices that the singer makes. I think
this is wonderful, the Netrebko version is also quite good, but she made
different choices. 

Stan Jensen says:

She begins to sing, and songbirds, gathered there to mock, listen from
their branches in rapt silence…

LeComitissa says:

I adore her voice.

Fernando Egui says:

See you in the Superbowl baby!

SoftSoxx says:

Exquisite Beauty!


she is singing national anthem at the super bowl

Elijah Theocharidis says:

i know most will kill me for saying this but i still think Cecilia Bartoli
out of every modern day opera star (minus Maria Callas bc she is a god and
is one of the most amazing soprano in music history to perform any piece)
she’s sung it the best! 

bryan irving says:

When Callas sings it is a very private experience. Contained reflection and

ballisti007 says:


hanna schmitz says:


hecate235 says:

I love that her technique is so solid, Renee doesn’t have to think about
how to attack the notes or runs. She. Just. Sings. Effortless. And so

rpchambon says:

This woman has a great voice but she doesn’t have the..Callas thing. She
shows no pain singing this and her voice never gets as high as Callas.
Noone can.
Sounds more like a mezzo soprano…Callas soared above the definition of
Just my opinion.

Madana Bhat-Khandige says:

Ms. Flemings reminds me, yet again, that there does in fact exist a Higher
Force; and that the Higher Force is gentle, loving, and kind.

Brava! Bravissima!


I don’t understand how can people bee so means with critical point of
views. Listen to the music and the total package she does a great job and
people should relax and enjoy effortless technique. And the end is about
great music and Renee is a Diva that can sing to heavens and angels not
mean tasteless and mean people. Congratulation Ms. Renee.

Joe pechie says:

Ahhh… bliss…

Raf Van Meeuwen says:

at least, one voice that can be compared to Maria(callas)

LeDerius Martin says:

Renee Fleming! Her breathing is unmatched! I love to watch and listen as
her notes linger once it seems that she has stopped singing!

Soyferoz says:

There are moments and There are Moments!

gabaunion says:

Very good at mime.

Top dollar.

Kat Webb says:

So, I’ll be in Italy this week. I’m super excited to be here. The first of
the Italian pieces I’ll feature in honor of my travels is by Vincenzo
Bellini. He’s also known as the Father of bel canto opera, a medium in
which I was trained. I took Latin, Italian, and grew up watching operas at
the University of Texas.

So, without further ado, enjoy ▶ Renée Fleming: Casta Diva (Bellini) –

michael dowling says:

Brava diva

Alfred Mertens says:

Renèe you sings this Aria from Bellini heavenly. Your Belcanto is greatfull

zura iashvili says:

she is pretty and sings well too, i just wish i did not hear every single
one of her inhales.

divinerequiem29 says:


adam , jan Mańczak says:

Thank !

Sohaila samimi loftus says:

so tender…moves the heart so…

владимир николаев says:


Jk Gou says:

rich, colorful and magnificent voice

Rob Verbeek says:

I adore her…. and her voice…….. how shall this voice sounds when she
gots an orgasm? 

Arthur Vincent says:

Of all the great divas none sing Bellini better than Renee Fleming, not
even Joan Sutherland who I heard bring the house down with this aria in the

юра рубин says:


Marlis Buhler says:


Stephan Sandiares says:

Quaint cottage they’re in. ;)

maeve ryan says:

She almost was my mom’s sister-in-law!

MrFluteplayer says:

Terrible flute solo, pity because she is so perfect

beautifulmax says:

gorgeous Casta Diva from my favorite (living) diva! 

Mauricio Flores says:


TheBirgitsvensson says:

Rene! You are extremely boring.

drewqq says:

wow. as easy and effortless as breathing for the rest of us.

Michelangelo Alicata says:


Ulla Högstedt says:

Takes my breath away!!!! Brava Renee!!!

ника васильева says:

здесь все прекрасно – и чувства, и голос, и образ! Рене – лучшая
исполнительница арии Нормы!

Luísa Barros says:

Oh that final note – wow… Thanks so much for posting!

fireblossom2u says:

Renee opens herself to the moment of the music. As the camera zooms in see
how she is completely part of the orchestra and the story. Not only
technically brilliant she has the gift of all great actresses. She lets
herself become the part.

kitsunechan90 says:

My cousins cousin is freakin’ osm O-O

Antony H says:

goosebumps everywhere

Maarjaanaa says:

beautiful beautiful beautiful

Paulo Landicap says:

Une pure joie que cette voix.

Demilade Ladipo says:

She’s very versatile. That I have to give her credit for

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