Renee Fleming Sings je veux vivre

Renee Fleming Sings je veux vivre

The Great Renee fleming Sings Juliette’s Aria.

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Samarachelle says:

@kerryincolumbus Whoops, Jenkins*

OperaMystery80 says:

A coloratura aria sung by a voice which isn’t genuine coloratura. Fleming’s
a purely a lyric soprano but coloratura arias like this one and
Marguerite’s Jewel Song in Faust are commonly sung by most lyric sopranos.
Caballe & Sutherland both sang this years before Fleming. I think this is
rather good only because Fleming mastered the French opera repertoire quite
well. Her Manon & Thais are glorious. But she should stay away from
coloratura which is why her Italian bel canto is wrong for her

Rcoppin91 says:

@MastersoftheOpera I think her Lucia would be great! She has everything
needed to make a great Lucia.

lady00010 says:

It doesn’t get any better than this.

flowersings says:

@OperaMystery80 I respectfully disagree. She is not a lyric soprano. Her
voice is far too heavy for a lyric. I would classify her either as a
heavier dramatic or lighter spinto. However, you are more than entitled to
your opinion. Peace! Happy Yt listening!

ddanielsoprano says:

wow! I had never heard her sing stuff with coloratura!! No idea she could
move like that…is there anything this woman can’t do?

MastersoftheOpera says:

@Rcoppin91 Yeah I agree. She sang a few scenes from Lucia. There’s a video
of her singing the Act 1 Duet with Pavarotti. But why hasn’t she sang the
entire role of Lucia ? Why doe she choose NOT to do it ? She’s also 50-ish
now. It may be too late for her to sing Lucia. Her Traviata was added only
a few years ago.

MastersoftheOpera says:

I love this, very gorgeous singing of Juliet’s Waltz Aria. I love Renee
Fleming singing French opera – she can sing Manon & Marguerite in Faust in
addition to Juliet. But I’m afraid she can’t sing everything, no Norma for
her, no Tosca, no Aida, no Trovatore, no Lucia. Her bel canto is awful. Her
latest verisimo isn’t any good either.

OperaLover84 says:

Damn that is a fantastic high C at the end! I wish she would always sing em
like that 😉

OperaMystery80 says:

@pedrofribeiro But their voices are finite and limited. No one opera singer
can sing EVERYTHING. Very few can sing both mezzo or contralto ranges and
high soprano ranges. Fleming is a full lyric but she can’t sing Tosca,
Norma, Salome, Brunhilde, Isolde, Carmen or Aida. She’s very limited. Her
thing is she jazzes up opera – slower legato, longer held notes, rapid
moves up and down octaves; I also think she doesn’t have powerful lower
notes. Callas was the exception who could sing almost anything

Nicholas H says:

LOL!!! Hopefully you got the reactions you were looking for. *thumbs up*

Nicholas H says:

LMAO. You’re so mature. Who knew?

operafan0anegnd says:

Many sing this beautifully. It is really great to appreciate the
differences in timbre and interpretation, each different, all great. Renee
is certainly one of the great singers!

MastersoftheOpera says:

Yes; she can’t sing Norma

Luis Sierra says:

@kerryincolumbus come on! Renée Fleming is really good in what she does, I
prefer Callas, Caballé, Scotto or even Kabaivanska before Fleming but she
IS suited for Opera; judging by your comment you might think Sarah
Brightman has a suited voice for Opera LOL get deeper in real opera and you
will notice she IS suited for Opera.

parrisani says:

I love Renee Fleming! I only recently discovered her voice. I love this
song and I am happy to hear her sing it. *Just wanted to let you know about
a typo. Her name is spelled: Renee. It makes a big difference when
searching for videos.

RabbiF says:

i do like Renee Flemming’s voice and this is one of her best aria’s. My
favourite of hers is stil Vilja from Die Lustige Witwe.

lisamayavonB says:

Beautiful and competent, indeed… but to me she doesn’t sound anything
like a teenage girl in love

psychicbyinternet says:

@hinatarocks88888 Okay. It’s too early in the morning to argue. But your
arguments seem to make sense.

kerryincolumbus says:

@parodycreator25 LOL!!!! you were a good sport, I’m sure you’re doing well
at the conservatory.. best of luck in everything you do, and with your
passion for life, you should have a great career ahead of you ! Good night!

kerryincolumbus says:

@parodycreator25 …you can’t hide behind that..I know exactly what you
said: “and please, please calm down and die, if you do not respect my
country I have nothing to talk in a language appropriate for you, if you
believe more than simply having studied at Julliard, (very over-estimated)
is a sad excuse of human being, a Guatemalan won the Francisco Viñas, won
at least 2 students from Julliard, so please shut up and learn to respect
opine when, good night” Goodnight you were fun to spar with !

kerryincolumbus says:

@parodycreator25 LOL!!! that’s the best you can come up with? go throw
yourself from a bridge? you’re either mentally retarded or high on crystal
meth…or BOTH.. so go FUCK YOURSELF because I’m sure that’s the only
pleasure you’ll EVER get out of life! It sure won’t be from a USELESS piece
of paper from a so-called conservatory in dopey Guatemala LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
GUATEMALA.. I didn’t even know the place still existed !

musicaltheatrestar says:

@MastersoftheOpera there’s actually a recording of Renee singing Norma on

merlinfan1006 says:

me rectifico nataly dessay no es la mejor en esta aria…esta la gran

Samarachelle says:

@kerryincolumbus That’s a little extreme…. I do think Renee Fleming has
an overly open sound, which I’m not a fan of, though I think she performs
Strauss well and is a good operatic actress. To say she sounds worse than
Florence Foster Jenkings though, while humorous, is a pretty silly
statement. Renee definitely doesn’t have the “character voice” for this
song (she really needs to put her voice more forward), but at least her
rendition isn’t messy. I’ve heard much worse.

Nicholas H says:

@kerryincolumbus Unsuited? Dude, she’s Renee Fleming. Though she’s never
been my favorite, she’s very good at what she does and is very much suited
for opera. Judging by your comment, I would guess that your experience with
opera is limited. Immerse yourself in opera a little more, find out what is
desired from an opera singer (from casting directors, opera
audiences,etc.), and then comment on what one the most successful,
well-known opera singers of the last 20 years is best suited for.

RachelHarston says:

Renee Fleming just sings very throaty. She has a very dark tone, so it
tends to sound lower. It’s still in the same key.

bodiloto says:

Dal vivo una bellissima voce,brava!

Purplesoprano18 says:

I would die to sing like Mme. Fleming. Even on her worst day, she sounds
better than any singer I’ve heard recently. So until you’re posting a video
response of yourself singing this aria better than she does, I’m not
interested. And yes, I’m a diva. Thank you.

kerryincolumbus says:

LOL!! I know… I’m such a bitch sometimes!! I said most of what I said
about Ms Fleming just to see what kind of reaction I’d get!

raindyns says:

Wow! I watched Tin tin. I had to wait for the end credits to see who sang

Marília Oliveira says:

Uau! A melhor versão mesmo…

musicaltheatrestar says:

@AmericanEvita I know that that doesn’t count as her singing the entire
role of Norma…but Casta Diva is Norma’s biggest aria, so you get the
idea. & I dont’ think she thinks it’s too risky b/c she’s the world’s
leading operatic soprano………….i mean she’s already done a whole Met
gala ALL BY HERSELF!!! just saying! 🙂

Luis Sierra says:

@kerryincolumbus Julliard, of course, your pretentious comment tells
everything, just SHUT THE FUCK UP and go kiss your Julliard teachers’
asses, what’s in a name? Julliard vs. Guatemala is a name battle, the
students make a conservatory good not the name; and if you don’t like
Fleming just skip the damn video and go watch something else. good night
and go throw yourself from a bridge. 😉

psychicbyinternet says:

@hinatarocks88888 Listen to Diana Damrau and Natalie Dessay (who is
actually French).

kerryincolumbus says:

Renee Fleming.. are you channeling Florence Foster Jenkins? your voice is
SO unsuited to Opera… try sticking to operetta in some small town, where
they’ve never heard of you and your VERY over-trained voice! ICK!

gczwarkiel says:

@AmericanEvita This is a very narrow opinion indeed and seems to miss the
point of music. The ARTIST interprets the music as he or she sees fit and
delivers their rendition after years of serious dedication and knowledge
gained from first hand exposure to the finest singers in the world. This is
what each individual brings and builds upon the rich experience of the
performance. Otherwise you might as well only limit yourself to a few

Eduardo Sisi says:

Tienes buenas crìticas, empero, yo creo que exageras mucho en vibrar la
voz, mi buena Renee y, eso hace que se te entienda un poquito menos lo que
cantas. Sè que es tu estilo y que muchos me juzgaràn… pero, esa es mi
humilde opiniòn. Disculpa. Sin embargo, eres muy buena y NADIE TE LO QUITA,
ni tus tus mèritos… ¡Eres grande!

MisZing says:

No, It’s not. I’m listening to Renee exactely after Natalie Dessay, and
it’s te exact same key they’re singing. Just two extremely beautiful, but
completely different voices…

Luis Sierra says:

@kerryincolumbus ya por favor, tranquilícese y por favor muérase, que si
usted no respeta mi país no tengo por qué hablarle en un idioma apropiado
para usted, si usted se cree superior simplemente por haber estudiado en
Julliard, (muy sobre-estimada) es una triste excusa de ser humano, un
Guatemalteco ganó el concurso Francisco Viñas, le ganó a por lo menos 2
estudiantes de Julliard, así que por favor cállese y opine cuando aprenda a
respetar, buenas noches.

Luis Sierra says:

@kerryincolumbus can’t tell if genuine or just a mockery — but well as my
country’s culture demand me to not have any kind of remorse against other
people I will say, thank you, it was a really good debate, have a good
night and a satisfactory life 😀

OperaMystery80 says:

@flowersings Some lyrics have a heavy big voice. Full lyrics include Joan
Sutherland, Montserrat Caballe, Leontyne Price, Anna Tomowa Sintow, Edda
Moser, Carol Vaness, Anna Netrebko & Angela Gheorghiu. Fleming’s never been
a heavy dramatic, that would mean she can sing roles like Brunnhilde,
Isolde, Norma, Tosca, Kundry, Lady Macbeth. I don’t hear that heavy a sound
coming from her. She’s neither heavy or light

Luis Sierra says:

@kerryincolumbus of course I know who Janice Foster Jenkins is, you know
how? I study at the conservatory of Guatemala and in the history of music I
read the story of Jenkins and she was indeed famous for her complete lack
of musical hability, just listen to her konigin der nacht of Die
Zauberflöte it’s completely horrible, you can’t compare a Diva like Fleming
to a trash can like Jenkins.

Luis Sierra says:

@kerryincolumbus did you used Google transaltor?!?!? you’re a funny man, I
said: “stop ti now! calm down and please die, if you don’t respect my
country I don’t have to talk in a language suitable for you, if you believe
you’re superior simply by studying at Julliard, you’re a sad exucse of a
human being, a Guatemalan won the Francisco Viñas contest, winning over at
least 2 julliard students, so please be quiet and comment, when you can
show some respect, good night” .|.

kerryincolumbus says:

@parodycreator25 ooohhhh.. Guatemala.. the conservatory of Guatemala… and
you think THAT qualifies YOU to make ANY judgements about good opera
singers versus BAD!?!?!? LMAO!!! you suck worse than anyone ever HAS or
EVER WILL! when you’ve studied at Julliard such as I did, and become an
expert vocal coach, such as I, THEN you can tell me who’s good and who’s
bad, Guatemala, riiiiiiiiiiiiight.. what do you study, the noise fruit
makes as it grows?? WHATEVER!

peteobh says:

Is this transposed down?

kerryincolumbus says:

@parodycreator25 …. first of all.. you SUCK…second of all Renee Fleming
should kiss Sarah Brightman’s filthy ASS!! and third, you SUCK! I am VERY
aware of what REAL opera is and I can tell you she SUCKS at it! Florence
Foster Jenkins (which I’m sure you have no clue who she was) sounded 500
times better than that TERRIBLY Overrated screeching mess Renee Fleming!

cacouille1 says:

rien à voir avec Giorghiu ….. Enfin une chanteuse étrangère chante
“français”….. Voilà Gounod. Merci Mme Flemming

kerryincolumbus says:

@loginn19 …..I have one last thing to say… SHE SUCKS!!! no one sucks
WORSE THAN RENEE FLEMING.. except for possibly YOU and your STUPID opinion

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