Richard Sherman Meets the Seahawks’ Tiniest 12th Man

Richard Sherman Meets the Seahawks’ Tiniest 12th Man

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Amy Michelle says:

This video is awesome!! She is so adorable!! GO HAWKS!!

rocpet3 says:

who are the bad guys? 49ers. ah I love that girl, she cracks me up.

Boss Tycoon says:

I bet she even knows who the long snapper is. Incredible little girl.

ahmad muslim says:

9 people are 40whiners

thatboyrick1 says:

Amazing saw this on NFL Sunday morning countdown 

XenoKaiju says:

She reminds me of the girl from despicable me. Go Hawks

Follow Channel says:

There are a lot of Seahawks fans, but none are as small and bright as Kalee

NoHuddleNoMercy says:

As a raider fan that was good, when I was 5 I named all the NFL teams by

decpthatsme says:

You can tell this was awkward for Sherman. He has almost 0 people skills.

Donn Thomas says:

This video is so awesome, that lil girl so adorable, smart and gifted. 6

Kimberly Garcia says:

Seahawks Suckkkkk

XxJasonRulesXx says:

Skip Bayless disliked this video.

HEHPHE says:

She Forgot about Ricardo Lockette but he doesnt play that much so i cant
blame her but she is good

Daniel King says:

Being a niner fan this is cute. But not all Niners are bad. Much respect to
the Seahawks, they do have a really good shot their first bowl win.

Gumball Gilbert says:

wow what a smart little girl

Carole Bradbury says:

CFL CFL CFL Go Canada and the Edmonton Eskimos so many champions in such a
tiny space tiny 5 year space of Time in Edmonton City of Champs

Clarence E Baldwin Jr says:

WAYYYYYYYYYYYY too much cute. This dad is winning. 

tanner samson says:

I love how she says “Linebacker” 🙂 <3

Three Nine Line says:

Love Richard Sherman! I haven’t cared one lick about football for years now
until I first saw Richard give the infamous verbal smackdown on Crabtree.
At first I was like, man this guy seems like a jerk, but then I watched a
few more of his vids and I realized this guy is AWESOME! Love your style
Sherman. Maybe next year I’ll start watching some football again. 

lauren goat says:

sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo adorable!!! GO HAWKS WE ARE SO
AWESOME!!!!!!! we are all the 12th man

wolffe gerte says:


Jack Morrissey says:

she is adorable! I wish my future daughter will be this interested in

LWF R says:

The only seahawks fan that is not a bandwagon

Abigail Andersen says:

I don’t know all of them and I am 9!!!

Beau long says:

GO HAWKS!!! Super bowl 48 CHAMPIONS

andrew loscalzo says:

how does she do that at three years

TD D says:

She’s amazing! I rewinded this video like five times…Cutest little thing

Bong Rip says:

she is too cute. I’m dead

Dezzy Burton says:

go hawks

Holly Schwinn says:

Can my family adopt this girl? SHE DA BOMB!!

Diego Langford says:

Who is the good guys the seahawks and all u other team”s u guys suck the
Broncos hairy balls lol Go HAWKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amy Reynvaan says:

more like the crapy guys

sea_smilez♥ says:

shes so cutee!:) gotta teach them young!:) hope my future kids are like

Matthew Spallina says:

Good Luck in the Super Bowl

Brian Tannenbaum says:

go hawks

starr leiataua says:

25 the best

Teresa Pentzold says:

the seahawkes are skare

Jesse Allison says:

Adorable on every level

atafits says:

Linebackah? Adorable!!!

BodyWeak.Net says:

I love it

Christopher Diaz says:

Mr. Richard Sherman should have done his rant after Super Bowl XLVIII.
Would’ve made it better to watch in the end.

emilia vermeer says:

I♥ number three

jennifer smith says:

thats so cute

nakia lockley says:

She’s not the only tiniest fan. My little girl LOVES you. Even keeps asking
to have a picture taken with you.

Justin ferguson says:

She has better memory then me.

Zach Olson says:

Great video. 

mrrayje24 says:

The future president of the United States.

I Am Wizard says:

he told me to make a comment so i did

darlene bradshaw says:


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