Richard Sherman: Rant reaction “mind-boggling”

Richard Sherman: Rant reaction “mind-boggling”

CNN’s Rachel Nichols sits down with Seattle Seahawks’ Richard Sherman to discuss the aftermath of his post game rant. More from CNN at To …

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MsDarcyfan says:

I don’t care about color, religion, sexual orientation, culture, social
class or what your IQ is. I can’t stand people who run off at the mouth.

pshkiemaster says:

This interview was about as enlightening has having a philosophical
discussion with a baloney sandwich. Instead of asking hard hitting
questions that this situation was screaming for, they just handed Richard
Sherman a distraction by finding a few racist comments online. There are
racist comments online about every celebrity. This is how most news
interviews with celebrities work: (1) The news outlet schedules an
interview with the celebrity’s agent, and a contract is signed and serves
as an agreement for the terms of the interview. (2) The news outlet
provides the celebrity’s agent with a list of all questions to be asked
during the interview, and the agent works with the celebrity (and sometimes
even a team of people) to write their answers. (3) The celebrity shows up
and is greeted with free food and drinks and then proceeds to read his
prefabricated answers from a teleprompter. (4) The news outlet sends an
edited version of the interview to the agent, and the agent either demands
changes or gives approval for broadcast. (5) Finally, stupid people believe
what they’re watching is real and informative. The fact is that CNN is a
joke, and this fluff piece was just a free reputation building commercial
for Sherman.

MMAView says:

Richard Sherman is the guy talking shit out the window of a moving car….
You have a problem with another player address them don’t go crying to
erin andrews.. How good are you for tipping an under thrown ball anyway?!
Definitely not worth bragging about.

kemoblue4u says:

Sheep are intimidated by alpha males. It is much easier to complain abut
someone you see going out and getting everything they want from behind a
computer. He is everything these sheep wish to be so they use 15 seconds of
his life to try to bring him down to their level lol as if that will work.
He doesn’t owe an apology to anyone! He said what was on his mind and his
TEAM knows he’s there for them, tired of all the cliche responses these
athletes give all because this country is full of a bunch of pansies who
start complaining once someone says what’s really on THEIR mind. People
don’t like seeing others get what they don’t have, they’ll never admit to
that though. They’d rather just blame someone else. It’s jealousy at it’s

LoveAboveHate says:

Ya’ll do know that football is not a gentlemen’s sport. Go play golf or
checkers. Pussies. It’s not even about race anymore. It’s about a bunch of
complaining pussies. 

momoneyindabank4 says:

Funny that Incognito guy was making racial slurs toward his team mate and
whites didn’t blow up this much. What about that guy Riley Cooper ? No
threats to take his money or put him in his place. We know all whitea
aren’t but c’mon I can never see the day where a fellow white man turns
into Charles Barkley against his own people.


Lol, I’ve seen so many white athletes go off, never labeled a thug though.
People wonder why blacks bring up race so much, THIS IS WHY.


its ignorant for ppl to call u a thug!! but at the same time! just let your
action do the talking! if Crabtree talk trash! and cant back it up! he
embarrassing himself! Sherman can be the best CB in the league! just ignore
the players that talk trash! because ignorance is bliss! SMH!!!

SillyPuddy2012 says:

Gotta give credit to CNN for not being too PC and showing the porch monkey
comments on screen, ha.

Don Right says:

Bill Romanawski went off all the time, and it was way worse then Sherman’s
interview, and he not once was he called a thug, but again only black
people can be thugs. Big Ben accused of rape 3 times nobody called him a
thug. Bob Knight hitting kids, cussing refs out on live TV throwing chairs
never called a thug. I could go on but its pointless bottom line black men
will always be stereotyped no matter what don’t expect mainstream media to
paint you in a positive light. Racism is alive and well its just more
covert now. This is bigger then Sherman’s interview because that was
nothing absolutely nothing. America fears strong black men 

PreyingMathis says:

How can he say “I thought society had moved past that.”? That’s pretty
naive of you, Rich.

Kentucky_Wildcats_18 says:

Richard is handling it perfectly, remember is a Stanford grad

jess watson says:

Calling someone a monkey isn’t necessarily racist, yes it can be used as a
derogatory term but not always.. When people generalize other races of
being racist based on a few instances, it makes them look just as racist as
the ones they accuse.

Schrodinger says:

3:30 CNN censors the word “fucking” but leaves in “porch monkey”.
Seriously? I mean, I’m not for censorship at all, but if you’re going to
choose one of those two words to censor, it’s going to be “fuck”? How did
we get here? How do we live in a society where a word that symbolizes a
crude version of “sex” is more demonized than a term that actually
perpetuates a harmful racial stereotype? 

Michael Reed says:

you are the man richard!!! 

Kurofitness says:

I laugh at “fans” of sports who have little to no athletic talent. They are
famous for memorizing stats, playing “fantasy” sports, betting, spending
tons of cash for tickets, concessions, jerseys and hats, etc. They drink at
sports bars, getting more out of shape with each game and act like experts
in the sports. I played sports and Im still in shape 20 years later, I
don’t even watch sports on TV because its boring to watch other people do
what I can do. Do people watch other people sit in traffic on the freeway
or drone away in a cubicle? It’s just funny to me. The opinions of
Non-athletes are invalid from the perspective of those who have played the
game with a high level of competence. 

dudemanbro1000 says:

So sad that this made it to the “news.” Who gives a fuck he’s a football
player who gives a shit what he said. Did it effect your life???? No?
Exactly. So sad what a pussy sensitive country we live in now. 

mojojojo787 says:

He’s basically saying he’s a sociopath, and we’re supposed to just accept
that? He’s delusional, how dare he make this a race thing and bring up MLK
day. I don’t care what color his skin is, he behaved like a rabid dog and
shrugs it off as a race thing. It’s such bullshit.

lordsangone says:

Barbaric game? You do wat you want? Be angry to be successful? It is wat it
is? But now your saying it isn’t wat it is. Dude you totally kicked the guy
while he was down and your mind boggled by peoples reaction? This guy may
sound intelligent but his reasoning and excuses are not. Should of just
stuck behind his words instead of tryin to take it back. Might be looked at
as a dick, pun, but at least you would be real. When keepin it real goes
terribly wrong lol

Nienyo says:

people are too sensitive nowadays, GET OVER IT! what the fuck? he gets
fined 7 thousand dollars for being extremely over excited after winning a
game in the NFL? like people who want to “punish” this guy over that need
to do something more productive in their own lives and stop trying to find
ways to make money and create bullshit. so stupid. 

Daniel Banks says:

We don’t watch football for player’s class.

If that was the case Tim Teabow would still be in the NFL.

America is just in their feelings because another trash talker backed up
what he had to say with his gameplay and disavows all other traits about

Sherman’s not the first or the last to do it.

Some people have different reactions in certain circumstances but what do
you expect to hear when you have a guy who’s already mic’d up from the
beginning of the game? Then he wins?

It just shows how honest he is with his character. This shouldn’t be a
shock at all.

I think society fails into thinking we always need a supposed “role model”.

Just because someone isn’t like the way you want them to be doesn’t mean
that everyone should or will follow them.

Instead the world should encourage to finds ones own self instead of always
falling into the logic “you should or shouldn’t be that guy because of this
and that”.

Some people will be whatever no matter what anyway.

Sherman was in the heat of the moment. Almost anybody would’ve been hyped
up like that especially since it was right afterward. I 100% support the
best corner in the league and he’ll most likely get the ring with the

People act like Muhammad Ali wasn’t glorified for this but now Sherman is a

C’mon. You can’t be a fan of the WWF or the WWE and/or like rap music then
put down one man who is like many athletes around the world from the past
and present. I just want people to not be hypocritical and stay consistent
with their logic. Yes, R. Sherman was classless but he should not be
ridiculed like he’s an evil/horrible guy. There are murders, rapist,
thieves, ect. who have never received the hate my dude received in less
than a week.

NFLMaster09 says:

I don’t care if you’re black, white, pink, or mold skinned, nor do I care
about how good a football player you are. You represent an NFL franchise
and the NFL as a player.

Richard Sherman talks so much about how he does all his talking on the
field and shows what’s up, and while that’s all true, why does it have
continue BEYOND the game? If he would just shut his mouth and enjoy a
satisfying performance without having to sling mud like a child at recess,
he would be one of the most well-liked and respected players in the NFL.

Derek Terrell says:

Alex go back to sleep

MatterUnderMind says:

People will use any excuse to express their racist ignorance. The fact of
the matter is most people have no idea what it’s like to compete at that
level. Were his actions right? Maybe not…guess we can’t all be Jesus.
Maybe you are? He’s young, rich, more athletic and more intelligent than
the majority of the jealous people leaving comments. What could anyone
possibly say about him other than anything racist? He’s better than you at
everything in every way possible. Guess that’s what a monkey is…

Negrito Cobretti says:

It’s nice to see both sides of a person Stanford grad/killer corner we
don’t know the whole story so I guess judgement should be reserved. It is
sad that we in the land of the free and the home of the brave always beat
things down to race.

OMGRezzy says:

Preach it Sherman


If he’s really that good of a football player, why does he need to tell

Sean G says:

He’s absolutely right!!!!!

John Kim says:

I love it. I love it so bad

Atlanta Synth says:

the guy sends his team to the superbowl. why has everyones mentality gone
back to the 50’s. if his team get s ring, it all because of him. kick
peytons ass.

worldwidecity says:

As a 49ers fan settle it and leave it on the field…certain things the
outside world(media,fans) shouldn’t know

bob smith says:

Poor Richard Sherman!!! Would the damn fuckin media get a life and FUCK
OFF!!!!!!!!! There’re just trying to turn him into another T.O.- dez
bryant. Sherman don’t apoligize for SHIT!!!!! I love the RANT, the
attitude, the passion!!! Fuck the haters

RequiumFrost says:

no worries Richard, well said and expressed succinctly.

Joshua Castellanos says:

1:19 Too late Sherman… too late

Bill C. says:

Too bad it becomes a racial issue. I think that Sherman is not deserving
of such venom.

Ka3Ty says:

You admit to being immature at least. You have to be angry to be
successful. I think that is just your way, most people do not find it
essential to be angry to do their job. You have to have that switch, and
yet you must not know how to use your switch, it must be missing. You
expressed your self on the field while others gave thought out
racial comments in front of their computer , they don’t have a field to
talk on. So close to MLK day, just bringing MLK up you make it racial?
Seriously R.S. You always want your cake and eat it too. I don’t use words
like thug, but it’s definition does not necessarily mean you have to be a
criminal. You acted a ruffian and are from Compton spewing out garbage,
what do you want them to call you? Communications major, that’s a joke you
must have skated through those classes. Compliments have so much more
meaning when others give them. You are lucky and fortunate to even be in
your position, why not show more respect and class rather than anger and
disrespect. You bring it on yourself and not willing to accept the blame.
Simple solution, clean it up the world doesn’t revolve around you, and
accept responsibility for your actions, Make actual sincere apologies
without worries, you are not Paula Dean and you won’t lose your job over
it, but will gain respect of most.

Lexx Marz says:

Real Ass Nigga.

rockstarFFF says:

Richard Sherman behaved like an animal. Going to Stanford does not mean
their product is not a thug like this guy

Keon Nzinga says:

Wow judging by the ridiculous reaction of crackers in amerikkka u would
think that Richard Sherman was Aaron Hernandez or something. Richard
Sherman is a “thug”? Lmfao. Are u crackers aware of idiotic u sound calling
an NFL trash talking cornerback a “thug”? Only in amerikka can George
Zimmerman a murderer be labeled a model citizen and Richard Sherman a guy
who’s just a big mouth gets but has never harmed anyone that we know of
gets slandered a thug

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