Richard Sherman – Student of the Game[HD]

Richard Sherman – Student of the Game[HD]


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Jeff O says:

The mind of a villain

JRLM says:

The not so much of a thug now huh white america…he is actually very
intelligent..more so than your average trailor park trash. 

KCKickReviews says:

I don’t understand why people get so emotional when players trash talk and
are a little boisterous. If you have no accomplishments, it looks stupid.
But if you’re actually good, then knock yourself out. Whatever gets you
going. Everybody deserves to be great in their own way. If you’re reserved
like Tim Duncan, talk shit on the low like Larry Bird, or if you’re front
and center like Muhammed Ali, it’s all part of the game. Sports is physical
competition as well as psychological. When he made that rant, all I said
was, “Damn, that’s crazy” and thought it was entertaining actually. But
after a few minutes I was over it. But all these media outlets that have
been talking about it for two weeks are the ones who took away from the
team really. We live in a day and age where it’s in and out like a
revolving door. Had ESPN and the rest of the news not leeched on it for so
long, it still wouldn’t be a topic. Think about it, the two biggest stories
this week have been what Sherman says and what Lynch doesn’t say. LOL,
seriously? And everybody wants to be self righteous but if Sherman was on
their team making the game saving play to go the Super Bowl they would not
care one bit. Be real, let’s stop living in this Disney World where
athletes are all polite and cordial 24/7. Why do you need that, I damn sure
don’t. I need results. In my eyes, Sherman is an athlete that studies the
game tremendously and works hard and gets results. Very cerebral, like a
Peyton Manning (no, he’s not on Peyton’s level, just a comparison of mental
approach) but I don’t need him to be humble and politically correct like
Peyton to like him. At the end of the day, all jobs have responsibilities
that are prioritized. And being productive and entertaining is waaay higher
on that list for being an NFL cornerback than being quiet and cordial.

Obinna Ezekwesili says:

i like balls

Abby Tran says:

he’s not gonna fool manning lmao

Miguel Gomez says:

A thug? Lmao, Sherman is the Steve Jobs of defensive backs

Andrew Little says:

They call him a thug!? That’s dumb. Meanwhile Justin Bieber is being a
little thug and nobody says anything!

Kar Yung Tom says:

*Richard Sherman – Student of the Game*

I love this video. I love how football is like physical chess and a lot of
intelligence is needed to play the game at a high level. Richard Sherman is
famous for his mouth, but this video showcases his smarts.

+Frank Richard 

David Mac says:

I’m just pissed because my Lions had 3 fucking opportunities to draft him
and 2 of the guys they drafted instead don’t even play in the NFL anymore.

ClintKad says:

Pshhhh, like Sherman has a work-ethic…

calpitoc says:

Dude would probably own in Madden.

thecoolstuff99 says:

My goodness, after watching this I finally understand why he’s the best
corner in the game. 

Trollinyamon says:

“You gotta “Lebron” the hell out of it.” LMAO

mak kay says:

Brilliant mind..still think he should ease up on the trash talk though lol

iTruth1 says:

Revis should watch this… LoL ahahahahahah

Mark Ramsey says:

Far from a thug.

David Waggoner says:

I want to see Marvin Harrison vs Richard Sherman. ewww boy thatd be bad
ass. Richard Sherman is now my favorite corner in the nfl… To bad my
favorite receiver Marvin is retired :'(

hiphopknights says:

Add the fact that Richard Sherman had a 4.0 gpa in high school. Dust those
haters off Sherman!

pshkiemaster says:

Yeah, Sherman is a great cornerback because he studies film, and the
Seahawks are really good at home because the “12th man” is really loud.
Sherman is good because he’s on junk. The Seahawks are good at home because
they cheat by videotaping walkthroughs, etc. Everyone knows they cheat.
That’s why the 49ers had their walkthrough at another location other than
Century Link Field before the NFC Championship. Studying film and crowd
noise are just cover for what’s really going on. A cheating college coach
took over, and now his NFL team is cheating like crazy. What a shock. I
could have never seen that coming. What’s that? The Seahawks are the most
penalized NFL team. The Seahawks have the most PED violations since Carroll
took over. The Seahawks have the largest disparity between home and away
records in the same time frame. Seahawks fans went from complaining about
hiring a cheating college coach to loving the wins that he brings by
cheating. Pathetic.

JRLM says:

Typical racist white america.. gota love it. 

Mihail Etropolski says:

This is what I’ve been wondering ever since I started watching football
(only) a couple of years ago: why don’t more players and coaches use
thought out fakes and illusions like the ones Sherm discusses? There are so
many opportunities for receivers and D linemen to fool their counterparts,
but I think largely because of the astounding talent the players possess,
winning becomes more about an arms race and the strategy gets left behind
in decades-old orthodoxy.

Gemcor says:

Good, good, let the butthurt flow through you. Anyone would want this guy
on there team. 

1xtra299 says:


sullivansully08 says:

He said niggatron xD

Robbie B says:

Sorry people this is all CB 101. Nothing groundbreaking here. He is
selling it to you like its his idea. Going into their CB world you will
think everyone is a nuclear psychist. If Peyton started to run his mouth
about formations and pre-snap looks and audibling the o-line protection,
hot reads and RB responsibility you would think what Sherman just showed
you was connect 4

Capt Honorpants says:

Richard Sherman will make your offense cry.

Mauricio Beniquez says:

And People think He’s a thug, sad.

datlibra17 says:

i may not like him too much as a person, but i def respect his passion and
knowledge for the game…

Yasir Kader says:

As a bears fan, I can say this: Sherman can play. Hes not as good as Tim
Jennings or Charles Tillman though

Brent Mackroy says:

Peyton Manning is end for a long night if he try Richard Sherman. He’s bout
to make someone else look “mediocre” on his side I don’t care who it is.

Fat Lip says:

Sorry sucka, you iz down soon, cursed yo self

TheBagBalm says:


Kon Brio says:

With the exception of the SB, I don’t even watch football. Reading these
comments and watching that R. Sherman interview, people are so docile,
filled with bitchassedness, and/or just want to have fake outrage that they
get butt hurt over TRASHTALKING. I’d hate to make it racial but it’s mostly
the middle to upper class whites/and racist internet trolls that are
throwing the “thug” term around. And by the way. . .no one (black people)
uses the words “THUG” or “GANGSTA” anymore LMFAO. That proves that it is
just another way for them call him the N word without using it lol.

Shit talking is an everyday thing for other race groups. My wife is pure
Japanese and she has said worse shit than Richard Sherman on a normal day

I wish those who used that term towards him, would run into a REAL thug and
I guarantee they will see a difference. Just because someone is from the
hood doe not make them less intelligent, BUT intelligence without work
ethic and practice is like money with no value. . .useless. Richard Sherman
has a strong work ethic. Floyd Mayweather has a strong work ethic. Michael
Jordan had a strong work ethic. <-THAT WHY THESE NIGG---- I MEAN "THUGS" ARE THE GREATEST.

Marcos Magana says:

It’s cool how he said they talk about tipping it to each other and that’s
exactly what won them the game.

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