Richard Sherman vs. Skip Bayless on ESPN 1st Take

Richard Sherman vs. Skip Bayless on ESPN 1st Take

Richard Sherman vs. Skip Bayless on ESPN 1st Take.

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darklordojeda says:

Skip Bayless needs to understand if Sherman wasn’t great it wouldn’t matter
if he talked trash because it wouldn’t be backed up. Bayless is a worthless
piece of trash and he needs to be banned from T.V., radio and any other
form of media.

justinthe Nickoftime says:

oh these good old days when we would hang them from a tree with a fork up
their ass. Believe you me they weren’t talking trash then.

Bartram CC says:

ppl wonder why sherman has a chip on his shoulder. Sherman is at least as
good if not better than Revis but Skip said they weren’t in the same
category. What? Hindsight is 20/20. We can all see now that Sherman was
right and Skip was wrong. Skip got pawned and sad to say he deserved it. 

tgo007 says:

He did end up proving himself to be the best.

MsDarcyfan says:

This guy has a big chip on his shoulder

Andrew Little says:

Sherman is a young successful man. These old fucks need to change their
depends. And so do all you haters! O:-)

MotorCityRS says:

I don’t blame Richard Sherman not one bit! In order to be the best, you
must believe you’re the best! Once you stop believing that, there’s the

big jay jay says:

why would you say you are better than any ohter man,we all as men fight
things daily,i myself retierd US Army,25 yrs,and in war over 10 times on
the front line,and im no better than other man in this world and even
one who just play the game of football,for his job,every man is great and
no one is better(that’s just how I think),US Army Retierd

thebigone022 says:

This is why so many people hate Richard Sherman. The dude is a bitcj.

W.F. Casey Ebsary, Jr. says:

“I’m better at life than you,” said Richard Sherman #Seahawks #superbowl

Keon Morris says:

Nigga u a bitch say it to his face

sebastian cuello says:

I got nothing against the Seahawks but Richard Sherman makes me wanna see
them lose so bad. 

LoveMyMedicine says:

The problem I have is Richard Sherman ABSOLUTELY has a point. But doesn’t
have the maturity and/or intellect to portray it. He’s a shut down corner
that is absolutely in the top 5 of any corner in the game and arguable the
best. But holy shit is he ignorant. When he speaks it’s like nails on a
chalkboard ugh to me marshawn lynch needs to start talking more and this
needs to be the guy to stfu and let his play do the talking because he’s an
outstanding player just a piece of shit of a human being. (Coming from
someone that hates skip bayless with everything they have) 

Kevin Ordiales says:

I don’t know why there ate so many racist comments below. Let’s just call
it what this is…Skip said something disrespectful (like usual) towards
Richard Sherman. Richard Sherman then came in the show with 1 goal in mind,
to fire shots at Skip. However instead of making Skip look like an idiot,
he made himself look arrogant ignorant.

davidallenroth says:

Sherman made himself look like an idiot.

what a piece of trash

1PoodleKing1 says:

Oh, oh, it’s not personal. Nooooooooooooo.

Caroline Hallmark says:

“I don’t think you’re 22 in anything.” Burnnnnn take that Skip

sam eilerman says:

Before I saw this in just overlooked Sherman’s rant, but right there he was
acting like a child. He said he was BETTER AT LIFE than another person. I
hope he understands that no one gives two shits about him. He thinks he’s
become popular because of his talent. But I wouldn’t even know his name if
he didn’t rant about Crabtree.


I don’t get why Skip Bayless points out the obvious, that he’s trashtalking
him and he says he does community service like that has anything to do with
the question 

Karl Witt says:

Sherman’s a fucking asshole. His “white handlers” from the Seahawks told
him to keep his cool.

MrBuddhaZen says:

HAHAHA Stephen A Smith 1:15


You get Hated or Loved for with ever you do ! it sad because the the
internet is overflowing with seems to be more negative than positive
opinions .

Striker1A says:

WOW, is Richard Sherman getting the last LOL with a Super Bowl Ring???

thechased21 says:

I had no idea who the fuck Skip Bayless was until this video.

Paolo Sobretodo says:

A thug and an idiot debating

Devon Hallek says:

Look at all these people all of the sudden talk about richard sherman and
come to this video that is from last year and immediately take him as a
negative person just because of the michael crabtree interview. Where were
all of you last year when this happened?

jo84891 says:

Stephen A. is like “GET’EM”

tyrueiwoqpy says:


dbalin24 says:

lol damn Sherman killed him :D

MetallicaFan0503 says:

He sounds like an ignorant little ass, even for a skilled player. I hope he
loses the superbowl so people talk more trash about him.

Don Rudy Contreras says:

Richard Sherman, I would love to shake your hand. That was a much needed
win. I am cheering for you today!

Jeffrey Dunlop says:

Sherman needs to slow his role.

Jeff Crafton says:


Mynameistalking Tina says:

Wow, Sherman! You’re attitude is shit. You’re like Iverson with the
attitude towards “PRACTICE.”

grant rummel says:

Keon Morris he did say it to his face ? Even if he was not with em he told
it straight to him 

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