Seahawks DE tries to jump into stands after fan throws drinks

Seahawks DE tries to jump into stands after fan throws drinks

The NFL almost had its own version of the Malice at the Palace on Sunday.

The final moments of the Seahawks-Jaguars game began with Jacksonville in victory formation taking a knee and ended with Seahawks defensive end Quinton Jefferson fighting a fan.

Jefferson was walking off the field after being ejected for his involvement in a scrum between the Seahawks and Jaguars. As Jefferson was walking towards the locker room, he pelted with multiple drinks, causing him to take off his helmet and turn back around. Jefferson then proceeded to trade barbs with multiple Jaguars fans as security tried to defuse the situation.

After several tense moments, Jefferson appeared ready to walk away from the situation before a fan threw another drink at him, this one nearly hitting him in the head. Jefferson then broke away from a security personnel’s grasp and attempted to leap into the stands and engage with the fan. Security was able to pull Jefferson down from the wall seconds before the situation could have potentially taken a dangerous turn for the worse and escort him into the locker room as a another drink was thrown in his direction.

“I’m not going to let someone disrespect me like that,” Jefferson said of the fan, per Bleacher Report.

Seahawks DE Quinton Jefferson tries to climb up in the stands after Jaguars fans threw objects at him.

(Stephen B. Morton/AP)

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll admitted Jefferson “kinda lost it.”

Jefferson will most likely be suspended and receive a hefty fine for his actions.

Jefferson’s near brawl with a fan was only the culmination of an ugly final sequence of events.

As the Jaguars attempted to take a knee to run out the clock, Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett rolled into the legs of the Jaguars’ offensive line. Jacksonville running back Leonard Fournette then went after Bennett, resulting in both being penalized.

Security holds back Quinton Jefferson as he jaws with Jaguars fans.

Security holds back Quinton Jefferson as he jaws with Jaguars fans.

(Stephen B. Morton/AP)

Players from both teams began shoving each other, with Seahawks defensive lineman and ex-Jet Sheldon Richardson throwing a punch, resulting in an immediate ejection.

The two teams once again jawed at each other after the next play, with Jefferson being ejected as a result.

Carroll was also penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct for running onto the field.

Jaguars players believed the Seahawks attempted to “bully” them with their late-game antics.

“They try to bully and intimidate everyone,” Fournette said. “We’re not a team that gets intimidated. We fight back.”

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