SEAL Team Recap 10/4/17: Season 1 Episode 2 “Other Lives”

SEAL Team Recap 10/4/17: Season 1 Episode 2 “Other Lives”

Tonight on CBS their new military drama Seal Team airs with an all new Wednesday, October 4th, 2017 episode and we have your Seal Team recap below.  On tonight’s Seal Team season 1 episode 2, “Other Lives,” as per the CBS synopsis, “While on an evidence-collecting mission in Syria, Jason and the SEAL Team find innocent civilians in desperate need of rescue just as enemy forces close in on them. Also, while on the mission, the team debates whether or not to tell Ray that his wife has gone into labor.”

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In Al-Hool, North Eastern Syria, two young boys shoot a wolf, but when they look for it, they find several cow carcasses. Jason Hayes (David Boreanaz) and Alana (Michaela McManus) are packing up Molly’s stuff. Jason is shocked she wants to get rid of everything but Molly tells him since Nate Massey’s (Daniel Gillies) death, she wants to have a fresh start with her family. He suggests having dinner but she says it’s not a good idea for any of the. He admits he is checked out all the time but Alana reminds him if they are taking a break, they are taking a break from all of it.

Jason looks outside and reminisces about a barbecue Nate had, when he told him that Alana are going to live apart for a while. Nate tells him to move in there and spend some time with his godson, he refuses.

At the Naval Combat Training Center, Green Team Selection, Clay Spenser (Max Thieriot) does the course and is told he has some good moves. Ray (Neil Brown Jr.) and his wife, Naima (Parisa Fakhri) finish up their ultrasound and Ray says his duty schedule is unpredictable. The doctor questions what command he is but before he can respond, he gets a call and needs to leave the appointment.

Mandy Ellis (Jessica Pare) shows the images of the supposedly abandoned hospital outside Al-Hool, which they suspect is being used as a bio-weapons factory. Dr. Lucien (James Hiroyuki Liao) says DOD won’t authorize a strike without definitive proof. They view satellite imagery that shows all the dead cattle, and if it weren’t for the cows they never would have found the place.

The team is told they will have to handle the deadliest stuff men have ever created; they discuss how they are going to get into the place without breaching air space, but Jason is more concerned about getting out. They are not impressed that Lucien needs to come with them.
At the training center, the men are told by Adam (Michael Irby) that they are to select the top 5 and bottom 5 of their team. Clay is frustrated that the top 5 will not know they made the grade but Adam puts him in his place. Jason jokes that Adam is getting “soft” in his old age and is surprised that Spenser still has his teeth. Sonny (A.J. Buckley) says Spenser is only cocky because of his father. Jason suggests that ray should sit this one out, but he refuses.

As they prepare to leave, Sonny teaches Lucien everything about their upcoming jump from the plane, scaring him more than anything. Jason helps everyone prepare, they line up when the light is red, the back of the plane opens and they jump out, one by one, Lucien attached to Sonny.

Clay stands at the bar with Brian (Jay Hayden), both wondering who is in the bottom 5; when two girls walk into the bar, Clay quickly approaches them. He talks to Stella (Alona Tal), and when she declines a drink, he learns she is a grad student. He attempts to pay for her drink, but she is pretends to be offended because its sexist. He asks when he will see her again, she says he knows her name and she’s a teacher, so he shouldn’t find it difficult to figure it out. She gets up and he realizes she didn’t pay the bill, she tells him she never said he couldn’t buy the drink and she hasn’t bought one for herself since she was 16 and isn’t even carrying a wallet.

The team arrived at the hospital, Lucien is a little nervous about walking into a building where there is spilled nerve agent; they shoot and kill the guards and take the dog and approach the building. After checking the air outside the door, they access the hospital, killing any men that are inside. They reach a room that is high on their meters and Jason tells Ray that he has it and moves ahead with the masks on; the room has several empty barrels, Lucien says he needs to swab the room but it will slow down their timeline.

Ray demands to know what that was all about, but when Jason calls back in, they realize that there was movement among the militants and if they turn around, the seals will have 20 minutes to get out of there at most.

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