Seth Meyers Gets the Late Night Pickle

Seth Meyers Gets the Late Night Pickle

Continuing a tradition started by David Letterman, Jimmy hands over the coveted Late Night pickle that resided in Jimmy’s office the last 5 years. Subscribe …

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Late Night with Jimmy Fallon says:

+Jimmy Fallon kept tradition going when he passed the Late Night pickle to
Seth Meyers last night!

WATCH: Seth Meyers Gets the Late Night Pickle

#LNJF #SethMeyers 

mimimarcus says:

Conan was much more of my taste. It sucked hard to see NBC pulled the plug
on Conan.

Mr. Fallon is funny but definitely not Tonight Show funny. If Jimmy
wouldn’t be able to fill the shoes of the greats before him, I could see
Dave throwing jokes at NBC for another one bit the dust. hahaha

kclovesgaming says:

Hopefully Seth has success (I wish him well), but based off this interview
it seems like he’s trying too hard. Like this sort of thing doesn’t come
naturally to him and he’s forcing the jokes etc. 

ravishingelite says:

Sorry but Seth is not funny. Watching SNL skits is hard and uncomfortable
as you hear the forced laughs of the audience. Weekend Update falls flat
every time and how they came to the decision that Seth should have his own
show really baffles me. #sorrynotsorry but I can’t wait for Seth to
fail… which he will.

bravery12 says:

Tag your it Seth Meyers.

Nick Rossidis says:

I wish the best of luck to Seth!

Yoshiro says:

So what’s the diffrence between late nite and tonight show? Is this good
news for jim or bad. I only can watch jim show on YT no idea who this new
guy is. (not living in US)

Xander Crosby says:

Seth is going to do a great job

Leo Liu says:

Wow Jimmy is actually one year younger than Seth

garrettthurman21 says:

He literally has nothing to do on Saturdays so I don’t see why he can’t
host weekend update still. The new chick on there sucks and Seth is
actually funny 

Garrett Williamson says:

On my birthday. 

1990SuperGeek says:

Now I want a pickle

PatrickDFTBA says:

Where is Jimmy Going?

WattyMcfly says:

I am very glad he mentioned Conan. He is great, and is still doing amazing.
Thanks Jim. I am excited for Seth

KhaelaCH says:

Special times. Nothing beats the passing down of a pickle. Seth was great
at holding back his emotions. Idk what I would have done if the pickle was
passed down to me. That’s like getting a marriage proposal!

Oh I’m getting teary-eyed just thinking about it! 

Matt Harris says:

I am excited for Jimmy to move up but Seth I’m shaky on. 

bluejay55118 says:

Ever seen the last few years of Mad TV? His brother Josh Meyers is way
funnier than him.

Destiny Bennett says:

Seth takes over on my birthday, so bittersweet!

MeredithSedai says:

I like your pickle.

Casey B says:

Hmm, late night with Jimmy Fallon without jimmy Fallon

rancorx says:

seth meyers is no Jimmy Fallon

Anabel Pena says:

Love Jimmy ! Love Seth ! <3

sebastian navarro says:

Jimmy!! before you go !
you HAVE to do one last History of Rap

Philippe Morin says:

Seth Meyers should play The Flash in the movies 

gofockyourself123 says:

Seth says “like” too much. like like like.

Nocan says:

It feels like when a Doctor dies :(

Caroline Schuurs says:

Can he say one sentence without ‘like’? djeez

rickiikaka says:

This video is making history ..

Juan Maldonado says:

Like he’s not very funny like fu funny at all…?

liina000 says:

Seth’s gonna be great.

saanen vaeltaa says:

Meyers is a good Late Night replacement but he needs to slow down his

Im BrightShim says:

I think JIMMY is better than him.. Please do not leave Late Night With
Jimmy Fallon !! Don’t let me down Jimmy !!

Gearsofawesome343 says:


Laura Grey says:

the puppies we need the puppies for the superbowl

Tiffany Walter says:

Can’t wait for Seth to start! He’s the best! But I worried about weekend
update on SNL…

cullenfreak27 says:

let’s not jinx jimmy… I know he will do well on the tonight show :)

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