Seth Meyers Is Taking Over Late Night

Seth Meyers Is Taking Over Late Night

Jimmy welcomes Seth Meyers, who will take his Late Night post in February, and the two recall their time together at Saturday Night Live and the hairstyles t…

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tedGEGI says:

Fan of Seth. He’s being given that time slot to draw in the 20 to 35 age
group, and he should have phenomenal success due to his constant overuse of
the word “like”.

GnlMachoman says:

i hate jimmy is who makes late night can they jsut send seth meyers to
tongiht show?

eRa Antzro says:

Late Night with Seth Meyers! 

Bonwell Parker says:

I still wake up nights because of the two months that I was a waiter in
1999. Never work night shifts as a waiter.

jpoodle says:

I’m definitely watching Seth!

Robert Headley says:

I did not know that Seth Meyers was 40 years old. 

peptopro17 says:

so what happens to leno

cutepiku says:

I know exactly what he means about panic dreams. It’s that shitty job you
had once that always comes back and haunts you.

BeautyBugzXx says:

Im so proud of both Jimmy and Seth, they are funny, good looking and i love
them lol! Congrats seth on Late night and Jimmy congrats on The tonight
show!! So so proud of both of you gorgeous beasts!!!!

Mehrunes Dagon says:

Jimmy you looked like the guy from dodgeball. 

Dhalgrim says:

as i am not american i am really curious, what will happen to the youtube
will they open new ones? will jimmy keep this and rename it? will seth take
this one and rename it and jimmy takes leno’s and rename it?

so many question

Shimmy Goldsmith says:

Are they switching this youtube channels name to late night with Jeff

Brad Nykorak says:

Congrats Seth. You’ll do great on late night!

Alyssa Brock says:

awww yay Seth! I love both of them so much.

SheeperzHD says:

Whoa this is posted before the show went live
am i in the future

KhaelaCH says:

Jimmy’s reaction to his hair made me laugh so loud LOL!! 

ckouchii says:

2:15 damon salvatore?

stephanie ramirez says:

Im going to miss Jimmy so much :(

Meron T. says:

I can’t say “late night with Seth Meyers” without saying “and Amy Poehler”
people who watched SNL in the 2000’s know what I’m taking about

superhero6785 says:

One of the few funny people left on SNL is leaving. RIP

ZACHH. says:

Last night of Seth on SNL!

juffan says:

I like Jimmy’s set. Not a fan of Jimmy

Dale Gugudan says:

40!?!?!?!?!??!! looks so much younger

ccc says:

Jimmy should keep running the late night show

Emmannie says:

“Air” Jimmy Fallon looks like Ian Somerhalder!

iknow1902 says:

Can someone tell me when Jimmy moves to the tonight show, will it be the
same show as Late Night. Will he be doing the same thing, but just on a
different show? 

suzawilo says:

Where’s Roots gonna be at?

timothy oblivion says:

FINALLY a tonight show host that i can not only stomach, but i actually
like (hope they don’t do him dirty like Conan)

popstar38 says:

So let me get this straight…Seth is going to Late Night, and Jimmy is
going to the Tonight Show…so who’s taking Seth’s place on SNL?

Alex Gonzalez says:

Like if you watched seth on that 70s show.

OfficialJaycee311 says:

What’s going to happen to Jimmy fallon? I wanna watch Jimmy not the new guy

Paul van der Heu says:

Sugar free tequila.. And Fallon don’t get it at all..

MrAbZ says:

Jimmy Fallon was wayy better , this guy sounds like a complee idiot and
he’s not funny , he’s used the work “like” over 40 times , seriously? You a
late night TALK show ! 

TeamLochte says:

whoa, jimmy’s hair!!

Aylin Kara says:

I live in Germany. Could somebody please explain? Is Jimmy moving to NBC
without his band and Seth performs with them? Is the tonight show
completely different than Late Night? Will Seth do the Hashtag things and
the Pro/Con etc?

mann u says:

omg I love that Seth is doing so well, he deserves it

Caitlynn Jasmine says:

Jimmy Fallon 2001= Ian Somarhalder

Miguel Medino says:

Seth Meyers is 40? We are all going to die!!!

Cedomir Cupic says:

Okay…. so what happens with Jimmy ? 

LegitGeek says:


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