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Jrod truthtwothree says:

Eli Manning is trash he lead the NFL for the 3rd time this year with
interceptions he’s trash the defense won those superbowls!

saj8 says:

It’s always good to see a Cowboys fan in denial.

Give Eli his props, Skip!!!!

Ryan Morik says:

after the super bowl, skip bayless said “even though i thought the first
one was lucky, this one was pure skill.” way to be skip.

Alex Amerling says:

He isn’t lucky. It takes hard work to even get to the super bowl….

dadeyemi says:

get over it. the giants won, because they made the plays that matter. they
didn’t fumble returns, they didn’t drop passes, they pressured the QB and
they scored touchdowns. last I checked, thats how a team wins games.
Waahhhh, if Romo didn’t overthrow Austin, the Cowboys woulda made the
playoffs. Uh, ok, if Victor Cruz didn’t blow up, the Giants wouldn’t have
made the playoffs. You play to win the game.Get over it

That8oySimba9302 says:

How Disrespectful. Needs to be slapped twice, also for saying Brando
Marshal is better than Calvin Johnson.

irlnd32 says:

Skip is actually retarded

Ryan Morik says:

okay, skip bayless, who ONLY talks about the “clutch gene” is talking about
how Eli has gotten lucky in the fourth quarter..oh the irony. those two
passes were as clutch as any qb can get.

newrecruit100 says:

2009 saints brett favre interception. Eli was not lucky he had a great
season. Every team has some degree of luck whether it be post season or
regular season. The funny thing is people forget that in the superbowl in
07, randy moss’ td was a result of corey webster slipping allowing a easy
TD pass.

cibida1 says:

How? The throw to Tyree was right on target. So was the throw to
Manningham. GTFO with that b.s.

nygmen00 says:

This luck argument is weak. Luck is a part of every championship run. Like
Tuck said, you prepare for so-called luck. The more a team prepares the
more “luck” they seem to receive. Get it? It wasn’t Giants “luck” so much
as Adam Smith not being able to convert a third down to save his life. The
better team out with the win that day. The luck argument is weaker than
Bayless’s dick. Damn, a Q-tip? LOL. And agree that Skip Bayless crosses a
line here. He’s also a sad sack. Pun intended.

ccbaby135 says:

I totally agree with the posters who are offended by the Rainman reference.
Skip comes off like a pitiful character. I feel sorry for him because he’s
an adult who doesn’t know any better. I think Skip thinks he’s insulting
Eli Manning, but it has nothing to do with Eli. Eli is an attractive
well-spoken kind man and champion. So who the hell does Skip think agrees
with the Rainman crap besides other like-minded human trash? Strange man.

x43Polamalu43x says:

agree 1000 percent with skip

xtenpeben says:

Let’s see it then. I’m tired of people talking smack on the net.

MrMuFFinZx says:

I’m a BIG Eli Manning fan but c’mon Skip is the fucking man lol he always
has me cracking up, it’s one reason why I love watching First Take. I used
to hate him too though, but hey now Skip has respect for Eli (:

je3ring says:

Skip Bayless ought to be slapped for that Rainman nonsense. A bunch of us
were watching this in our dorm, and we were all stunned that this jack ass
would say that. It’s really sad when a room full of 18 years olds know
better than an adult. But then again, Bayless isn’t an adult. He acts like
a POS. WTF ESPN? Get rid of him.

1156maa says:

thr only thong Bayless clutches is his tiny dick with tweezers and a
magnifying glass.

caloriepacks says:

I find it slightly incredible that ESPN allows Bayless to keep referring to
an athlete as Rain Man. It’s one thing to think Manning sucks or do the
general trolling Skip does, but it crosses the line into offensive to keep
calling someone basically a retard on air repeatedly — not just once or

danielnyg10 says:

I’d love to see Skip Bayless hold the ball and hold it and hold it and hold
it as three Niners come to pummel him to the ground. Or have the will to
get up and call a time out after being flattened by Aldon Smith. Bayless
and his fans love getting laughed at. Luck? More like balls of steel.

valmir lumani says:

Lucky? Im sorry was that meant for the jets segments?

jschmitz1712 says:

Skip is such a fucking moron

Anthony Biancaniello says:

Skip is a fucking moron

rotatingcats says:

Wow u guys think escaping three sacks is luck throwing a fantastic pass to
Mario manningham and tryee able to keep the ball to his helmet lucky c’mon
that ridiculous how many plays Joe Montana get lucky how about the serious
luck tom Brady had on his first super bowl its not luck it’s ability to
make plays if u did it perfect every time or sucked it wouldnt be a fun
game u can’t luckily throw amazing passes all season I think skip is smart
but he is so ignorant he can’t admit Eli is a great qb

tayleannflick says:

skip ur such a douche always hating on eli and the giants fuckin bumb mr.
in basketball you average one point haha

Ivan Alexander says:

No i wouldn’t. Although i could see why your saying this as Eli is in a
slump right now. Right now Cruz and Nicks aren’t getting open and his
offensive line is causing way too much pressure and we also got a
incompetent Offensive Coordinator in Kevin Gilbride.

kumar01234 says:

Skip Bayless is a cowboys fan in denial of Eli success. after Tony Romo got
out to his hot start at the start of his career having a better career than
Eli at the start he just cant figure out how Eli is ending up putting up
better numbers making more clutch players having more winning seasons and
winning superbowls. Tony is a good quarterback but he is not clutch as Eli
and skip is in denial of that.

Ivan Alexander says:

Us giant fans should be LUCKY we have Eli.

nygmen00 says:

@TBE101, explain your point…or laughter. I’m gonna let you bury yourself.

Trevor Martin says:

Plus the refs bailed out the Giants in the NFC Championship.The game was
tied 17-17 late in the 4th Quarter.Bradshaw fumbled on like the 10 yard
line but NO the refs call forward progress?Since when is breaking tackles
and advancing forwards not backwards forward progress?The Giants wouldn’t
even have made the SuperBowl if they got the right call.Plus the whistle
was blowb extremely early so the refs rigged the game for the Giants.

josiew1818 says:

For Skip to call Eli Manning, essentially, handicapped, because he is tough
as nails and makes absolutely beautiful pinpoint throws under enormous
pressure like the SB is BEYOND INSULTING. He should be fired for that.
Period. I’m actually more disgusted with ESPN. They allow this lack of
professionalism to continue.

Drewtocrew offense says:


Thomas Breslin says:

Fuck Skip Clueless. He wants to suck Tom Brady’s dick

nygmen00 says:

The only ones lucky in SB 46 were the Giants secondary. They’re lucky Brady
choked on that Welker throw. Eli Manning was on the fucking sideline with a
kill look on his face. Eli jogged onto the field and then coldly delivered
an absolute kill shot to Manningham. Anyone who says that’s luck needs to
go watch the Giants practice. For the Giants, that’s just another throw. To
Skip Bayless and his idiot fans, it’s luck. LOL. Oh, silly me. You know who
else was lucky? Hakeem, for a fumble recovery,

nytds101 says:

Yeah, very lucky. Like how in the 2007 NFC championship he got his team in
field goal range to win the game twice, but Tynes missed both times,
sending the game to overtime. Or the absolutely terrible officiating this
whole past postseason (with the exception of the superbowl). And that pass
to Manningham was really lucky, not an pinpoint perfect pass, that he
actually completed again in training camp a few days ago. Or maybe Skip
Bayless is just a dumbass.

kteespon says:

I think Bayless is a flaming idiot, whatever ESPN pays him is too much. I
quit watching the show because of him, he is pompous abd doesn’t know what
he thinks he knows.

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