Take Two Recap 7/12/18: Season 1 Episode 4 “Ex’s and Oh’s”

Take Two Recap 7/12/18: Season 1 Episode 4 “Ex’s and Oh’s”

Tonight on the ABC Take Two airs with an all-new Thursday, July 12, 2018, season 1 episode 4 and we have your Take Two recap below.  On tonight’s Take Two season 1 episode 4 as per the ABC synopsis, “Sam’s ex-fiancé, Dylan, who dumped her live on national TV, unexpectedly shows up asking for help after his laptop is stolen. Sam is reluctant to have anything to do with her old flame until she discovers something even more embarrassing may go public if it gets into the wrong hands. Faced with potential public humiliation, Sam, Eddie and Dylan race to find the laptop before the pair’s most intimate moments become a viral sensation.”

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Sam wants to update Eddie’s website and he wants nothing to do with it when Sam’s ex, Dylan, walks in. Dylan says he wants to talk and Sam says no, because he dumped her on national TV. Dylan says he knows he is the last person in the world she wants to see but they have to talk. Dylan goes on to say that his house was ransacked and someone stole his laptop and there was something on it. Sam jumps over at Dylan and tries to hit him, he was supposed to delete their sex tape and he didn’t. Sam turns around to Eddie and tells him that they are taking the case. Dylan tells them that when he arrive home, he saw a blue sedan driving off.

Sam and Eddie head to Dylan’s apartment to look for evidence. Sam tells him that she feels sick, so many people in her life close to her are going to see the video if t gets out. Eddie assures her that they are going to get the laptop and jokingly says they will kill Dylan and he will help her bury the body.

At Dylan’s house, Sam feels weird, she hasn’t been there since they were engaged.

Eddie thinks something it not right, he feels like the person who ransacked Dylan’s apartment was actually looking for something specific. Both Dylan and Sam get text messages, there is a braking news link from Gary Stevens, a tabloid junkie who says that he has a sex tape from two tabloid faves.

Eddie’s phone jumps on Dylan’s wifi in the apartment and figures that the robber’s phone finally did the same thing. With that information Berto is able to pinpoint the building where the person is. Eddie and Sam head out, it is an apartment building. They look in the parking lot and find a blue sedan in apartment 22’s space. A woman and her grandson live there, she tells Eddie and Sam that her grandson is a big fan of Sam.

Eddie and Sam talk to him and he did it, but laughs about it and says that they can’t do anything to him because he covers his tracks. The kid wants $35,000.00 and he will give up the video.

Dylan, Eddie and Sam meet the kid and give him the money in exchange for the laptop. They are in the car and all of a sudden three SUV’s corner their car and stop them. Three men get out with ski masks and guns, they steal the laptop.

Dylan thinks the guys were hired by the kid, Eddie doesn’t buy it, they hijacked his SUV, what would they want with that. Dylan and Sam get a little alone time and he apologizes to her for everything he did, and for dumping her on the red carpet.

Berto was able to track Dylan’s bank accounts and it turns out that he has an offshore account with 42 million in it.

Sam and Eddie go to see Dylan and confront him about the 42 million, he says it doesn’t belong to him and Sam says it is under his alias, Ross Wilcox. Eddie tells Dylan that he thinks that he was the one to car jack he and Sam and steal the laptop. Eddie tells Dylan that he will try to find the car jackers but in the mean time, Dylan will stay in his office. Berto narrows down the driver of one of the vehicles, Eddie and Sam head there. They are in the guys apartment, he is not there, but Sam and Eddie find some evidence in the guy’s trash bin that leads them to a shipping warehouse and coffee beans. Eddie splits one of the bags open and uncovers heroin. All of a sudden, the feds are there and Sam and Eddie are brought in. Eddie pulls a favor from Christine and the two get out. Eddie calls the office and tells Berto to get out of there with Dylan.

Sam noticed some numbers written on a piece of paper when she was being questioned, Berto figures out that they are an account number and he finds out who it belongs to, Dylan recognizes the name and says that he knows who is framing him.

Eddie and Sam go see Dylan’s manager, he is the one who set up the company name from the account. He threatens them to let this go or the sex tape will wind up on the internet. The kid shows up with the computer, he stole it out of the manager’s office when he was speaking to Eddie and Sam, then gives it to them in exchange for cash.

In the end, Dylan do anything wrong. Sam goes to see him to get the password for his computer so she can delete the video. He asks her if there is a chance for them to reunite, she walks away.

Eddie is with Chris and she tells him that she sees a light when he is around Sam and shouldn’t rule out that there could be something there for the two of them.


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