Teen describes terrifying moment when Las Vegas shooting began

Teen describes terrifying moment when Las Vegas shooting began

A California teen clutched her teddy bear as she recounted the harrowing moments a madman showered the crowd at a Las Vegas country music festival with bullets.

“I just kept thinking run, run; get as far as you can,” 18-year-old Tiffany Huizar told the Daily News on Wednesday. “It just seemed like they (bullets) were getting closer and closer.”

The high school senior was one of the thousands at the Route 91 Harvest Festival with her sister on Sunday when gunman Stephen Paddock unleashed a barrage of bullets, killing at least 58 people.

The three-day concert was supposed to be a celebration.

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Tiffany turned 18 in July and her older sister bought the tickets as a gift.

They were near the stage during Jason Aldean’s set, swinging to the music when all hell broke loose.

“We thought it was fireworks. Sounded like the gunshots were coming from the ground,” Tiffany said. “But then a couple of minutes later we heard them more rapidly.

“They sounded like they were on the floor with us. Me and my sister were together so I ran, just because I panicked,” she added.

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In the chaos, Tiffany lost sight of her sibling, Brianna, 24.

“I actually thought my sister got shot, because when I turned around I did not see her,” she said. “We heard noises everywhere, screaming.”

As she ran toward a fence near separating the performance area from McCarran International Airport, she knew something was wrong.

“I looked under my shirt and it was all bloody,” she said. “I realized that I had been shot in my stomach. I knew I had to keep going.”

The teen was shot in the stomach and elbow.

As she stumbled through the carnage that was just moments earlier a concert, she made her way toward a man who had also been shot.

“I went with him because I thought if they’re going to help him they are going to help me too,” she said.

An EMT arrived soon after and tried to keep her calm before cops took her to the airport fire department, where an ambulance arrived for her minutes later.

After their harrowing separation, Brianna was beside herself trying to locate her sister.

“I keep calling calling, calling, calling and there was no answer,” she said.

“She finally called and said, ‘I’m OK but I’ve been shot,’ ” Brianna recalled in a soft voice. “I found her in a hospital hours later.”

On Wednesday, Tiffany was still in the hospital, recovering from her wounds, when President Trump made his way through the ward.

“He was super nice. He was amazing. He was super caring,” Tiffany said. “He asked questions about what happened.”

Her father Ismael agreed.

“He wasn’t a President. He was a father,” he said of Trump. “He wasn’t like what you see on TV. He was a dad here today.”

Tiffany hopes to be out of the hospital by Friday and on her way home to California. She said her heart aches for the victims of the tragedy and the people of Las Vegas.

“For them is going to be harder. This is where they live. They’re going to always remember,” she said. “It’s sad.”

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