TERRY BRADSHAW — I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry

TERRY BRADSHAW — I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry

The Pittsburgh Steelers great attempts to capture the hearts of country music fans by croonin’ to this Hank Williams classic.From 1976.

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David C says:

He should perform tomorrow night during the Halftime Show.

williamter says:

I never saw hank jr. without his beard but he’s not his father

Mary Briggs says:

Terry Bradshaw could cure aids and cancer and still some people think they
owe him something more….good job Terry !!

Johnny Blaze says:

sounds like shit! terry fagshaw! 

Jen R says:

He aint to bad lol

Ron Bridgewater says:

Way to go Terry! You all should look up Johnny Bench singing on Hee Haw.

Ron Carter says:

he could always go into music if they kick him off tv great voice

Darren Hickman says:

I imagined this to be a joke but TB sounds way better than expected.
Classic country~

Elliot Bensend says:


Slick Master says:

Has to be the first thing that old Terry has bested Phil B at

Ridgid says:

Wow..never knew he was multi-talented. Great voice.

maritza ortiz says:

im so lonesome i cry/////////

jacks679 says:

i used to like this guy until he was a jerk to Jeff Dunham on TV. Jeff had
Walter on his lap and when Walter made his classic jokes, Both Terry and
his costar cut the broadcast recording and asked Jeff to leave. It was said
that Bradshaw was afraid to be up staged by a puppet. Wow, talk about

Nicholas Furey says:

way to put your self out there

Katherine Kramer says:

I don’t know if it’s just me or lucky chance, but in the related videos to
the right, they have “Paula Abdul Farts on American Idol” and “Africa” by
Toto. Not sure how those are related to Terry Bradshaw singing a country
song, but whatever floats your boat, I guess.

Stephen Mathura says:


Danny Cordero says:


shawn conner says:

Terry Bradshaw ……really?

lyonmv says:

Wow, isn’t that something, for years Terry Bradshaw was portrayed in the
media as nothing more than a bald headed meat head, yet after hear him talk
a few years ago, he appears to be a fairly intelligent man and know I learn
he can carry a tun a little bit! How bout that.

sirbrad4 says:

Amazing he can sing like this yet can’t talk.

TheTomz71 says:

He sings this song like it was his song to start with when I listen to it I
just have to sing along

Timothy Carrigan says:

wow i never knew terry sang! he has a perfect country sound 2thumbs up
terry excellent job!! PEACE!!!

jayhawk4life785 says:

just seen this….

cindy kline says:

oh my goodness, Watching Terry throw a ball was mesmerizing, seeing his bum
on Failure to Launch, wow, happy birhtday to me. Now listening to him sing,
Darli’n you can sing sweet nothings in my ear anytime.

Chris Pilgrim says:

Wonder why he didn’t persue singing.

scottrainw says:

I never would have guessed that Terry Bradshaw could sing. He no Hank
Williams, but not bad.

64fairlane305 says:

my favorite version sinse I found it on a casette in the late 70`s

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