The biggest literary hoax in a decade

The biggest literary hoax in a decade

Sales of Robert Galbraith’s crime novel, The Cuckoo’s Calling, have risen by a staggering five hundred thousand per cent. The reason? It turns out that Rober…

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Channel 4 News says:

Could it be magic? ‘Robert Galbraith’ becomes JK Rowling…

Fifty Percent says:

Hailed as the literary hoax of the decade but if the book didn’t sell
before JKRowling was outed as the author surely means it was shit.
So all the hype is the media having a slow news day and I think goes to
show (like alot of things in the media) that a named celeb gets unfair
recognition for a below par performance, despite others who are lesser
known doing their chosen professional & having to stuggle for any
recognition at all

Ashley Meijer says:

How did they find pout it was her anyways?

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