The Panel Shows Their Support For #BringBackOurGirls on The Queen Latifah Show

The Panel Shows Their Support For #BringBackOurGirls on The Queen Latifah Show

One of this episode’s most powerful moments came when the subject of the devastating story of the mass abduction of 276 young girls in Nigeria was brought up. The audience, guests and crew…



SushiLover1990 says:


Layla Novak says:

who is the blond lady in red I forgot her name?

shkelly24 says:

Wow! That was powerful!! I cannot even begin to imagine the heart breaking
and gut wrenching terror that they all must all be going through, the
helplessness must be palpable! It’s terrifying that this is happening in
the world! It literally defies belief! I am sending out a HUGE

Marcelo López Fredz says:


Indira Conceição says:

“God protect them where they are.”

Greg Ighodaro says:

Thank you Queen. Can you email me the three ladies name and profile because
i am from Nigeria and we need people like this. Thank you

MoreniKe Fatuga says:

I love that very beautiful way to show support:) #bringbackourgirls 

CocoStyle says:

I love you so much Latifah. We need more people in America alone like you.
Go girls! #bringbackourgirls 

jjbenjie49 says:

Love it! My thoughts and prayers are with these girls and their families.
Thank You Queen. Thank You. We Are One!

Alexandria Keller says:

Alex boye sang the song Katy Perry roar that was baced on this kid napping

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