The Rule of 3s: Which Celebrity Couple Is Getting Engaged Next?

The Rule of 3s: Which Celebrity Couple Is Getting Engaged Next?

In Hollywood, things always tend to happen in threes.

Deaths, divorces, engagements—whenever one piece of surprising news breaks, it’s almost a given that two more similar stories are right on their tail. And it’s with that in mind that we’re able to sit here in complete certainty and tell you that, following the surprise engagements of Ariana Grande to Pete Davidson and Justin Bieber to Hailey Baldwin, there’s one more major celebrity engagement just around the corner. This is some very sound, laboratory-tested science we’re operating with here, people. (It’s not.) We know of what we speak. (We don’t.)

So with that in mind, we racked our brains and weighed the odds on eight of our favorite celebrity couples who seem most ready to put a ring on it in the coming days. And because we live to serve, we charted those odds in our fancy new handy infographic. Who do we see getting engaged next? See for yourself!

Melissa Herwitt / E! Illustration

Please note: As of press time, none of these couples were publicly engaged to be wed. Should that change, we’ll be sure to update this post and let you know. Especially if we are right because, you know, gloaters got to gloat. 

But now it’s your turn. Who do you think will complete the rule of threes in this engagement extravaganza? Let us know on Twitter at @enews!

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