Tony Romo or Eli Manning? Who Would You Want Quarterbacking Your Team in 2013?!

Tony Romo or Eli Manning? Who Would You Want Quarterbacking Your Team in 2013?!

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vaceazer says:

Eli hasn’t made one mistake this year. Every int he threw this season has
been the receivers fault. Either they run the wrong route, break the wrong
way. In addition to the bad blocking of the line. And the running game
being none existent. U “fantasy” football guys don’t see that tho. The nfl
should have a stat for receiver intersections 

vcownzraptors says:

His luck ran out and he threw for 450 yards and 4tds? lol ok not bad and
Eli is not a top 15 qb? lmao ok name me 15 qbs that are better than Eli? I
can only name maybe 5 or 6 you are clearly a Pats or Cowbitch fan lol

wakbrown12 says:

Nigga your stupid Eli won 3 pics two deff touchdown of course he had a lot
of passing yards he had no running game. Look slant routes for 70 yards
don’t make u a good. Qb, and please that lucky azz catch don’t count for Eli

Brock Mak says:

But all it does is to prove that Tampa 2 system of still works.

datGStormz says:

For those who said Eli 2 championships,you should know a team wins a
championship .Eli had a good team it wasn’t only him.He is clutch though js.

MilkFarts555 says:

Eli 2 SUPER BOWL rings Romo 1-3 career in playoffs …..nuff said!

ryanr20091 says:

damn I don’t know how any player can play for the jaguars .damn they suck.
you would have to give me a huge contract to play there

JRSportBrief says:


Walkoff 2 says:

Not in Dallas.

K-Tru 15:24 says:

Cowgirls want to trade for Eli at the deadline.

Richie Williams says:

Eli obviously romo chokes in the playoffs

alk61695 says:

I would still have Eli Manning. No questions at all.

TheBoyguyperson says:

I mean romo

UGK King says:

Tony Romo for sure

Tony says:

Manning 2 SB and Romo 1 playoff win I wonder who

Zach Esparza says:


TheLeqendl says:

Romo, eli is overrated as hell his receiver bailed him out in 2007 vs the
pats and when he won in 2011 he was going against the 31st ranked defense
now everyone calls him clutch hes lead the league in interceptions twice im
takin romo i think he can do it

FaZe Flaming says:

NO GIANTS SUCK BAD!!!eli is a wimp he just falls to the ground wen hes
about to get hit romo atleast takes the hit u guys doubled dez all night
and u guys say romos bad just CUZ he doesn’t have Super Bowl but look at
the stats the boys will go all the way one of these days just watch…
Giants watch out and then nfl teams THE BOYS R BACK

jamie flyman says:

come on man the subject is not about trent or dan. romo and eli,romo is
good but eli is better

Brock Mak says:

That was why he caught my attention back when he and Patrick Crayton was
making catches when Romo was all over the place.

Vinny Warhead says:

Umm eli I guess

Phillip Rhinehardt says:

Tony Romo does choke

youngsoldier0114 says:

Eli all day

MegaGiants89 says:

Eli Manning!!!

Darth Vader says:

I would take Romo, but not his team lol

mtorres723 says:

Romo without question. Eli 8 picks.HAHAHA

TastingUrBlood says:

its first week for all teams teams are still don’t clicking all the way. i
am going with Romo cuz one i am a Romo fan and he is going to do his best
this year i believe and i don’t say that every year.

Maxi Oh says:


mtorres723 says:

How come?Romo owns Eli in every stat except INTs.You have no argument.

Hatsune Miku says:

eli, championships don’t lie

Orange liquid26101 says:

Eli hands down

Daniel Frankul says:

The only ring he will get is his wedding ring from his wife, but I hope he
stays healthy and keeps his head up..

jabri griffith says:

eli 2 superbowls baby Giants all day

wakbrown12 says:

Eli’s luck ran out last night they might get 5 wins if there defence plays
as good as they did last night . Terrance Williams fucked up romo’s rhythm
with the three drops and running wrong routes… I could hit slant routes
all day too like Eli. Are I guess his bro mite of set the bar a little to
high. Eli is not even a top 15 qb don’t get mad at me just look at his
stats he’s lucky he’s had some of the best coaches and TEAM. His whole

Devon Smith says:

Romo catches fire in the regular season, Eli does it in the playoffs. But
starting my own team from scratch, I’d take Romo.

Chris Tyler says:

Eli of course, Tony Romo for all his regular season statistics cannot get
the job done period.

mw3fan1556 says:

starter colin kap

Andre Alston says:

Late reply I know. But thats a different comparison. Marino and Aikman were
both great QB’s. Romo has yet to come close to that level.

Danny Ogle says:

Eli has more rings than Romo has playoff wins

jamie flyman says:

both r good but i would take eli allday over romo

MyYankees19 says:

He will get a ring. Give him a healthy RB and a decent o line. Last year he
led the league in 4th quarter td’s.

Este Duenas says:


Erik Otero says:

Eli i dont kn

Jesussaenz2500 says:

the one with the superbowls,

jamie flyman says:

yeah u r right but eli has two rings how many does romo has 0 SO ELI ALL
DAY HE WINS big time games he is better

Gabriel Manzy says:


HunterDoherty says:

I have Eli on my fantasy team

chrisal1784 says:

Eli all that matter is the super bowl wind

Kilo Man says:

Eli, romo seems to have his head up his ass

xXcrusher6363Xx says:


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