Town of Randolph, MA on Today in America TV with Terry Bradshaw

Town of Randolph, MA on Today in America TV with Terry Bradshaw – The town of Randolph, MA is an ideal location for both retail and offices. The people of Randolph love their town and woul…

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Scott Trask says:

This town sucks

stephaniedeeeee says:

Finally recognized for more than the few bad things that happen in this
town (:

evan buro says:

fuck randolph

william colon says:

Yea they forget to mention how they cut school buses and funding for
schools for students that need help. Yea stupid video

winnieken13 says:

yeah, I don’t think so

Fears Impact says:

Randolph sucks ass

Tim Murphy says:

same here.

mikehext says:

mortgage crisis pretty much ruined it.

david kublin says:


olsond1956 says:

I agree, former resident

Shirley morrill says:

I grew up there in 60’s and 70’s. little Dorchester now. if I wasn’t for
the Lynwood cafĂ© i’d say just burn it down.

MsRelias says:

And then you move there and find out it is a ghetto with trees

Ry Guy says:

I grew up in “mattapandolph”

Qeroca VideoGames says:

Very nice! this town has really turned around in the past ten years!

Osvaldo Rentas says:

very nice

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