UFC 169 Countdown: Renan Barao vs. Urijah Faber

UFC 169 Countdown: Renan Barao vs. Urijah Faber

With Dominick Cruz forced off the card because of injury, Urijah Faber stepped up to take on Renan Barao. Barao, riding an eight-year unbeaten streak, looks …

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bracoop2 says:

I bet Dana is hoping like hell Faber wins this. He’s a lot more likable and
marketable. Barao is a beast and I respect him but I want Faber to get the
title he deserves it.


so Barao lives under Rihanna’s bed?

MMA Prophet says:

*UFC 169 Countdown: Renan Barao vs. Urijah Faber*

With Dominick Cruz forced off the card because of injury, Urijah Faber
stepped up to take on Renan Barao. Barao, riding an eight-year unbeaten
streak, looks to continue his success in the Octagon and hold on to his
belt. See them face off at UFC 169.

StamatisMpitakos says:

War Silvaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!

Alex Martinez says:

was up with all these illuminati cunts that have nothing to do with the ufc
they should put joe and the cast back including luke thomas hes my favorite

Lasha Rekhviashvili says:

Remember Macdonald almost knocked out Barao. We saw what Urijah did to him.
Dont count this kid out. His a beast!

SuperStupidPoop says:

Renan is a beast, but I’ve been a Faber fan for years. I’ll be cheering
for the Cali kid!!!

46and2Reptiles says:

Faber looked at the top of his game vs McDonald , this fight with Barao
should be awesome.

Gorydays2012 says:

I don’t need faggot sports illustrated old fuck or bleacher report faggots
telling me things i already know. fuck you

TrueHipHop Fan says:

omg we get it cruz pulled out you would think cruz past away or something
with all the depressing shit in this countdown its not about him its about
barao and faber

AlfredoOne19 says:

Faber 2nd round Guillotine safe

Splenda4ever says:

Urijah Faber = The world’s toughest midget

Ludvig H says:

Barao by murder

Andre Silva says:

I’m brazilian and also a fan of Barão.

But in case Faber win the fight i won’t be sad.Faber is the american
fighter i admire the most, he has truly the heart of a warrior and i wish
both of them can put on a good fight.

Josh Schmidt says:

I got barao

BLITZ1993 says:

Renan Barao is going to DESTROY Faber!


i pick barao but in this division, barao aint gonna fight anyone thats
better than urijah.. this should be a really close fight..

kokoybaga says:

Barao has not yet been truly tested. He’s that good. Faber on a short
notice.. I hope he makes something happen. Barao rarely makes mistakes
which is why he is a great champion.

oaklandrevolt says:

Urijah Faber I’m riding with you man. Don’t hold anything back, take it to
Barao and get your belt!!

AxisKisu says:

I truly belive if renan finishes faber then I would say he is the greatest
fighter that is under 170 pounds and any one who disagrees is fucked in the
head the only test that will remain for him after faber is to fight jose
which wont happen so he is top three p4p of all time that streak and the
abilities that he posses are amazing and he gets better every time and he
is still young enough to keep going but that being said faber can end all
of that and dont count him out he has never lost a nonn title fight so this
is gonna be a great fight 

Victor Galdi says:

Barao stills champion by submission on third round

bighead240sx says:

At least UFC 169 didn’t get canceled cause someone got hurt ….

Longduck Dong says:

Hey guys check out unenslaved YouTube channel. He hates this fighters face
and dance but he like his videos of Taylor Swift and Beyond. Lmao who’s the
faggots now .lol

MrCrazyAsshole says:

7:18 acting like a chimp. Straight up jungle wildin out

Josh Pope says:

Urijah is gonna fuck….him…..up!!!!

begood20000 says:

Barao is like a mad goblin looking fella who’s really good at fighting

Max Towers says:

I like both Barao and Faber. I want to see Faber win this fight but I think
Barao is going to take it.

Daniel Mora says:

Faber will win!!!

James Wagner says:

Why are these network news sports “experts” weighing in on Barao and
Faber’s game? Doubt they have ever wrapped their hands. Should have some
experts who know the sports involved in mma, not these dudes with their
cliches and well packaged ten second sound bites on these fighters. As the
UFC get’s bigger the mainstream journalists are getting their teeth marks
all over the sport. These were the guys who quit, huffing and puffing with
hands on their hips while running in gym class.

Shortydude847 says:

if it goes to decision and its close faber wins no matter what. UFC wants
someone they can market and sell

Steve Navarro says:

This is a coin flip, but I’m going to say Faber takes it by the power of
grey skull.

ProPaleo says:

Faber’s too slow for Brazil’s best fighters

seth adams says:


sassercom says:

Please , What is the Song !! –( 13:00 min at 14:22 min ) –

Ulph Svensson says:

Don’t you just love these fat assholes who don’t know shit about shit
repeating scripted comments

Nicholas Chon says:

barao by 4th rnd. guillotine 

Benjamin Gonzalez says:

Renan Barao already beat Urijah once and hes going to do it again

OswaldDidntDoIt says:

These fat losers commentating are annoying!

Joe Francis says:

nick diaz would murder barao via slap

KronaTithers says:

“Matrix like time space continuum warp”.

How much did the ufc pay these shill “journalists” to hype up Barao like

This stupid shit almost ruins the show.

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