UFC 169: Fight Club Q&A with Jon Jones

UFC 169: Fight Club Q&A with Jon Jones

Check out the UFC Fight Club Q&A with light heavyweight champion Jon “Bones” Jones, live from the Prudential Center.

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atyl1972 says:

cmon ufc ffs get a grip with the fucking sound, all the money ufc is worth
and they can’t even get the audio sorted

guyfromBR says:

No Sound for the initial SEVEN MINUTES….

That was another High Quality UFC video for you…

tony bennett says:

I hear everyone shouting about Cormier I know he is on another level
wrestling wise. There is no doubt in my mind about that but everywhere else
he is beat. Cormier in my personal opinion does not have the length to beat
Jones he is short with a short reach. I see jones picking him apart on the
feet. When Cormier takes him down which he will I see Jones bouncing back

upload says:

jon jones sounds pretty humble about the controversy with the gustafson
match, hes a good bro

duwaine blake says:

Anderson Silva was champion for 6 fucking year….cooommme on give him

Jae Trey says:

“Let’s zoom in on his face when the guy asks about seeing his wingspan.”

Extraterrestrial says:

The only reason people think Gus won is because they hate Jones. Jones won
the fight clearly. Not even a split decision. How the fuck was Gus

ma x says:

jon lookin fat as per

viktor karlsson says:

I rewatched the josh thomson fight he won 1,4,5

Barry Shitpeas says:

We have a female… lets give her a round of applause for being female -_-

striker161 says:

7:18 Audio starts working here

stewartinchina says:

aaaaawwwweesssssome. They did a Q&A with a p4p fighter finally. I also
enjoyed the one with Rogan a lot. Do more with Rogan and p4p fighters

André Amorim says:

Anderson Silva = GOAT!!

ziongite says:

How the fuck can Anderson be the Goat. Out of all his wins only 2 guys were
any good. Belfort and Franklin. Also Chuck Liddell and Couture beat the
crap out of Belfort and Machida knocked Franklin the fuck into next week.

I honestly don’t understand why so many people call Anderson the goat and
claim he didn’t lose to Weidman twice and that he really beat himself
twice. WTF.

First of all Machida would destroy Silva, Jones here would beat Silva,
Prime Chuck Liddell would really give Silva a run for his money and maybe
win since he has an Iron chin back then. Prime Fedor would fuck Silva up
badly. Silva’s record is padded with mostly tomato cans and even still his
record isn’t the best ever. Dude has lost 6 fights.
The vast majority of his fights are against tomato cans. Stephan Bonnar,
Thales Leites, James Irvin, Forrest Griffin, Travis Lutter, Chris Leben,
Tony Fryklund, Curtis Stout, Jorge Rivera, Lee Murray, Jeremy Horn,
Alexander Otsuka, Alex Stiebling, Roan Carneiro, Hayato Sakurai, Israel
Albuquerque, Tetsuji Kato, Claudionor Fontinelle, Jose Barreto, Fabrício
Camões, Raimundo Pinheiro.

Also Chael Sonnen and Okami are only decent they aren’t exactly high level.
Plus Rich Franklin wasn’t that good really either. He got finished by Lyoto
and lost to quite a few other guys also and won the title be beating Evan
Tanner?. Pretty much Belfort is the only dude that Silva has beaten that is
actually high level. But then again Belfort is really good now but wasn’t
as good back then because Couture beat him and Liddell beat him and also
Tito Ortiz beat him. He has only become really good lately and he even
looks different now. He is taking something obviously.

YoungKnoccOut says:

“wassup breeadda”

why the fuck does sound like that

BIG Poo says:

Haters LOL 😀
it’s cool though i use to not like Jon Jones also.

Vicious Vini says:

You can’t hate him! ;)

Chris Aiken says:

Jon Jones is turning into a pretty cool dude. I hope he is the champ for a
long time.

N Okafor says:

This video has so many dislikes because of the combination of people who
hate Jon Jones (for whatever reason) and the audio for the video is messed

7UNnySH1T says:

jon jones some uncle tom ass mf. Rashad FTW !

Ryan Brett says:

God damn, jones and weidman really would be an incredible fight…

Kevin Johnson says:

Go mike….. lol

KING T RAW says:

tha fuck is p with the music and not voice?

craig arellano says:

Great attitude jones is growing as a man

Elijah Velez says:

Jones and his subliminal gay quotes

Greg Cunningham says:

Audio starts at 07:17

The UFC’s production team hits another home run. 7 minutes of horrible
bland ass rock music, well done.

Nonpeon says:

LOL!! He doesn’t know what FEAT means……

Ryan Williams says:


preachinshawn says:

Video begins @ 1:45
Audio begins @ 7:17

Chaos says:

too soon to think of Weidman as a megafight fighter. If he defeats his next
three fights then make it happen. 

nicumecu says:

The only time most white Americans cheer for Jones is when he is fighting a
Brasilian..They bust out the ol U.S.A. U.S.A. Shit..When he beat the shit
out of Gustaffson their true colors come out..If it wasn’t for
Black,Mexican,Or Hispanic fighters,Murica would be shit…

jlnocal559 says:

fuck gsp 

brocky says:

What were some of your biggest feats?

I don’t think he understood the question. Can’t blame him though. Must be
nerve wrecking to be up there for the first time. 

JohnnyBlaze6954 says:

music in the first 5 minutes of this video is absolute waste of time! WHY
even put music to this video…?! why not cut to when audio actually starts

Samuel Hailu says:

UFC is so fucking lazy making these videos.

bnkslx says:

Jon Jones is the LHW G.O.A.T. – Im A Fan of Jones, It’s just crazy how he
and alot of us think he will fight Texiera,DC,Gustaffson, Because what
happens if everything changes like Rashad Beating DC and Manuwa(14-0)
Beating gustaffson, And who knows jones might lose one of those
fights(Hopefully Not),I just feel bad for him because he has so much to
deal with in the future but if anyone can overcome the odds its the
greatest UFC Light Heavy Weight Champ Ever Jon Jones

Fred Grapefruits says:

Insider training tip-Jon Jones loves a 32 oz. Gatorade filled with Dana jiz
before every fight… GO HAWKS!!!!!! 

Zilnich P. says:

Jon looks like he got slightly fat.

Dblock Medina says:

No audio

Ryan Ventura says:

I always thought Johnny Bones was pretty cool

Roger Bridge says:

jones beat gus, gsp beat hendrix, davis beat machida and hendo beat josh,
stop the biasness

Vlada Vl says:

who is DS guys ? dos santos ?

nathan taft says:

Who’s the guy stuttering from 23:28 – 25:03. Man that’s embarrassing. I
feel bad for him AND his friends. 

Kaxa Leluashvili says:

fuck NSAC there must be Gustafsson instead ot Jones!

SmoothS says:

Smackers, all day! He shouldn’t cut his hair, it’s a nice look.

Sergio Garcia says:

That dude kissing ass at 22:35 hahaha 

blahblag12321 says:

UFC audio/visual department p4p worst of all time.

Huntter Leija says:

guy at 16:41 “cain velapzquez”

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