UFC 169: Frank Mir Says Why He Didn’t Train With Greg Jackson

UFC 169: Frank Mir Says Why He Didn’t Train With Greg Jackson

Frank Mir talks about his UFC 169 fight against Alistair Overeem, why he didn’t train with Greg Jackson for this fight, a possible third fight against Brock …

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Tony S. says:

Frank Mir along with maybe Barnett is the best interview in the UFC as far
as fighters go. Well spoken, fluent, and very intelligent. Mir is a great
representative for MMA and the UFC.

cosmingZzZz says:

Haha! Funny how Mir says it doesn’t bother him that Overeem hinted that he
is not a good fighter and that’s exactly when he lost his words… Mir
never has this problem :)) I like both guys, and it would be a shame if the
UFC would cut either of them. I hope Overeem wins and then Mir could fight
Gonzaga. Napao vs Mir?! Holy s**t….

itzsykez says:

I hope Mir gets this win.

petpisrepet says:

I hope he can win, he seems like a good guy but mann .. Against Overeem I
think he’s gonna get kill against the cage with all the knees that Overeem
is throwing

EnduranceAthletics says:

really hope Frank gets it to the ground and does his thing. Was never
comfortable seeing him stand up with great stand up guys even though he has
good boxing. Plus I want the old school UFC fighter to win. He fought Tank
Abbot and now he is hanging in there with the new generation.

MrEmperor79 says:

Frank Mir is a good guy, I hope he wins.

TopShelf says:

No matter what Frank says publicly, he doesn’t want anything to do with
Brock Lesnar. That beatdown Brock put on him was vicious.

dee aldo says:

if he lost on Saturday he need to get a job as stockbroker at wall st..he
look like Jordan Belford anyway…next wolf of wall st.

oreocooky24 says:

great guy dont think he will be cut because he is right he does sell
tickets. look at pettis. he is not a big draw ufc 164 gate wasnt even
1million in his home town

Laimondasss says:

Mir should drop down to light heavyweight, heavyweigts are too big and
roothless these days

orestis nalmpantis says:

great guy

Jamie Baker says:

Really cool, intelligent guy. Got a lot of respect for Frank, would love to
see him submit the Reem.

Mike Olive says:

I really hope Mir wins in an impressive fashion. Don’t want him to be cut.

MMAView says:

I would be shocked if Frank Mir wins. Of course I was Shocked when Big
foot and Browne won too. 

OcelotDAD says:

Frank Mir needs to become an analyst for the UFC. He always has something
smart to say.

HydroBud98 says:

IF! Frank Mir loses and depending on how he loses, I would not be opposed
to seeing him fight Gonzaga or Fabricio Werdum if Werdum loses to Browne.

PaddyIrishman says:

Ariel using his Nose power to crowd out other journalists. Reckon there’s a
lot of frustrated people trying to do their jobs too. 

DavorNL says:

i like both fighters, I hope they’ll stay

Fusseljack says:

Mir is done…

HydroBud98 says:

Frank Mir is as Warrior as they come.

HydroBud98 says:

If Frank loses on Saturday, I don’t want to see him get cut but I will
understand if he does. If he gets KO’d or TKO that will be his 8th time
getting KO’d or TKO in the UFC so It would probably be best for his health.
Dana White always talks about how if a fighter gets KO’d so many times, he
would like to see them retire. I just hope Dana and Lorenzo have paid him
enough to retire very comfortably. Especially when you consider how loyal
he has been, how well he deals with the media, his commentating and above
all else, his warrior spirit that he shows in every fight and that he shows
just by taking a fight with Overeem who is always going for the KO,
considering the amount of times he has been KO’d.

southsidequeensnyc says:

Good interview. Frank Mir fights the baddest dudes on the planet. Respect

7UNnySH1T says:

i hate mir less so i hope he wins, not a fan of steroid abusers

rjp9871 says:

Frank Mir has been a great fighter in the UFC but if you watch this
interview and interviews from years ago he has lost a step. Still a very
intelligent guy, but he’s not expressing himself as eloquently and seems to
struggle to find the right words. Hope he doesn’t get kod again

Hal Jordon says:

Brock Lesnar

Eben Singh says:

Why mcsweeny 

TheDonkeyFLOPPER says:

Mir is a good fighter. A great fighter at heavyweight. But I cringe
watching him stand up with better strikers. The way he’s lost to jds and
carwin in the striking, hell, overeem is above both of those guys. If Mir
can survive the initial onslaught then he has a chance but if he crumbles
then obviously its over

Edge Snob says:

UFC wont let either of these guys go for fear Bellator will snatch them up.

liovarjo says:

this proves it. frank mir is a great and powerful wizard! he said he had a
voodoo doll of brock… i bet he has voodoo dolls of all the guys that beat
him! thats why they always lose they beat him. u know why JDS isnt the
heavyweight champ anymore? the Frank Mir curse thats why! anyway Frank by
MIRder for this fight!

putolfo says:

what!!! Mcsweeny !! is a chump and he is small compared to Alistar, Mir
will be killed in the clinch as a though before man i like the dude i dont
want MIr get cut from UFC

mohd hussain says:

fuck this fight. Mir landed 10+ shots in 3 rounds against a massive 130+
shots of overeem. I was a big Mir fan but now i am not. I think he should
retire now. There is no reason for him to be in the octagon. Fucking
bullshit match.



Fred Grapefruits says:

Frank the Tank Frank the Tank…

juan arcila says:

Ariel the instigator strikes again

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