UFC 169: Jose Aldo Willing to Drop 145 Belt for Shot at Anthony Pettis

UFC 169: Jose Aldo Willing to Drop 145 Belt for Shot at Anthony Pettis

UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo discusses possibly fighting UFC lightweight champion Anthony Pettis, Ricardo Lamas, his weight cut, training with B.J. P…

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LenSengoku says:

i really want to see aldo vs. pettis

Jhnatin13 says:

I’ve never seen Jose speak English in my life. 

bluezone28 says:

jose is looking past lamas …

dee aldo says:

best p4p fighter n he clean 145 pound division easy…

PaddyIrishman says:

Unbeatable at 145?

Pugey1 says:

Been waiting so long for him to go to lightweight cant wait

SatoruKitaokaa says:

aldo has chainsaw legs. I’m running the other way when he starts kickin’ a
big tree someone will scream “TIMBER” & I’ll hear it.

chief2177 says:

Dana get your champ some tickets!

southsidequeensnyc says:

Jose Aldo is a great fighter. That said his style will be ineffective vs
Pettis. Styles make fights true, and it’s doubtful his style will be
effective vs Pettis. Josh Thomson would be Anthony Pettis greatest
challenge, not sure who prevails

mohammad haq says:

i wanted to see an upset but now i want aldo to win for aldo vs pettisss!!!

king bibibear says:

Aldo should be #1 p4p after beating lamas, heck he should be #1 right now,
he’s beat every killer they’ve put in front of him & even former champs &
#1 contenders from the 155 division, I think petis should go down to 145 &
challenge aldo seeing that aldo has earned more respect in terms of staying
on top, Anthony is a great fighter but he hasn’t even defended that belt
yet, I don’t think petis will hold that belt too long, I see petis being
bendos cryptonite like Weidman is to Silva but I don’t think he’s
unbeatable….aldo should win the fight against lamas, especially if lamas
comes in aggressive like he like to do because aldo usually makes short
work if the heavily aggressive fighters

Tommy Dreamer says:

Eh tvyvtcrx err to dd xxx jbjbjbjxdrxd inini g.b x,, …….. yes thank you
i can speak english but since were in America i dont need to. Aldo kills
lamas in 8 mins then has 10 question interview that takes 30 mins.

RunEnabled says:


silverscorpion73 says:

Aldo lost to Frankie Edgar period not best pound for pound but close

Jean-Sébastien Dulong-Grégoire says:

I like his translator ! He looks like a nice happy guy !

SmoothS says:

Jose could become the greatest smaller weight class fighter of all time!

1sporteous says:

The translator alllllways speaks too fast for his own mouth… 

coldfusion says:

Mr. Aldo is a gentleman, one of the best out there l say….good fighter to
top it off

Wayne Trevino says:

I don’t think aldo can beat Pettis. My opinion


IMO Aldo should stay exactly where he is, he did not do so hot vs the
korean zombie. I thought if the zombie was a little more aggressive he
would have bested Aldo. Anthony Pettis is the type of athlete that makes
high level strikes look below average, I see Aldo getting finished if they

TerryMMA says:

hosehey aldo will win by ko

Jeremy Why says:

That was by far the happiest I ever seen Aldo in an interview before a
fight. I hope he makes weight. Lol. 

Luis Villar says:

That translator actually translates! 

Jeronimo Mico says:

I like them both, but I think Aldo will fail here…I’d love to see that
happen though (Aldo vs. Pettis)

Kobe Felt says:

I love Jose even more that he’s going for the Seahawks!

Alejandro Cruz says:

Man what’s wrong with that translator ??? He gets all nervous wtf 

Induktio1984 says:

I’m starting to like Aldo more and more

jaganmaster says:

If Jose moves up & beats Pettis he’s number one p4p nuff said

TheMrChurbro says:

aldo’s a motherfuckin beast!!

vortic says:

i fucking hate that translator, jesus fucking christ he’s annoying

Andrew Gower says:

over 4k views and i AM THE CHOSEN ONE……FIRST ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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