UFC 169: Official Weigh-In

UFC 169: Official Weigh-In

Watch the official weigh-in for UFC 169, live Friday, January 31st at 4pm/1pm ETPT.

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Kasper Ancher says:

Lineker have to do something about his weight, i thought he missed weight
again but he made it an hour later.. But if he ever becomes champion wont
we all be scared of him missing weight in a tittle bout?

Valentin G says:

Arianny has a crush on Overeem. Period.

Kico Vetti says:

I FUCKING KNEW IT! Faber stole my sisters Uggs!

Donald Diaz says:

true main event is aldo vs lamas aldo defence is too good he doesn’t get
hit aldo by KO, faber is always dangerous but barao doesn’t get hit also.

hui kio says:

23:49 priceless

Sean Beads says:

I really don’t get why Baraos fight is above Aldos..?

JohnnyButtcheek says:

IF Faber is on top of his game… He will win. He needs to get Barao on the
ground and then get that awsome Team Alpha Male choke. If he’s not on top
of his game… Well… Fuck.

DeeDubb1983 says:

Ugh, Barao cuts a gross amount of weight. He looks like a skeleton.

manz92 says:

Yes overeem has been on roids, was a douche against bigfoot and lost but
against brown he showed respect and just got caught, he has all the skill
in the world, if he just keeps his hands up, then he can beat almost

riton collegien says:

this time overeem,he can’t lose all his fights
mir was defeated by lesnar who was defeated by reem,so mathematically,by
the transitive property,mir must be defated by reem

Easy E-Man says:

Faber was wearing UGG’s, he’s definitely going to lose now hahaha 

Clayton Jones says:

I like Ali Bagautinov’s shirt.

HitProof says:

Lamas RIP ! Aldo by murdered

HydroBud98 says:

Does anyone know if in the hour a fighter has to cut that extra pound or
pounds, if the fighter does manage to cut that weight, do they still lose
20% of your purse?

john carter says:

The ripped body of the weigh in goes to, KEVIN LEE.

deemorris9000 says:

Does john lineker ever make weight 

Bruce Lee says:

I thought Alistair lost weight? 

Bula says:

Bud light= HERE WE GO!

Michael Billones says:

Holy shit I didn’t realise how stacked this card is. Wow its better than
the Anderson v weidman 2 line hopefully better results as well. 

Gustavo Fring says:

Barao looks crazy holy shit!

begood20000 says:

Did I just see Faber wearing uggs?

mike v says:

urijah ”gatekeeper” faber

Deano says:

Faber is going to be the gazelle for this fight. 

Che Robinson says:

Tried to watch but Rogans voice and the douche pitch of it ,a bit much
couldnt they hire/ get someone else??? Dana, one of the Ring girls???I
Noticed Rogans eyes were pretty normal, he s calmer, when he 420 s…No
weed in jersey???

ElementDefeatXB1 says:

overeems got this

Nige Dalwis says:

Urijah you already look so girly, just lose them ugg boots already….damnn

thesnapper84 says:

do you really think he’s out there trying to make a fashion statement….he
doesn’t give a fuck

Jonathan C says:

Are both Mir and Reem on TRT for this fight?

Philly Chimp says:

overeem doesn’t look too bad

9toThe9thPoweRof9 says:

thats pretty sad how many of you know the name of those boots uriah is

Fullpowe911 says:

ALDO and BARAO by technical homicide :p

idropall says:

Barao doesn’t look like he’s in the same weight class as Faber

Anon Amus says:

wow.. stacked card! I got Ubereem, Aldo, Barao.

Lj Caramat says:

Barao will win.

Chris Nicole says:

overreem got knocked out by bigfoot STFU and retire you punk. your record
means shit here in the UFC

UFC LegendaFightShow says:

Mir by jiu jitsu rape

Jeff Herrington says:

Ariani and Brittney want to get REEMED!

anferny18011981 says:

barrao is indeed nosferatu

Bass K says:

Funny how Britney didn’t realise they were bringing in the towel and didn’t
move until Vanessa reminded her

questluvdakid24 says:

big shock linker didnt make weight………waaaaaiiiiiiitttt fooooorrrrr

Papsmeass says:

There is little Demolition about Overeem without gas….

Caligula138 says:

Im tired of seeing Arianny in every fuckin UFC for years now. Get someone

Antares says:

It should be Aldo/Lamas coming after Barao/Faber for the weigh-ins.

Anthony Jones says:

19:48 Joe Rogan: “JAMIE VARNER VS ALLENNNNNN P- – – abel trujillo.”

Rustam Amirjanov says:

Alistair will destroy Frank, guaranteed lads

jotapengues says:


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