UFC 169 Results

UFC 169 Results

The Sports Courier’s Fred Richani recaps the UFC 169: Barao vs. Faber results featuring two huge title fights and Alistair Overeem vs. Frank Mir! For more in…

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The Sports Courier says:

Sports Courier’s Fred Richani recaps #UFC169: #Barao vs. #Faber results
featuring two huge title fights and Alistair Overeem vs. Frank Mir! For
more info: http://theSportsCourier.com
Subscribe! http://www.youtube.com/user/TheSportsCourier

Adrian Perez says:

Barrao is going to clean house. That kid is lethal.

nic xay says:

brazillian fighters are the best!! American fighters are pure garbage!!
Can i see a barao vs aldo!! There would be a double knockout!!

Daniel Brryan says:

The first thing I thought of when I saw fabers reaction was Bret harts
reaction to the Montreal screw job 

Curtis Jennings says:

I like it 

Tray Zimmerman says:

I “totally agree” with you regarding getting knocked out really good…
As a fan and the spectator of the sport “for whom these guys fight”
I just thouroughly enjoy and relish it,
That in every single fight some “puffy chested gargoil” gets paid to loose
For the the satisfaction and for the fullness of my pleasure. Give it to

vegetas_other_son says:

can I have my $$$ back please?

graxa9150 says:

vc fez eu perder meu tempo pra isso?????????????????????

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