Ultimate Richard Sherman Troll Mix

Ultimate Richard Sherman Troll Mix

Sherman is #1 in the NFL and #1 in my heart Part 2 is up!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AbbVOO61qUo.

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Donnie Spillers says:

Sherman got what he deserved!!!!! He needs to shut the fuck up and play
football. No body wants to hear his annoying ass. lmao

AlexHarrisTX723isLove says:

I never knew he got punched in the face and just took it like a little
bitch. That alone proves he is NOT a “thug.”

Tony S. says:

The NFL needs more players like Sherman, a man that speaks his mind and
doesn’t read the script that most football players read to get through
interviews without making any waves in the media.

Tim Donham says:

He’s not just a trash talker, he’s a very intelligent trash talker.
Stanford doesn’t just let idiots be a part of that school. I think the dude
is funny as hell.

KnokomistKnight says:

Im not sure if I want the Broncos to win for Manning’s sake… Or the
Seahawks to win for Sherman’s sake..

USFighter says:

When Sherman got hit in the face. I would have said for such a big dude you
hit like your wife….

larry leas says:

that adderall has a nice kick to it for playing football

lolzz says:

Too bad Steve Smith fucked him up https://vine.co/v/hlUY5UWQtWM

AB says:

he laughs when he gets punched and then cries” come see bout us” LOSER

blackamericaninchina says:

i swear people just regurgitate shit. OMG HES ON ADDERALL. I take it 90% of
people dont know he was cleared, nor do they know it doesnt actually
increase your physical ability, and they also dont know that MANY players
are cleared to take it for their ADHD. The NFL would never clear steriods
ever. clearly theres a reason for one being able to be cleared for usage
and not the other. 

James Terry says:

I fucking hate this guy. He encapsilates everything I hate in a human
being. Trying to instigate violence then acting like a bitch when somebody
follows through with it. He is too arrogant to justify his worth. He is
snide in attacking people rather than turning the other cheek. He is a
great player don’t get me wrong an obviously intelligent guy and perhaps is
the best CB in the NFL but he needs to grow up and become a man. That is
the difference between becoming somebody people are going to remember as a
great football player and being remembered for the wrong things.

EyeRonin says:

Sherman is living it up now and thats fine. But he knows every DB ends up a
piece of toast in the end. Everyone is gonna trash talk and him and bash
him when that time comes. Oh and to all the Brady haters: Tom Brady is TOM
BRADY. Who are you, lol.

chicoboybrezzy954 says:

That punched shut his bitch ass up. Like every one else who beats him when
he’s left on an island or when he is going one on one with little

William Washington says:

Seahawks Are At The Super Bowl cause of him That Crazy Sun Of A Bitch 

DMC says:

He recovered from that punch like a boss

Coltsfan520 says:

Sherman should go to the WWF, Seahawk fans deserve better.

Prism | FX | Edits says:

Richard Sherman is amazing.

John B says:

Nothing but a punk-assed bitch.

savage_bru says:

Sherman this, Sherman that…Lynch fucking went beast mode shhhh

k24dizzle says:

Part 2 is up!!!
Ultimate Richard Sherman Troll Mix 2

kevin frongner says:

wish sherman and that big dude fought, would have been awesome lol

CryingJustin Hong says:

+tedd johnson Your comment isn’t original and my comment that you’re
replying to is very accurate young man. Sherman will follow that same path
if he doesn’t change his attitude. Now, if you don’t get that or
understand that then that’s your ignorance and I can’t help you. You
telling me to scrub shermans shoes is not a debate with substance and it’s
safely said while hiding behind a computer.

ffiinnrroodd says:

He could be a comedian:-D

Black Death 1347 says:

It’s all about 0:35 .. Just when you thought nothing could shut Sherman up,
the dude has absolutely nothing to say after that.

ICEMAN27 says:

Go Sherman!!!!!!!

Shokahann says:


For the Superbowl.

Avery Brooks says:

Ok, Sherman is starting to grow on me. I’m not a Seahawks fan by any
stretch of the imagination but I do love great football players even when
they play on other teams. The position he plays requires a lot of
confidence, and he isn’t lacking in that department.

AchillesWrath1 says:

The best part about this video was seeing Sherman get punched in the face.
I had to rewind and replay that about 10x’s. Now i feel better.

Jesus Grijalva says:

that dude is too in shape to get knocked out that quick. punch would have
taken my head off though no lol

xTeenXQueenx says:

At least someone punched him… No offense to the fans of Sherman

TicToqq says:

Nice punch trent ;)

Sekou Moriels says:

i like how Stephen Smith is just like “fuck it im going to let ’em talk”

Erich Fennelly says:

Sherman is fat and slow. lol its not true but I thought it was funny.

Ari Gold says:

Lmfao ahhhhhhh

T. Clawzer says:

dude this is awesome!!! you gotta do a new one with the “u mad bro?”
twitter post and the NFC post game interview!!

CryingJustin Hong says:

Won’t be long before he’s the cancer of his team. Can anyone say T.O.?
Great player, but did anyone want him after awhile?

blackamericaninchina says:

holy shit, they had no idea that was him?????????? ahahahahahahahaha

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