Weddings banned at Greek monastery after couple’s oral sex photo

Weddings banned at Greek monastery after couple’s oral sex photo

Those looking to get married at an idyllic Greek monastery will be heading somewhere else.

A bishop has banned civil weddings at an island chapel after a British couple posed for a photo appearing to show oral sex after pledging their lives to each other.

Metropolitan Kyrillos of Rhodes gave his decree for the monastery of St. Paul on Thursday, according to local media, saying that he cannot allow “desecration” of the sacred site despite profit from hosting nuptials.

Outrage in the Aegean came after Matthew and Carly Lunn, from Birmingham, U.K., traveled to the island with family and friends last month for their ceremony.

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Afterward, their social media included a snap, since taken down, of the bride on her knees in front of her new husband’s groin, with the groom’s bare butt in full view and his underwear around his ankles.

Their loved ones thought the picture was “brilliant” and “legendary,” according to the Times of London, which reported that locals were thinking about suing the newlyweds.

The Lunns, from Birmingham, took a photo after getting married in Greece. 


The British report said that the wedding ban applied not just to those who are not having a religious marriage at the Greek Orthodox monastery, but to all foreigners, and would affect hundreds of couples when it comes into effect next year. 

International attention around the incident led the Times to add it to a list of “Britons behaving badly” when they leave the confines of their island and fail to live up to the stereotype of British reserve.

Though they reportedly claimed the photo was just part of their unique sense of humor, the Lunns are not the only couple whose wedding pictures have not gone down well with others.

A similar hyper-sexual picture of a couple by Dutch photographer Michel Klooster went viral earlier this month after some slammed it as crude, though he defended himself against critics by saying “life is already prudish enough.”

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