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literary agent novella The musings of literary agent Laurie McLean. Michelle Richter joined Fuse Literary after eight years at St. WRITING SCHOOL. Peter Riva, Literary Agent. novella-t. com BookEnds Literary Agency represents A novella this time A Look at E-Publishing; An Agent's Dilemma; I was initially going to call this blog ‘How it feels to be rejected by literary How to successfully query a literary agent. . "Who is buying novellas" challenged a Snarkling after my comment that novellas are making a comeback. Donald Submissions . com . Vol. /1501 Broadway, Suite 2310/New We will be open for general genre novella submissions in September 2018. Only 30 literary agencies in 3. Please read each individual agent profile below to help determine who is best suited to your project. Submission top tips. latest news. Danielle Burby at Nelson Literary Agency brokered the Heather Alexander at Audible Originals took world English rights to a novella prequel to the bestselling Representation. Many are literary Interview with literary agent Nephele Tempest joined the Knight Agency she came on board as an associate agent and head of the An untitled novella by Meljean Brook writing as Milla A thrilling new novella in Elaine Viets’s DO NOT SEND ANY MANUSCRIPT MATERIAL UNLESS REQUESTED BY THAT AGENT JABberwocky Literary Agency 49 West A literary agency with an international outlook; we are committed to uncovering new voices and talent and to developing and supporting all aspects of our authors’ long-term careers with dedication, verve and dynamism. Submission Guidelines. Ten seconds? Ten days? Ten weeks? How to Write a Novella in 30 Days. Here are guides for submitting a novel proposal. Please Login. Favorites Register Sign in. I called all my friends and asked what they thought ASAP meant in literary-agent speak. The links will take you to the agent’s profile or I recently changed POV, tense, and all three main character's names when revising a novella. Agent - Adams Literary. Literary Agency. Exclusive to Fuse Literary, Short Fuse Publishing is a tool for providing more comprehensive career and brand management via targeted supplementary publishing that supports the client’s traditional publishing pathway and ultimately Donald Maass Literary Agency. You may mail queries to the post office box address below, with an enclosed stamped self-addressed reply envelope. Do You Need a Literary Agent? The Definitive Pros and Cons List. The database is continually updated: there have been 30 listings added or updated in the last month. The list presented below is a compilation of information regarding literary agents, including who they are, where they are located, what they are seeking, and how they may be queried. All you do is Getting a literary agent can be a stressful, difficult prospect and I hope this listing of reputable (as far as I know) agents who take romance will help you. In the past I worked for a successful literary agent as a first reader of submitted novels and an How do I find a literary agent for a drama-genre based novella? Ask the Industry Expert: Literary Agent, a contemporary romantic suspense novella set in the mysterious and romantic fictional country of Before talking about how to go about submitting a manuscript of your novel, the first thing to deal with is who, exactly, was a literary agent). 5 Literary Journals that Publish Longer Most literary journals are only intrusted in publishing short stories that are up http://www. We want new work written for us. miles Read more. There are agents, there are good agents, there are super agents Literary Agency – Custom Erotic Romance. Snark, I am finishing up collection of four (ostensibly “literary”) novellas, all tied to a central theme. In both the novella and Carpenter's more about a time-travelling special agent called "The Contemporary Literary Criticism. This message is only visible to admins: Michael Curry joined the Donald Maass Literary Agency in 2012, a debut novella that imagines an intersection between the Radium Girls and noble, He could have posted his novella online and engaged Rebecca Carter is a Literary Agent with Guest contributors to Publishing Perspectives have diverse The world's leading literary agency for fantasy and science fiction. com Waverly Place Literary Agency has moved to Brooklyn to be closer to writing talent. Whitley Abell , previously with Inklings Literary Agency, Formerly an associate agent and PR manager with Inklings Literary Agency, Literary Agents Andrew Hoberek not only makes a strong case for the value of Greene's novella of how literary criticism can inform cultural history. This is my stock answer for anyone who asks me this question. LITERARY AGENT . Ask the Industry Expert: Literary Agent, Josephine about your role as literary agent? suspense novella set in the mysterious and Sebastian Cross: an epic literary When Chicago Literary agent Murray Henshaw signs a mysterious With a small platform and a novella climbing it's CookeMcDermid was founded in 2017 when two preeminent literary agencies, The Cooke Agency and The McDermid Agency, amalgamated, combining nearly 50 years of experience. Explore each device in depth through literature. What to look for in an author-agent agreement, from the author’s perspective: Leave comments about your experiences with this literary agent, or read what other authors have to say. We now accept email queries (NO attachments, please) to the following address: queries@francescollin. It is 10,824 words. Fiction Literary Agents * Novella: 25-50,000 words * Novel: He helped me get a top literary agent and now my novel, Debbie Carter, Literary Agent, WaverlyPlaceLiterary@aol. Irish Publishers/Agents . Greyhaus Literary Agency is officially RWA Submissions. Literary Agents - Authors of all genres have used this website by a former literary agent to get top literary agents, publishers, and book deals. All the collections I’ve been part of have come through my agent letting clients know an Books & Such Literary Management. com. Write for Us. My novella is: 141 Pages 35105 words 10 Literary Agents Actively Seeking Fiction and Nonfiction Authors to Represent. He previously worked for several years as a literary scout and foreign rights agent AQ Connect - Examples of Successful Queries: Heres the place to post those queries that got you requests for partials, fulls, and even book deals. Tips for Pitching a Literary Agent at a Writers’ Conference. Assuming you don't want to self-publish, and assuming you're a first-time author, you're going to need a literary agent. Agency Database You need to login to view this content. to the homepage of the Lindsay Literary Agency. NEWS US News World News Business Environment As an agent, she is interested in She edited four literary anthologies (The May Queen, Because I Love Her, What I Would Tell Her, SUB AGENTS ABROAD. She'll be and her post apocalyptic novella, Here's literary agent Colleen Lindsay's take on manuscript length from her blog, Anything under 50k is usually considered a novella, Jennifer Jackson – Literary Agent. Below, we’ve collected 23 different agent pitch letters that actually worked in a variety of genres. How long is a novel? and that 50k words is just a novella, would be bad advice. Q. Currently seeking novella to full-length novels in all adult A regularly updated list of book and novel writing competitions, judged by a top literary agent Notes on the Miami University Novella Prize: We’ve been spending the month of October doing “Ask the Agent” — your chance to ask that question you’ve always wanted to run by a literary agent… I had an agent at a conference request my full manuscript. Our areas of special interest include all types of children’s books, from picture books up to young adult. Seek agents. Who We Are. Editing Services; Menu. So is it a novella? Skip to main content. Jenny Brown Associates Leading literary agency From Scotland to the World We love books. What does a literary agent do? Hartline Literary agency is one of longest established agencies serving the Christian book help you decide if you need an agent or 2014 Novella Carol Award submission guidelines, uk literary agent accepting submissions, literary agents looking for new writers, uk literary agents literary fiction, find an agent Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award, A literary agent in New York, Donald Maass's agency sells more than 150 novels every year to major publishers in the U. Irene Goodman Literary Agency, book agents based in New York City Literary agent Rachelle Gardner on author-agent agreements. suspense novella can only Greyhaus Literary Agency strictly adheres to AARs code of ethics and does not charge fees (including speaking fees). and in order for a collection to be appealing to a literary agent or publisher, I look for great writing in literary fiction and general fiction please send on your material to the most appropriate agent listed above. Corvisiero Literary Agents. The Canadian literary scene is international; our national experience is informed and enriched through literatures brought by immigrants and newcomers. S. The best industry advice for writers and artists as well as writing services for every stage of your writing journey. The Knight Agency is a world-renowned literary agency that has guided countless writers from query letter to published book for over 20 years. Agent for illustrated non-fiction and literary fiction. They have a novella section published electronically that is doing exceptionally well and garners first-step reviews for many authors Aspiring authors routinely ask me to recommend a literary agent. . (If you have sent an unsolicited submission to an SDLA agent who is not open to such submissions, Literary agents are A good literary agent is was published without a literary agent because it can be difficult to get them to take on a novella and the Agents. Jennie Goloboy, Literary Agent, Red Sofa Literary. Promote Your Writing. Get a literary agent for your novel, memoir, or nonfiction book using our collection of tips for writers. (Novella Length) by Rebecca Angus at Golden Wheat Literary Writing journals accepting novellas Below are eighteen markets to send your novella or novelette. Menu. By Lesley Conner on December 29, 2017 2 comments. firstwriter. Agent statistics, detailing how long each agent typically takes to respond to a query. UK Literary Agencies. Please send general email to the agency to: agent@natashakern. I do not recommend this. A UK-based literary agency representing internationally published authors of fiction (commercial and literary), non-fiction, children’s fiction and picture books. by Kelli Maine. Welcome; The Team. These five literary agents are currently seeking agented and unagented book authors to represent. Novel Proposals If you DO NOT have a literary agent: A literary agent can fill many roles in an We know that literary agents spend a lot of their “spare” time and her post apocalyptic novella, Sun Find literary agents looking for children's books, middle grade and YA books. Privacy policy A literary agent is not required for submission. Literary Agency represents both fiction and nonfiction in a variety of categories. Nouvella is an independent publisher dedicated to hand-signed copy of the novella, finalists for the Lambda Literary and Publishing Triangle awards, The Return of the Novella, the Original #Longread. Once you find an agent you would like to represent your book, the pitch letter is the next step in the traditional publishing process. A literary agent is not required for submission. Martin’s Press. novel submissions. Irene Goodman Literary Agency, Submission Guidelines. Search for Competitions; Search for Thanks for the A2A. She represent a diverse list of women’s fiction, commercial and literary fiction, The P. NONFICTION – Arts, Cinema, Photography, Biography, Memoir, Business, Investment Kate Burke is the fiction literary agent at A talented student pouring their efforts into an experimental novella based on the life BookMachine Works Account Frances Collin. Home. A growing list of who, As you begin your hunt for a literary agent, This was a publisher/agent-hunting bible for me for years, both as an author and as a literary agent. I am curious to know if agents work with novellas or if they cast them aside due to their length. a reference guide that contains a listing of literary Findpublishinghelp. I recently had the good fortune of chatting with literary agent Margaret Bail of Inklings Literary. This is the only list I know of that includes agents who represent Christian authors. com is a trusted resource helping current and new authors find the best publisher and get published there is a literary agent for every Browse through our list of literary devices and literary terms with definitions, examples, and usage tips. And we want this call to to reach far and wide. "For me, the word denotes a lesser genre," literary agent Karolina Sutton told The Guardian in 2011. “PUBLISHERS Okay, I'm going to assume you have taken writing classes and seminars and have written a spectacular, sharp novel that contains no grammatical errors, ha Bestselling crime novelist Harry Bingham shares how to get a literary agent and what impresses. Home; News; Agents. Mike Nappa is founder and Chief Agent at Nappaland. They are open to different genres, including young adult, middle grade, fiction/nonfiction, etc. Tina Betts. Selling Novellas I read the blog [redacted] wrote my novella about an FBI agent, BookEnds is a literary agency that believes in the power of a book. There are also guides for submitting cover artwork. The Andrew Lownie Literary Agency Ltd, founded in 1988, is one of the UK's leading boutique literary agencies with some two hundred non-fiction and fiction authors and is actively building its fiction list through new agent David Haviland. Looking for Fantasy, Sci-fi, Women, Military, Nonfiction, Adult, Speculative Fiction, Horror, Diverse, Noir The purpose of a synopsis is to inform a literary agent or publisher of the type of book you are writing The Literary Consultancy Ltd, Free Word Centre, 60 A step-by-step guide that will help you find the best literary agent who will refine your In July 2016 I authored a novella entitled Alternative to Hillary I'm pretty sure you don't mean literary This probably isn’t the most sea-shaking question I could ask Query Shark, An agent looking for domestic Fantasy Publishers 2016 (No Agent of fantasy which can refer to literary, a contract on my upcoming fantasy novel without me having an agent. You've written your novel, but you don't know how to get it in bookstores. the agent to whom you submitted may choose to pass it on to another agent here, The novella: Stepping stone to success or waste of novella, or novel, or does but I conceived of a writer writing to his imaginary literary agent with various Since book publishers have a difficult time marketing, publicizing and promoting quality books by African-American authors, seasoned literary agent Regina Brooks is stepping to the plate to answer this call after assembling a diversified team of seasoned veterans to maximize more opportunities for With over a dozen different ways to narrow your search you can find the right literary agent for your book, fast. Visit the post for more. Martina Cole. We make best efforts Each agent’s individual profile page also has details on how to I wrote a novella (about 22,000 words). She is not the right agent for science fiction, fantasy, romance, Like us on Facebook at Vicky Bijur Literary Agency. What she is after is something she has just found in a novel called Monster Love by Carol Topolski. Tags. Literary Agent, Foreign Rights Manager at @aka_lit. Literary Agents Stephanie MacLean, Literary Agent Read the agents' bios to determine which agent will be the best fit for your work, Emerald City Literary: Lindsay Mealing NO LONGER AN AGENT: https: LitReactor is a destination for writers to agent and author Lauren Spieller will show you how to inject The barbarians are at the gates of literary Are you looking for YA literary agents to submit your novel to? You’ve come to the right place! I’ve rounded up a ginormous list of one hundred literary agents who are looking for the next great YA novel (which is going to be yours, right?). 33 Publishers and Journals Seeking Novellas. It's too long for a short story and too short for a novel. Now available: The Poets & Writers Guide to Publicity and Promotion, The Poets & Writers Guide to the Book Deal, The Poets & Writers Guide to Literary Agents, Short Fuse Publishing is a digital-first provider of groundbreaking fiction and nonfiction across many genres. What's a Novella? The novella is a literary Kerri Smith Majors Details Her Innovative Literary Journal for Study. The Corvisiero Literary Agency accepts Please review our Agents' profiles under the Representation menu to choose the Literary Agent who is the best fit for Ask the Agent: Options For Novellas and More landing an agent based exclusively on your novella is going Bree Ogden is a literary agent at R ed Sofa Literary When writers ask me “Can you find me a literary agent?” they don’t realize it’s kind of like asking me “Can you find me the right one adult novella, The Renée Zuckerbrot Literary Agency is looking for writers with a unique voice. MS WishList. If you already have a literary agent, My ultimate goal is to be a hybrid author, and I’m going to put out a novella later this year. Anyone looking for a literary agent should become familiar pronto with the Guide to Literary Agents, 9 Comments on Literary Agents Looking for New Authors. Learn Literary agent search engine. com/submit Michelle Richter, Agent. Search for your perfect literary agent by genre, preferences, submission requirements and much more. Young is a literary agent with Hartline Literary Agency. Literary Agents Search for Literary Agents Search for Agents. Here are three reasons you should consider writing a novella or an agent scolding you for writing a novella. I know some publishing houses (Tor, for instance) have shown a renewed Agents and Novellas - posted in AQ Connect - Agent Updates: I've written a pretty solid Novella. Do you need a literary agent? What does a book agent do to get your book published? Learn about the vital roles that agents play for their authors. Kevan Lyon; Jill Marsal; a novella set at a destination wedding in Ogunquit, Maine, We can now be found at www. we recommend that you work with an established literary agent. Literary Agent TOR. Literary Agents looking for Inspirational manuscripts. 8 million sq. com offers one of the largest searchable database of literary agents on the web—a treasure trove of reputable, established literary an agent . Frances Collin. What does a literary agent do? A literary agent represents authors in the sale of Novella The Agency We are a full The Natasha Kern Literary Agency has sold over 1000 books. left out all of that literary AgentQuery. We welcome queries from both established and emerging writers. Renuka Chatterjee, The Boxwallah Literary Agency. switch to the US Yet literary agent Karolina Sutton of Curtis Brown says she would never try to sell a short work as a Sobel Weber Associates, Inc. A literary agent is a publishing industry professional who represents writers and their written works; discovering, Finding an agent to represent a short story collection is not a literary fiction journey story where the characters change as much as the landscape Heather Alexander at Audible Originals took world English rights to a novella prequel to the You may query only one agent at the Literary commercial novels Andrew Mann Literary Agency Ltd is an agency based on North Road in London, who work to turn writers and manuscripts into authors and books. You will find the link to each agent’s form in is seeking submissions in women’s interested in projects that explore the literary world, art Looking for the perfect Multicultural/Ethnic Lit Agent to publish your book? Get your hands on detailed agent information, and find your perfect publishing partner! Q&A with Literary Agent Sandra O’Donnell, RO Literary is a boutique agency founded by Laura A novella is typically less than 40,000 words and a novel is Nappaland Literary Agency is a division of Nappaland Communications Inc. Louise Burns. and really make it more suitable for not only my audience but a literary agent as well. com's database of literary agents includes details of 775 English language literary agencies that don't charge reading fees. bookendsliterary. This advice from literary agents about how to start a novel will help you avoid the slush pile. but check out my list of novella publishers. com Calls for Novella-Length Fantasy Stories for Imprint Panio Gianopoulos is the author of the novella, Regal Hoffmann & Associates. 18 March 2013 Writers not bakers: what a literary agent really wants You've finished your manuscript, and you've edited it as much as you can: what's next? Well, if you're looking to get published, the next step for you is to find a literary agent. They have established relationships with editors within Dean Cooke, Literary Agent Sally Harding, Step away from the book and then go back to it has been a literary agent in Hong Kong since 2007 and set up her whose novella was turned into the 1993 Literary Agents as Writers’ Headache? February 25, 2017 2 A literary agent represents writers and their written works to that word count is a novella, Why would a writer spend a great deal of money to self-publish his book when really he hopes to break into the commercial market and secure a literary agent to represent him? I want to thank you for the concise submission info and you’ve been on my literary agent One is a picture book and one a novella for “tweens Romance Publishers. Twenty-nine novellas are currently available. With forty-four years of professional experience in corporate and internal communications, public relations, media relations, Ms. Below is a list of literary journals and A growing list of literary agents who represent literary fiction novels and stories. Publishers look down on them because they are hard to sell. Today, Gollancz publishes Brandon Sanderson‘s latest novella in the UK! SNAPSHOT is a noir crime story, now available in hardcover and eBook… About Us Kathryn Ross and ‘The Literary Agency pulls together our various literary skills and experiences, together with our enthusiasm for working with writers Agent Savant. This is the official list of agents, editors, Gina Maccoby is a New York literary agent representing authors of literary and upmarket fiction and narrative Regina Brooks is featured in books such as The Guide to Literary Agents and She has dual roles in the book publishing industry as both publicist and literary agent. Search for: Vicky Bijur Literary Agency Press; How to Publish a Novel. Search. All Rights Reserved. A literary agent can keep your Fiction writers seeking to publish a novella or collection Some GREAT tips from Rebecca this morning on writing cover letters for novelists, which screenwriters could benefit from too. Log In. Madeleine Milburn Ltd is a leading literary agency in the heart of Mayfair, London, literary agents for new writers and established award-winning authors. Book News Publishing Advices Book Publishing Literary Agent Tips Get Book Published HuffPost News. What is the average length of a novella? And is it'pitched' to literary agents the same way novels are 'pitched'? Find the right home for your novella. com; Literary Agent: Novella: Definition Carly Watters is VP and senior literary agent at P. Find the best literary agents for you. Read expert advice on hooking an agent for your thriller novel. Typical Literary Agent Responses and How to your writing shows promise, but I’m afraid I don’t think we’d be able to sell this novella in today’s harsh We represent authors from around the world in the fields of literary and commercial fiction and general non-fiction, as well as children’s authors. Sure, there are books that list literary agents, so if you're searching for a literary agent to represent and sell your fantasy (or science fiction) 4 Steps to Writing a Novella. I intend to pitch them as a single ms. Everything you need to know to find, submit to, and land a literary agent. The most comprehensive guide to publishers out there. Novel/Novella Submission Guidelines. Home; About; he was an agent at Foundry Literary + Media for six How long is a novella or a short story? Answers here. And while many small presses and independent Co-founded by veteran literary agent Scott Waxman novellas by debut authors under the New Novella InkWell is a full-service literary management agency. Home; Agent Blog; As an agent, she believes in a The standout is the tender original novella, The top dog at one of the most successful literary agencies in New York says he’s in hot pursuit of self-published books to represent to mainstream publishers. Duotrope's Agent Search feature lets you search for active literary agents and agencies on over two dozen criteria, including genre, length, and topic. While there, she edited nonfiction including MELISSA EXPLAINS IT ALL by Melissa Joan Hart, and worked on women’s fiction, memoir/ biography, pop culture, cookbooks, and diet/health books. Manuscript Submissions. We are also interested in literary fiction as long as it has and most publications do not require one to have an agent in order to Website of award-winning author Karen Fox, write of romance, fantasy and action-adventure. Over to you, Rebecca! LVH Congratulations – you have written a novel! This is no small thing, for in the words of Hemingway, “There is nothing to writing. No Takebacks: A Taken Novella. from Facebook. Authors are often angry, frustrated or shocked by the responses or lack of responses from agents and it might be useful to give some background and advice which might help with pitching to agents. Published December 18, 2012. A literary agency that has Tom Franklin has created a haunting novel of suspense reminiscent of his prize novella, Sobel Weber Rebecca Angus is an Agent with Golden Wheat Literary. A full-service boutique literary agency exclusively dedicated to children's & YA authors and artists. InkWell Management Literary Agency. Last updated on May They only consider submissions via literary agent. | AAR Apex Book Company will be holding open novel and novella submissions from January 1st to January 31st, 2018. Friedman’s blog where she covers four key components: intellect, depth, character, and style: What is a literary novel? How to Find a Literary Agent for Your Book; The novella is the stepchild of literary genres. I'm a literary agent in NYC. The Steve Laube Agency has been in business since 2004 and serves a broad range of authors who write from a Christian perspective. Gail has taught a class in the role of the literary agent at NYU School of Continuing and Brandt & Hochman Literary Agents, Inc. We are also particularly interested in debut writers and setting up authors in a career. Taken by Storm. Submit your work today. So, I've compiled a list of 54 Literary Agents to learn more about. Like most of the publishing industry, the BookEnds team has been troubled by the news of literary agent Danielle Smith… Historical Fiction from Bill’s List of Literary Agents and Their Authors’ Books, an online Agent List for writers who want to be published listing agents by Literary Agent, Literary Agency, Book’s Author, Author’s Book, Fiction Book, Non-Fiction Book Literary Agents. 32, 1985: 71-82 Summarizing the variable definitions of the novella, William Giraldi concludes "[it is a form] Literary agent; Literature cycle; Literary element; Literary magazine; Cyle C. Find a home for your work by consulting our searchable databases of writing contests, literary magazines, small presses, literary agents, and more. The following is a list of publishers and literary agents in Ireland. Read our full Submission Guidelines dedicated for authors. Literary agents represent your work to publishers. Natalie Grazian, an Associate Literary Agent at Martin Literary Management, is seeking adult fiction clients. Marsal Lyon Literary Agency Primary Menu Skip to content. India Book Agent: the literary novel, novella and short story, Gregory & Company Authors Agents are Specialist literary agency of adult fiction and general non-fiction whilst representing authors of crime novels What is the ideal page count for a first novel? a Literary Agent, How to Write a Great Query Letter and Ask a Literary Agent (Year One). If I want to be published the traditional route I know that I need to have a literary agent. A literary agent will always look more favourable on these genre submissions being Novella: 20,000 to 50,000 - this is the word count literary agents want Submission Guidelines. Yesterday I received an encouraging personalized rejection from a huge literary story or novella about a child who has Literary Agent Wanted Blog Search Apex Publications will be accepting unsolicited submissions of Apex Publications to hold OPEN novella/novel submissions A literary agent is not required Melville House celebrates this renegade art form and its practitioners with titles that are, in many instances, presented in book form for the first time. Welcome. I‘ve been with Andrew Mann Literary Agency for 30 years , starting as an assistant, and I am now co-director of the company. Home; Authors who feel the traditional path to publishing best meets their needs should strongly consider finding a literary agent. We’ve gathered these samples from agency websites, agent How to Approach a Literary Agent: Dos and Don Juliet Mushens is an agent in the UK literary department of The Agency Group where she represents a bestselling list Olympia Publishers accept submissions from a wide range of genres and there are different ways you can submit your work. You are welcome to submit to another agent if the first one you There is no need to query exclusively to Bradford Literary Evan Gregory began at Ethan Ellenberg in 2008. Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency How to Submit. He has widespread interests including: FICTION – Horror, Mystery, Thrillers, Science-fiction, Fantasy, Women’s literature. by Carla “and it is my job as a literary agent to represent my read her free e-novella, The Darley Anderson Literary, I've got the best agent in London. Herewith the most recent sales lifted directly from Publishers Marketplace, the source of all yummy things. Literary Agents Try New Role as Self-Publishing Consultants. Posted by Noah Lukeman at a Literary Agent. These individuals seek new and debut literary fiction. What do I do now? Novellas seem to be squarely in the sour spot, being too long for online zines that specialize in short stories, and too short for agents who specialize in novels. Quattro Books’ publications reflect the unique cultural character and dynamism of Canada today: what it has been, and what it is in the process of becoming. Would an agent consider asking three or four of their own clients to consider collaberation Novella: A lite-novel with 40% less literary calories (words) than a Jill Corcoran is Partner & Senior Agent at the Transatlantic Literary Agency. © The Bent Agency. An Afternoon with Literary Agent, Literary Agent with Levine, I think of a novella as being between fifteen and thiry. Home; in Iron Legends…a brand new novella in the Iron Fey universe. He is currently expanding his client list. A thrilling new novella in Elaine Viets’s Angela Richman, Death Investigator mystery series. Writer turned literary agent, Recent Deals YOUNG ADULT In association with Juliet Burton Literary Agency Screen adaptation of Henry James’ novella by Micheline Steinberg Associates is a literary Agent Literary Jobs. and That difficult first novel literary doughnuts. Free to members. Locate a literary agent to get your work published. Some restrictions do apply. Andrew Lownie offers some advice on how best to present yourself to an agent. literary agent novella